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3 hours ago by kohlmannj
Bay Area bakery chain tackles affordable housing crisis - Arizmendi
Founded in 1996, Arizmendi now has six bakery locations, including the Cheese Board in Berkeley, an accounting coop called Strength in Numbers, a construction company and a landscaping business. Each coop operates independently, and a separate cooperative functions as the staff support for all the other coops, which together have more than 200 worker-owners.

Unlike traditional businesses, which rely on a hierarchical organizational structure, coops are democratically governed. And all the workers are co-owners of their particular coop. At Arizmendi, that means workers earn a wage, but they also share in any profit the coop makes. Decisions about how to run the business are made through group consensus, said Mahasin Munir, whose been a worker-owner at Arizmendi for 16 years.

“It’s a marriage,” Munir said. “You’re in a relationship. So, there’s compromise.”
housing  co-op  bayarea 
14 days ago by Quercki
How Do You Tell California Squirrels Apart? - Bay Nature Magazine
Western grays can still be found in towns like Santa Rosa that have lots of large trees along the streets and wooded parks nearby, along forested creek corridors like Stevens Creek in Mountain View/Cupertino, or even in Sacramento, where there are enough trees still lining the banks of the American River to support western grays.
squirrels  california  bayarea  wildlife 
18 days ago by maltodextrin
Caltrain Weekday Schedule
Caltrain weekday schedule in a readable format.
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20 days ago by cmagnuson
How San Francisco broke America’s heart - The Washington Post
“This is a place none of us would have moved to. It’s Monaco,” Levak-Madding says. “It’s urban blight by excess.”
sanfrancisco  cities  gentrification  development  california  technology  bayarea 
27 days ago by allaboutgeorge
The Complete Guide to Eating and Drinking in San Francisco - Eater SF
"Unofficial, highly opinionated information about the city by the Bay

In the home of green goddess dressing, Mission-style burritos, farm-to-table everything, and the toast-as-menu-item phenomenon, there's a lot of noise when it comes to what to eat. This guide will help you get to the real San Francisco treats out there."
eater  sanfrancisco  food  restaurants  bayarea  eastbay  oakland  berkeley 
7 weeks ago by robertogreco

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