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Signal Fire
Signal Fire builds the cultural value of the natural world by connecting artists to our remaining wild places.
We believe in artists as agents of change.
Our projects foster resilience, creative energy, and interdisciplinary collaboration. We advocate for land justice and the protection of threatened land and water.
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22 days ago by liberatr
cre8con - The Portland Creative Conference
Cre8con, the Portland Creative Conference, is an exploration and celebration of the creative process across all creative industries. We feature keynote presentations from leading creatives who take the audience inside their creative process and talk about their projects, problems, influences, and inspirations.
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22 days ago by liberatr
UX For Kids: A Personal Journey | Lullabot
When given the opportunity to design for an unfamiliar user group, I highly recommend that you accept the challenge to learn something new. Designing for kids was definitely a challenge, and it took a bit to get used to designing for an audience outside of my comfort zone. Research and usability testing played a significant role in the success of our project, and even though it hasn’t been officially released yet, we’ve received fantastic feedback on the completed prototype.

There’s a lot more to consider when it comes to usability testing with kids like ethics, forming the right questions and creating the proper prototypes. Unfortunately, I can't cover it all in this article. If this is a topic you’re interested in learning more about, I highly recommend reading the below resources:
design  battideas  kids 
25 days ago by liberatr
Mona Lisa frown: Machine learning brings old paintings and photos to life | TechCrunch
The new paper by Samsung’s Moscow-based researchers, however, shows that using only a single image of a person’s face, a video can be generated of that face turning, speaking and making ordinary expressions — with convincing, though far from flawless, fidelity.

It does this by frontloading the facial landmark identification process with a huge amount of data, making the model highly efficient at finding the parts of the target face that correspond to the source. The more data it has, the better, but it can do it with one image — called single-shot learning — and get away with it. That’s what makes it possible to take a picture of Einstein or Marilyn Monroe, or even the Mona Lisa, and make it move and speak like a real person.

In this example, the Mona Lisa is animated using three different source videos, which as you can see produce very different results, both in facial structure and behavior.

It’s also using what’s called a Generative Adversarial Network, which essentially pits two models against one another, one trying to fool the other into thinking what it creates is “real.” By these means the results meet a certain level of realism set by the creators — the “discriminator” model has to be, say, 90% sure this is a human face for the process to continue.
AI  ML  painting  battideas  facial_recognition  animation  fake  uncanny_valley 
4 weeks ago by liberatr
Playdate: Edge Article Excerpt
We boot up Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure, but now none of the buttons seem to be working. And then we notice the strange metal rod on the right-hand side of the console. Cabel Sasser gives it a tug. From inside the shell, a diminutive crank pops out. We turn it, and our hero begins to move, in the way only a Keita Takahashi character can move – bouncily, ridiculously, with a lurid array of squeaky sound effects – and we start to laugh.
games  hardware  battideas  panic 
4 weeks ago by liberatr
Adobe, Wacom, Autodesk, should make a Creative Pro Operating System
Of course, “Creative Pro Linux” should remain free and open-source in order to take advantage of everything else the Linux community has to offer, but there could be an integrated app store where users could purchase the applications that they want to use. Or, at the very least, there could be a repository that includes trial downloads or proprietary installers (like Adobe CC) for lots of creative pro software. Keeping “Creative Pro Linux” free would allow anyone to download and install it on their own PC or Mac hardware as well, thus increasing the user base and enticing more professional-minded manufacturers to join the cause.
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4 weeks ago by liberatr
Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019
For the second year, we asked respondents if they have children or other dependents that they care for, and almost 40% of respondents say that they do, up from last year.

The developers who said they do not have dependents to care for are younger on average with less experience than those who do. Over 60% of developers with 10 or more years of professional coding experience have children or other dependents. Respondents in the United States are more likely to say they have dependents than the rest of the world, but within the US, women are less likely to report having caretaking responsibilities. This fits in with other evidence we see for retention problems specific to underrepresented groups in tech.
drupaleasypodcast  survey  programming  battideas 
10 weeks ago by liberatr
Nvidia AI turns sketches into photorealistic landscapes in seconds | TechCrunch
GauGAN has three tools: a paint bucket, pen and pencil. At the bottom of the screen is a series of objects. Select the cloud object and draw a line with the pencil, and the software will produce a wisp of photorealistic clouds. But these are not image stamps. GauGAN produces results unique to the input. Draw a circle and fill it with the paint bucket and the software will make puffy summer clouds.

Users can use the input tools to draw the shape of a tree and it will produce a tree. Draw a straight line and it will produce a bare trunk. Draw a bulb at the top and the software will fill it in with leaves producing a full tree.

GauGAN is also multimodal. If two users create the same sketch with the same settings, random numbers built into the project ensure that software creates different results.

In order to have real-time results, GauGAN has to run on a Tensor computing platform.
battideas  artificial_intelligence  painting  art  nvidia  research 
march 2019 by liberatr
Why Programmers Should Read Good Fiction | Lullabot
Fictional truths give the world new depth to the reader. C.S. Lewis, in defending the idea of fairy tales, wrote:

He does not despise real woods because he has read of enchanted woods: the reading makes all real woods a little enchanted.

