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RT : Excellent subtitle error as Michael Gove winds down no confidence debate.
jeremycorbyn  batman  from twitter
6 days ago by sarcas
Excellent subtitle error as Michael Gove winds down no confidence debate.
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6 days ago by body-tech23
Excellent subtitle error as Michael Gove winds down no confidence debate.
batman  jeremycorbyn  from twitter_favs
6 days ago by motdiem
fic_promptly | Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 - Back from the Dead
Torchwood/Batman (any media incarnation), Jack Harkness, Jack's body turns up in Gotham.
2018/11  Torchwood  Batman  Lonely  Crossover 
16 days ago by fic_promptly
I Am the Night - Chash - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A new vigilante rises in New York City. The official position of the NYPD is that he's a criminal.

Jake Peralta thinks he needs a sweater.
f:b99  crossover  batman 
18 days ago by miss_speller
Society Pages
Bruce watched Barry snatch hors d'oeuvres from three passing trays and immediately stuff them into his mouth, then try a sip of the champagne offered to him by an over-attentive waiter, sneeze, and hand back the half-empty flute. "At least you had the sense to put him in the McQueen," he said, resigned, and made his way over to rescue him before the society matrons could smell blood in the water.
fic  batman  slash  dcu  rating:r  barryallen  yuletide 
28 days ago by krytella
暗黒映画入門 悪魔が憐れむ歌 感想 高橋 ヨシキ - 読書メーター
japanese book with cool cover. from one of the user reviews (google translated):

Initial reading writer. A collection of movie magazine columns and movie reviews. Interviews with Jacopetti, director of "World cruel stories", are quite readable. I admired a lot, including "The Cove" theory and Columbine High School gun shooting incident and the cover woman's "Batman · Returns" theory. There are many about subcult-oriented movies, such as horror and splatter, and it seems that it is boring for favorite people. It is a taste itself like 'movie hidden' which was posted. In addition, I remembered "Treasure Island" in B5 size era. It seems that a sequel has appeared and I want to read it. Recommended.
books  batman  catwoman  japan  movies 
29 days ago by bunnyhero
Ghostgirl and Zomboy - shauds - Batman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
"Stephanie I swear to god." Jason growled deep in his throat, his hands tightening on his sniper rifle, his useless sniper rifle. Because he couldn't see the target he'd been preparing all well to send to hell. 'Again.'
"You don't make demands of the ghost, asshole, the ghost makes demands of you."
He should have known better than to make his big comeback in October.
fic  dc-comics  batman  jason/steph 
4 weeks ago by trank928
I Used to Be an Adventurer Like You, Then I Took an Arrow to the Knee - audreycritter - Batman - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Stephanie was just on patrol and now she’s stuck somewhere, sometime, with Bruce.

They bleed and bond and mostly try to keep each other alive— you know, just a Tuesday.
fic  dc-comics  bruce/steph  batman 
4 weeks ago by trank928

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