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Hayward's hidden gem: Japanese Gardens
HAYWARD — Though less than a quarter mile from downtown Hayward, the Japanese Gardens provide a quiet retreat from urban noise and distractions. At 1.5 acres, the gardens are small compared with the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco or Hakone Gardens in Saratoga. via Pocket
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13 days ago by ChristopherA
Grads of Life BrandVoice: Striving To Make Workers Tomorrow Ready
The benefits of the apprenticeship model, where workers “learn while they earn” have garnered the tech industry’s interest in recent years.
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19 days ago by xer0x
Ajacán Mission - Spanish Exploration of the Chesapeake Bay
Early in the 16th century, Spanish explorers were the first recorded Europeans to see the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, which the Spanish called Bahía de Madre de Dios or Bahía de Santa Maria.[3] They were searching for a Northwest Passage to India, and they named the land Ajacán, "Jacán" in Oré.

The Ajacán Mission (also Axaca, Axacam, Iacan, Jacán, Xacan) was a Spanish attempt in 1570 to establish a Jesuit mission in the vicinity of the Virginia Peninsula to bring Christianity to the Virginia Indians. The effort to found St. Mary's Mission predated the founding of the English settlement at Jamestown, Virginia, by about 36 years. In February 1571, the entire party was massacred by Indians except Alonso de Olmos. The following year, a Spanish party from Florida went to the area, rescued Alonso, and killed an estimated 20 Indians.
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