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Sarris: Six American League pitchers to watch this season – The Athletic
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History Earned: a blog about the Astros History Earned: a blog about the Astros
Mission Statement: The purpose of this site is to say stuff about the Astros. Interesting stuff, fun stuff, boring stuff…it really doesn’t matter. The goal is fun + baseball.

History: In 2017, the Houston Astros finally won their first World Series Championship. Their motto for that season was, “Earn History.”

Inspired by that motto, and after years of generating profit for a soul-sucking corporate entity for little or no compensation, CRPerry13, other former writers of sweatshop goliaths, and a surprisingly large group of fans rapidly formed this website.

We are unpaid fans, doing this as a hobby.

Community: We have a large and ever-growing Slack community that welcomes all comers to talk about Major- and Minor-league baseball, with a heavy Houston slant. We have a podcast. We have the best writers on the planet. We welcome all comers.
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Astro-Matic Baseball | Longform -
"Can Houston’s radical rebuilding project—featuring a Nerd Cave led by a blackjack dealer turned rocket scientist—actually work? Maybe sooner than you think" (It worked.)
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Downtown with Rich Kimball - Monday – Friday 4pm – 6pm – AM620 WZON – Emma Span 3.8.18
Emma Span, Managing Editor of The Athletic’s MLB coverage, talks about the talented team they’ve assembled and the coming baseball season.
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Baseball Researcher
Tom Schieber, interviewed on Effectively Wild
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