Likewise, to paraphrase G.K. Chesterton, fairy tales are more than true — not because they tell us dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten.
fiction  books  lullabot  battideas  drupaleasypodcast  storytelling  empathy 
march 2019 by liberatr
The Public Domain Is Back, But It Still Needs Defenders | Electronic Frontier Foundation
After twenty years stuck in Mickey Mouse’s shadow, the public domain is finally growing again. On January 1st, thousands of works became free for the public to distribute, perform, or remix. Every book, film, or musical score published in 1923 is now in the public domain. This policy win, like the public domain itself, belongs to everyone.
copyright  media  public  public_media  archive  mashups  EFF  rights  creative  battideas 
january 2019 by liberatr
Teaching kids to code: I’m a developer and I think it doesn’t actually teach important skills.
There are no books that teach you how to solve a problem no one has seen before. This is why I don’t want my kids to learn syntax. I want them to learn to solve problems, to dive deep into an issue, to be creative. So how do we teach that?
programming  education  kids  drupaleasypodcast  battideas  gapways 
december 2018 by liberatr
How to teach yourself hard things - Julia Evans
how do you teach yourself hard things? I’ve talked before about having a growth mindset, which is about replacing the belief “I’m bad at X” with “I haven’t learned about X yet”.

Having a positive attitude is really important, but IMO by itself it’s not enough to learn hard things. Learning is a skill which takes a lot of work to get better at. So this blog post is about specific learning skills that I’ve worked on over time. They are:

Identify what you don’t understand (maybe the most important one)
Have confidence in your knowledge
Ask questions
Do research
battideas  drupaleasypodcast  learning  education  programming  self-esteem  creativity 
september 2018 by liberatr
Slackermedia Workflows
If you are new to Linux, then you may know what you want to do, but have no idea what tools to use to make it happen.

Of course there are hundreds of ways to accomplish your goals, but you probably don't want to know all hundred ways. So Slackermedia has several suggested workflows to provide some direction for you. You can view them online here, or download them as self-contained PDF cheatsheets from the Downloads page.
linux  battideas  media  content  video  audio  3d  writing  guides  resources 
august 2018 by liberatr
In the lab with Xbox’s new Adaptive Controller, which may change gaming forever | Ars Technica
The Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC), slated to launch "later this year," looks almost incomplete at first glance. The clean, confusing-looking slab, nearly the length and width of an Xbox One S, has no joysticks. The usual selection of Xbox inputs has been reduced down to a few menu buttons, a D-pad, and two black, hand-sized pads.

Don't let the pared-down design fool you. The XAC is one of the most unique and widely useful control tools Microsoft has ever designed, and it seems poised to change the way many players interact with the games they love.
hardware  accessibility  battideas  xbox  games  inclusivity  disability 
july 2018 by liberatr
Coding without a keystroke: The hands-free creation of a full video game | Ars Technica
Moyher found a video presentation by developer and coder Travis Rudd, which appeared online in 2013 shortly after his diagnosis, that took viewers step-by-step through Rudd's own RSI experience. The 28-minute video shows Rudd breaking down exactly how he customized Dragon NaturallySpeaking, a voice-recognition software suite, to write code in the Python language using nothing other than his voice. This countered the wisdom Moyher had seen in forums about RSI and coding, declaring that Dragon's usefulness in coding was limited. "Don't do it, it's impossible," was the common wisdom, Moyher said.
programming  voice  accessibility  battideas  games 
february 2018 by liberatr
temperature-blanket/Temperature blanket.ipynb at master · herdingbats/temperature-blanket
It's a pretty simple concept: you knit one or two rows every day, choosing your color based on the temperature. Blues and greens for cooler, reds and oranges for hotter, you get the idea. It's a lovely and functional data visualization. But what if... we visualized another axis? In particular, the idea of a blanket is to be warm, warm on the cold dark nights of winter. So how about we make not just the color of the blanket vary with the temperature, but the width of the blanket vary with the length of the night—and we'll vary our color with the coldest temperature of the day, too.

This will require some data-crunching.
data_science  battideas  crafts  knitting  projects 
february 2018 by liberatr
Casa Jasmina Explores the Meaning of the Maker Home of the Future
Maker culture is internet-centric. It has attitude problems with cherished heirlooms, local craft traditions, and unique local materials.

A hacker scene is all about Do-It-Together, but this clubby approach lacks respect for family members who don’t hack, and can’t or don’t want to learn. Grandma in her wheelchair, baby in her crib, they get sidelined, treated as burdens rather than honored family members. Guests who confront weird open source interfaces have to stare and scratch their heads. And the Internet of Things has serious spy and security issues: it imports cyberwar and cybercrime straight into the bedroom and bathroom. Such is the Casa Jasmina real-life.
urbanrethink  battideas  makemagazine  italy  arduino  house  internetofthings  opensource  hardware 
october 2017 by liberatr
If I Ride VR | Maker Share
Learning with hands-on experience: Drawing, building, and Biking. Watch your imaginary world come to life before your eyes! Ride a bike through a VR environment you make yourself with clay figures and drawn backgrounds!
battideas  virtual_reality  kids  360_camera  makers  maker_faire 
september 2017 by liberatr
Interactive Art Center Meow Wolf Is Forging a New Business Model for Artists
Meow Wolf has evolved from a ragtag group staging low-budget shows into a multimillion-dollar operation that employs more than 150 people.
battideas  art  gallery  inspiration 
august 2017 by liberatr

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