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An oldie but still a classic: sit back and check out the beauty of 's 4 Cinematic, "Smokes…
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august 2018 by kennygatdula
Another remarkable example of outlines revealed by hot/dry weather near Amiens in : A 17-centur…
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july 2018 by shawnday
I will do a video on the Peacekeeper soon; it's up there with the Carcano and Perino in complexity an…
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june 2018 by lisov
Genuinely disheartened to see the shitty comments against women following the V reveal. As a member of…
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may 2018 by lisov
Battlefield. The best part about late night digital painting is not having to clean the brushes.
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january 2018 by scottpierce
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september 2017 by wotek
Battlefield 1 getting new 5v5 competitive mode, Incursions
This is generally in-line with what we thought EA would do - scale down the Battlefield multi-player experience into something that is more competitive for the players and more digestible for viewers. These two aspects are crucial to have to the potential to be a successful eSport from both an engagement and viewing monetization perspective.
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august 2017 by shrinkingbundle

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