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Greek Basket League Finals Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos Game 4 Spread and Prediction
In Game 4 of the Greek Basketball League (Basket League) Finals, the second-seeded Olympiakos Piraeus (22-4), who are with their backs against the wall, are hosting once again the top-seeded Panathinaikos (26-0), who now have a commanding 2-1 lead in the series. The game takes place at the Peace and Friendship Stadium in the city […]

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4 weeks ago by WagerTalk
The alt-left is scrambling to adapt to Facebook’s algorithm change | WIRED UK
Mark Zuckerberg has made big changes to Facebook's news feed to reduce the impact of extreme views. Two months later, activists are still trying to work out what to do next
facebook  eggs  basket 
march 2018 by wilsong
Eggs Hunt on Easter Day- Candy Surprise for kids video
Easter Egg Hunt - Candy Surprise for kids video is fun. Shawn and Kelly look for eggs in the front yard but Easter bunny didn't show up.
Easter  Eggs  Hunt  Day  Candy  Bunny  Kids  Video  Toys  Shawn  Channel  Review  Shaw  Basket 
february 2018 by ChoCho12

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