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Tracked - Agile project management with Kanban boards, labels and epics within Basecamp
$3 per user. Sort of an add-on to Basecamp 3. Not bad pricing. Getting Kanban boards isn't bad at all either. It seems like it can just be a Chrome extension.
$try_out  API_driven  SaaS  basecamp  basecamp_3  chrome_extensions  integrations  kanban_boards  paid  price:$3  project_management  task_management  trial  APIs 
6 weeks ago by skinnymuch
How we structure our work and teams at Basecamp – Signal v. Noise
How Basecamp structures their work. It's hard to argue with their success, and I think I would personally enjoy a system like they have. That said, I doubt that this is nimble enough for a small, early-stage company's needs.
basecamp  engineering-teams  productivity 
6 weeks ago by irace
How we pay people at Basecamp
There are no negotiated salaries or raises at Basecamp. Everyone in the same role at the same level is paid the same. Equal work, equal pay.
basecamp  pay  salary  job  business 
8 weeks ago by buzzb0x
Making A Bushcraft Camp: Fire Pit, Cooking Rock, Raised Bed (Part 4) | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Producing a Bushcraft Camp: Fire Pit, Cooking Rock, Raised Mattress (Aspect 4) • • • Click Subscribe for more videos! • • • Folks, in this video clip, i get back again out to the bushcraft basecamp and get some operate completed. I finished putting up the 1st side wall, collected stones for the firepit, […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Home  Bar  Bushcraft  basecamp  camping  Skills  fire  Pit  lean  to  scrambled  o  scrambledo  Survival  shelter  winter  camp 
8 weeks ago by wotek
How we pay people at Basecamp – Signal v. Noise
We get the market rates through a company called Radford. They poll a wide array of companies in our industry (from the titans to shops more comparable in size to Basecamp). It’s not a perfect system, and we do frequently cross check with other sources, but it’s certainly better than a few “I’ve heard that X pays Y…”.
signal-vs-noise  david-heinemeier-hansson  basecamp  salaries  salary-negotiations 
8 weeks ago by yolandaenoch
REWORK podcast
Rework is a podcast by the makers of Basecamp about a better way to work and run your business. While the prevailing narrative around successful entrepreneurship tells you to scale fast and raise money, we think there's a better way. We'll take you behind the scenes at Basecamp with co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson and bring you stories from business owners who have embraced bootstrapping, staying small, and growing slow.
podcast  rework  basecamp 
10 weeks ago by davilious

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