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Yasiel Puig named NL player of the week - True Blue LA
Puig hit .429 with five homers
For the third time in his career, Yasiel Puig has been named NL player of the week. This is his first time winning the award since 2014.
This should come as no surprise, as Puig was the hottest hitter in baseball this past weekend.
For the week, Puig hit .429, the highest in the national league among players with at least 21 at-bats. Most notably, Puig hit five home runs in a span of 24 hours, with two coming on Friday and three coming on Saturday.
He was also first in RBI (10) and second in runs (7).
It’s overall been an amazing September for Puig. For the month, he’s hitting .367/.457/1.000.
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Dodgers Week 25: Maximum Puig - True Blue LA
Batter of the week
Yasiel Puig turned on the power, hitting two home runs Friday and three more on Saturday against the Cardinals, just the ninth Dodger with consecutive two-homer games. Puig was 9-for-21 (.429) for the week with a .500 on-base percentage. His power surge earned a pair of smooches from hitting coach Turner Ward.
— Fabian Ardaya (@FabianArdaya) September 15, 2018
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'He's addicted to winning' -- Clayton Kershaw's battle to remain elite
LOS ANGELES -- It was the onset of spring training in 2015, Andrew Friedman's first as the Los Angeles Dodgers' president of baseball operations. "Player plan" meetings -- basically, an analytics session with players, coaches and executives -- were being held. They were mostly for the rookies, but accomplished veterans were included so the message would resonate.
The focus turned to Clayton Kershaw, fresh off winning an MVP award and widely considered darn near impeccable. A member of the Dodgers' front office brought up the consistently low swing rate on Kershaw's curveball and began talking about how the three-time Cy Young Award winner could use it as a way to get back into counts. Then Friedman heard a recognizable voice in a tone he hadn't yet experienced.
"Never gonna happen," Kershaw spat.
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Analyzing Baseball Data with R - CRC Press Book
With its flexible capabilities and open-source platform, R has become a major tool for analyzing detailed, high-quality baseball data. Analyzing Baseball Data with R provides an introduction to R for sabermetricians, baseball enthusiasts, and students interested in exploring the rich sources of baseball data. It equips readers with the necessary skills and software tools to perform all of the analysis steps, from gathering the datasets and entering them in a convenient format to visualizing the data via graphs to performing a statistical analysis.
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Catching a day game with dad.
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