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Four people taken to hospital after chemicals leak from battery on dolly lift
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Four people were taken to the hospital Thursday after a situation involving leaked chemicals.

The incident happened just before 2 p.m. in the River Market.

HazMat crews responded to the scene.

KCFD Deputy Chief Jimmy Walker said the chemicals were from a leaking battery on dolly lift.

The four people who were taken to the hospital are expected to be okay.
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3 days ago by dchas
Carry-on bag ignites at Yeager Airport TSA checkpoint
CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WCHS/WVAH) — Two lithium batteries in a passenger's carry-on bag ignited Wednesday morning at a TSA checkpoint at Yeager Airport.

Yeager Airport said the two batteries that were attached to a charging devices caused a small explosion and fire around 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Yeager Police were able to quickly extinguish the flames and no one was injured. The fire did not cause any delays and the passenger was able to proceed to their flight, according to the airport.

“We are fortunate to have Yeager Airport Police Officers ready and prepared to respond to all situations, including battery fires,” Airport Director Terry Sayre said. “It is important for all passengers preparing to travel to review TSA regulations regarding prohibited and regulated items.”
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4 days ago by dchas
An Exhaustive Guide To Building 18650 Packs | Hackaday
Links to guides for building Li-on cell battery packs.
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5 days ago by brownpau
Basic to Advanced Battery Information from Battery University
Welcome to Battery University!

Battery University™ is a free educational website offering hands-on battery information to engineers, educators, media, students and battery users alike. The tutorials evaluate the advantages and limitations of battery chemistries, advise on best battery choice and suggest ways to extend battery life.

The information is compiled from specifications and independent test laboratories as well as crowdsourcing. Average readings are used when practical rather than citing research papers, as lab results are often not repeatable in real life. This differs from scientific papers published by academia and research laboratories for scientists.

Battery University™ is sponsored by Cadex Electronics Inc., a technology provider specializing in the design and manufacture of advanced battery packs, BMS, chargers and diagnostic devices.
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7 days ago by euler
Firefighters, police officer hospitalized after fire, hazmat situation at Fairfield home
FAIRFIELD (KRON) -- Several firefighters and a police officer in Fairfield were taken to the hospital Saturday evening after responding to a house fire involving hazardous materials. 

The fire department has issued a shelter-in-place for the area of Ash Tree Court and Fawn Glen Circle in Fairfield because of the incident. 

Police say they responded around 5 p.m. to a house fire on Ash Tree Court, and while fighting the fire, they discovered 200 pounds of lithium batteries in the garage of the home. 

The batteries began to emit fluoride gas, according to police, prompting three firefighters and a police officer to be taken to the hospital for exposure. 

One firefighter also suffered a back injury and was taken to the hospital. 
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8 days ago by dchas
APS battery fire highlights safety risks, lack of knowledge
The recent explosion at an Arizona battery storage facility that injured four firefighters has put a renewed spotlight on battery safety. While the cause of the April 19 incident at Arizona Public Service's (APS) McMicken storage facility remains under investigation, the industry is trying to find the right balance between rapid expansion and safety.

"The investigation will help us learn from what happened, so we can apply those lessons to our existing and future clean-energy projects," Suzanne Trevino, spokeswoman for APS, told Utility Dive.

The Phoenix-based utility is collaborating with first responders, manufacturers, third-party engineers and safety experts during its investigation. The original battery supplier at the Arizona facility was AES Energy Storage, which is now part of Fluence.

"We intend to pursue ... battery storage. This hasn't changed our determination to move forward on that."

Jeff Guldner

President, APS

"Safety is the top priority across the entire electric industry given the inherently hazardous nature of working with high-voltage electricity," John Zahurancik, chief operating officer at Fluence, told Utility Dive in an email. "Safety concerns for energy storage systems are similar to those for any other complex electrical system. ...  Regarding the incident at the APS facility in April, ... we intend to share any learnings that we can, especially material and findings helpful to the entire industry and response agencies." 
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11 days ago by dchas
Batteries, electronics light up local landfill
This month, Short Mountain experienced two fires in one weekend, prompting a visit from South Lane County Fire & Rescue. It was the largest Strunk has seen in the past three years, he said.

Strunk said lithium batteries, coupled with a streak of dry, hot days, were the likely culprits of the fires. Lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries are often encased in a soft pouch. The batteries are likely punctured when run over and compacted at the landfill, causing air to reach the battery, and a chemical reaction that leads to sparks, fire and sometimes explosions. The fire also produces toxic smoke to boot.

"There is a good possibility something hot came into the landfill - bar-b-que ashes, potentially a battery ignited, and (the landfill) just started to smoulder for a couple of weeks," Strunk said. "As things dried out, when the conditions were right, (the battery) was able to ignite."

At times, there have been as many as four fires per day at the Glenwood Transfer Station and Short Mountain Landfill due to improperly disposed of materials.
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25 days ago by dchas
Battery spill temporarily closes Turnpike exit
About a dozen car batteries dumped over onto the road near the Ohio Turnpike on Tuesday night, spilling acid near exit 151.

The North Ridgeville Fire Department handled the scene, with assistance from the Elyria Fire Department. The spill was just before the gate to get onto the Turnpike near state Route 10.

Hazmat oil dry buckets were sent over to collect the batteries and clean the spill. The Ohio Department of Transportation directed traffic around the spill.
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4 weeks ago by dchas
Lithium Ion batteries: safety issues
This relatively new generation of batteries are used in so many devices today that it is hard to imagine not having their convenience.

From portable power tools, to flashlights, mobile phones, computers, toys, and so much more.

In December last year, a fire in a tool storage shed deep in an Ontario mine was contained after some difficulty.

Findings this week determined the fire occurred while charging a number of lithium-ion batteries used by the miners portable tools. While it couldn’t be accurately determined if the fire began in the battery, the charger, the extension cord, the presence of several of the batteries together made the fire much harder to contain once it started.

When conventional dry chemical (ABS) fire extinguisers were tried by two miners who discovered the fire, it only made the fire worse.

The investigation recommended Class D fire extinguishers be used in such cases.

In June last year, a Vancouver-bound flight was forced to return to Calgary shortly after takeoff when a warning light indicated a fire in the cargo hold.
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4 weeks ago by dchas

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