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backup - Simple backup script utilising OpenSSL, tar and rsync, written in bash
* Features
Incremental backup retention
Backups are encrypted with AES256-cbc with SHA1 message-digest
The backup script can store a copy both locally and on a remote device/server
Backups are sent over SSH
Currently supports GNU/Linux and FreeBSD
Backup Retention

By default:

Daily backups are retained for the past week
Weekly backups from Mondays are retained for the past month
Monthly backups from the first Monday of each month are retained for the past six months
The retention lengths are adjustable in backup.cfg:

If desired, the backup deletion can be run seperately:

To delete local backups, run ""
To delete remote backups, run " --remote"
freebsd  backup  tar  rsync  shell  bash  cli 
yesterday by dusko
Shell Scripts Matter
The shell is an odd beast. Although it goes against every current trend in software engineering (strong typing, compile checks over runtime checks, ...), shell scripts are here to stay, and still constitute an important part of every developer's life.
yesterday by nesium
Emacs Keybindings in Bash
CTRL-P go to the Previous command in your history
CTRL-N go to the Next command in your history
CTRL-R Reverse-search through your history
CTRL-S Search forward through your history
CTRL-A Move the cursor to the beginning of the line
CTRL-E Move the cursor to the end of the line
CTRL-W delete a Word backwards
ALT-D delete a word forwards
CTRL-F move the cursor Forward 1 character
CTRL-B move the cursor Backward 1 character
ALT-F move the cursor Forward 1 word
ALT-B move the cursor Backward 1 word
ALT-_ undo
emacs  shell  bash  keybinding  keybindings  hotkey  hotkeys 
2 days ago by dza
BashFAQ/105 - Greg's Wiki
Info about set -e in bash and why it might not be a good idea.
bash  script  error  exception  handling  set  -e 
2 days ago by christianmlong

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