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Stanford's Jennifer Burns discusses Universal Basic Income (UBI)
Milton Friedman had an interesting take on this issue. William F. Buckley asked him if he wasn’t worried about people taking the money and neglecting their children, etc. Friedman responded: “if we give them the money, we will strengthen their responsibility.” He seemed to be making a point that more recent social science research has fleshed out. Poverty, scholars have found, actually makes it harder to be responsible, to plan, to think about the future. When you are focused on getting enough to eat, or making rent, you don’t have many psychological resources left over to focus on anything else. And, when you can’t pay a traffic fine or afford safe housing, all the other foundations of a good life like steady employment and getting your children an education can also be out of reach.
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9 days ago by dbourn
Deepmind co-founder Shane Legg gives London teen top AI tips - BBC News
linear algebra well (eg matrix maths)
calculus to an OK level (not advanced stuff)
probability theory and stats to a good level
theoretical computer science basics
to code well in Python and ok in C++
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15 days ago by dula
Commodore 64 BASIC inside your USB Connector |
Commodore 64 BASIC inside your USB Connector
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Tomu is a super cheap Open Source Hardware 24 MHz ARM computer with 8 KB of RAM and 64 KB of ROM that fits into your USB connector! Of course I had to put Commodore 64 BASIC on it, which can be accessed through the USB-Serial port exposed by the device.

It can be found in the cbmbasic subdirectory of my fork of the tomu-quickstart project.

Update: It has been merged into the official tomu-quickstart repository!

Use a terminal emulator to connect to the virtual serial port and hack away!
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15 days ago by awhite
RT : campaign finance stories that people shouldn't waste time writing: "This election will cost more than the la…
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17 days ago by dwillis
JSBeeb - Javascript BBC Micro emulator
By Matt Godbolt. Based on Tom Walker's b-em emulator. Huge thanks to him for open sourcing his code. Big thanks too to Richard Talbot-Watkins for his help and support. The disc loaded up by default is the amazing Elite (thanks to Ian Bell for making it available).
Source is on GitHub. Works best in Chrome or Firefox. Still very much work in progress: keep coming back for bugfixes and more features!
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23 days ago by bezthomas

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