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Route to from 16 street should end/drop off at corner of 3rd and 16th. Circling the…
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15 days ago by Holmete
VTA BART Berryessa parking
parking FAQ for new Berryessa Bart stations
bart  parking  berryessa  vta 
4 weeks ago by tswaterman
Bart Simpson Chalkboard Generator |
Bart Simpson lines on chalkboard/blackboard meme generator via @djdclarke
humour  generator  meme  simpsons  bart  lines  chalkboard  blackboard 
5 weeks ago by rwintle
Mere addition paradox - Wikipedia
While the lives of those in B are worse than those in A, there are more of them and thus the co
philosophy  repugnant_conclusion  morality  intuition  marin_county  bart 
9 weeks ago by zethraeus
San Bruno BART Station Park & Ride - Parking Garage
Find parking costs, opening hours and a parking map of San Bruno BART Station Park & Ride 1151 Huntington Ave as well as other parking lots, street parking, parking meters and private garages for rent in San Bruno
bart:sanbruno  parking  sanbruno  bart 
july 2019 by ese
San Bruno |
San Bruno Station is next to the city's Tanforan shopping mall and business area. Before becoming a mall, Tanforan was a racetrack, airfield, military center and, during World War II, a Japanese American assembly center.
bart  sanbruno  sanbruno:bart  bart:parking  parking 
july 2019 by ese
Armed DHS on BART
Random patrol by frightening federal police force; said to be anti-terrorism
bart  politics  trump  bayarea  dhs  immigration  fascism 
july 2019 by nelson
Ex-BART cop said he was ‘fighting for my life’ with Oscar Grant before shooting; report says that was a lie -
The report by the Meyers Nave law firm — which BART hired to run its internal investigation due to a loss of public faith in the agency — long ago prompted the firing of the officer, Anthony Pirone. But the report was released only this week under California’s new police transparency law, Senate Bill 1421.
But the newly released report shows that the law firm agreed with the Alameda County district attorney’s office, and Grant’s family, in concluding the shooting was not an accident. That finding conflicts with Mehserle’s testimony at trial, which a judge and jury found to be persuasive.

Mehserle “was intending to pull his firearm and not his Taser, as he can be seen trying to draw it at least two times and on the final occasion can be seen looking back at his hand on the gun/holster to watch the gun come out,” Colwell and Williams wrote. “Deadly force was not justified under the circumstances.”
BART  police  killing  Oscar_Grant  FOI 
may 2019 by Quercki

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