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3 Benefits Of Adjustable Bases
Are you in the market for a new bed? There are plenty of excellent options available today. When it comes to mattresses, there is not a one-size that fits all.
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10 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Sony has revealed their new lineup of products at CES 2018, currently ongoing in Las Vegas from 9 January. The new lineup of products includes new additions to their 4K OLED televisions series, brand new wireless noise-canceling stereo headsets and even new additions to the Xperia Smartphone series. Various product prototypes are available for viewing...

The post Sony Covers All Bases At CES2018: Home Entertainment, Photography, Gaming, and AI appeared first on .
Sony  Covers  All  Bases  At  CES2018:  Home  Entertainment  Photography  Gaming  and  AI 
january 2018 by vrzone
First Strike: China's Missile Threat to U.S. Bases in Asia
June 2017 CNAS paper
Does China have the missile forces necessary to execute a preemptive missile strike, and would it work against U.S. and allied missile defenses in Asia? We conducted an analysis to attempt to answer these
questions. The results of our modeling and simulation, which show the potential for devastation of U.S. power projection forces and bases in Asia, are deeply concerning – and a call for action.
cnas  china  missiles  bases 
july 2017 by strohps
Power Begins at Home: Assured Energy for U.S. Military Bases
Jan 2017 Noblis report
This report seeks to answer the question of what DoD can do to ensure that military bases have the power they need to sustain critical functions during long-term outages. The remainder of the report is
structured as follows. Section II briefly describes the challenge, including the nature and severity of the threat to the electric grid and the vulnerability of military bases in particular. Section III evaluates DoD’s current energy security strategy—reliance on standalone backup generators—in terms of technical criteria. Section IV examines an alternative strategy—the use of microgrids—and provides a detailed comparison of the costs of microgrids and the current strategy under different market conditions. The next two sections look at DoD’s performance in two areas that significantly affect energy security—the diversification of supply in the form of renewable energy generation (Section V) and the reduction of demand through improved energy efficiency (Section VI). Section VII takes up two cross-cutting
questions having to do with the value of energy security.
noblis  bases  energy  grid  security  renewable 
april 2017 by strohps

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