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Brandon Ingram was a completely different player in year two for the Lakers - Silver Screen and Roll
Brandon Ingram made significant strides in his sophomore season, but still has plenty of room left to grow.
“I live in the moment for the player I am now, but I always look down the line to see how much better I can be.”
These are the words that Lakers’ Brandon Ingram gave to the media during the team’s recent round of exit interviews. Ingram is coming fresh off of his second season of professional basketball for the purple and gold, and in many ways, he made significant strides this season in reaching the high expectations of his front office, fans, and himself.
The Kinston native was drafted No. 2 overall in the 2016 NBA draft behind Philadelphia 76ers’ Ben Simmons. While Simmons sat out his rookie season with a broken right foot, Ingram struggled to stand out on a 26-win Lakers squad.
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Lakers Logic: The Ultimate Starting Five – Lakers Outsiders
Lakers Logic is back! I apologize for the delay, but this topic should make up for it. If you could take any of the Lakers players in their prime and forge a starting five, who would make the cut?
Point Guard
The only answer here is Magic Johnson. The Lakers have never had another point guard who could do the things he did when he was on the court. Magic in his prime? There’s no way he doesn’t make any starting line up in my mind. No matter who he was playing with, he made them better and that’s exactly what you want at that position. Sorry, Mr. West.
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Lakers: Lonzo Ball’s lockdown defense saved his rookie season - Silver Screen and Roll
Lonzo Ball was one of the best defensive guards in the NBA this season and we need to talk about it.
The 2018 NBA playoffs tipped off on Saturday and once again, the Los Angeles Lakers will be watching all of the action from home. It’s been five years since the Lakers last playoff appearance and they haven’t come close since. Not until this year, at least.
The Lakers finished the season with 35 wins, good enough for the No. 11 seed in the Western Conference, the highest they’ve finished since their last postseason appearance in 2013. However, their record, while impressive given the roster makeup, doesn’t reflect how good they were this season, especially on the defensive end.
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Julius Randle's Breakout Season - Forum Blue And Gold
Julius Randle put the work in.
Some of the first images of the 2017 offseason were of a slimmed-down Randle Euro-Stepping with a medicine ball in an alley next to a gas station, a scene straight from the training montage of a 1980’s underdog movie. As the legend of Randle’s offseason grew, Darius & I had his personal trainer, Amoila Cesar, on the Laker Film Room Podcast to discuss the work that they put in together.
The result was Julius Randle’s breakout season. In this installment of Laker Film Room, I go through the last two seasons of Julius Randle’s game tape to identify how his reshaped body reshaped his game, his go-to moves in and look ahead to the next stages of his development.
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