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How activists in (yes, Texas) beat the & a pile of other inhumane GOP legislative bullshit.…
Texas  bathroombill  from twitter
october 2017 by kitoconnell
RT : The is stalled in the Texas House. That's just how wants it: …
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august 2017 by kitoconnell
To be clear, is encouraging these kinds of of crimes with her . There's blood on her ha…
bathroombill  from twitter
july 2017 by kitoconnell
Big-city chiefs speak against the . of Houston calls "political theater at the state…
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july 2017 by kitoconnell
Texas activist targeted, beaten amid 'bathroom bill' debate
RT : transgender opponent beaten in carjacking, allegedly targeted because of her gender identity.
bathroombill  Texas  from twitter
july 2017 by rossgrady
RT : "Everyone acts like this bill creates that." - to a woman testifying on .
bathroombill  txlege  from twitter
july 2017 by kitoconnell
RT : My on the harm caused by legislation & anti- discrimination.

bathroombill  transgender  txlege  podcast  from twitter
july 2017 by kitoconnell
RT : Lines of advocates down the hall and down the stairs for hearing...registration open till 12…
bathroombill  LGBTQ  from twitter
july 2017 by kitoconnell
From To : It’s All Connected In America’s Anti-Diversity Backlash…
Islamophobia  BathroomBill  from twitter
june 2017 by kitoconnell
Texas Senate will reject House's "bathroom bill" compromise | The Texas Tribune
saga continues: Senate to reject amendment restricting bathroom use for transgender students
txlege  bathroombill  from twitter_favs
may 2017 by kitoconnell

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