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Awkward: CNBC host speechless after Barney Frank asks about high salaries for ‘poor’ bankers | The Raw Story
“Where did these enormous salaries come from if they were, in fact, such serious trouble,” he asked.

That query was met with several seconds of awkward silence as members of the panel looked at each other nervously.

Finally, Gregory and Bartiromo broke the silence with forced laughter.
barneyfrank  centralbank  banking  corruption 
september 2013 by cboyack
Former Congressman Barney Frank Finally Comes Out as an Atheist
Yes, former Congressman Barney Frank is gay.
Yes, Barney Frank is liberal.
Yes, Barney Frank is a Democrat from generally-progressive Massachusetts.
Yes, we all probably assumed he was an atheist.
But until now, his official religious affiliation (PDF) had always been “Jewish.”
congress  politics  religion  BarneyFrank 
august 2013 by jtyost2
Barney Frank: I Want The Massachusetts Senate Appointment
Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who just left the House of Representatives Thursday after 32 years, said Friday that he has told Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D) that he would like an interim appointment to fill the Senate seat that would open if Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) is confirmed as secretary of state.

"A few weeks ago, I said I wasn't interested. It was kind of like, you're about to graduate and they said, you've got to go to summer school. But that [fiscal cliff] deal now means that February, March, and April are going to be among the most important months in American financial history," he said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

"Yes, in fact, I'm not going to be coy, it's not anything I've ever been good at. I've told the governor that I would now like, frankly, to be a part of that. It's only a three-month period, I wouldn't want to do anything more, but to be honest, it's a little arrogant."

Said Frank, "Coach, put me in."

The placeholder seat would open in the Senate between Kerry's exit and a special election for the remainder of his term, expected in early summer. Patrick has said that he is strongly leaning toward appointing a caretaker for the Senate seat, as happened after the death of former Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.)
BarneyFrank  massachusetts  congress  politics  democrats  senate  usa  JohnKerry 
january 2013 by jtyost2
Liberal firebrand Barney Frank attacks myth Romney | Reuters
Mitt Romney plans to undo needed reforms for the financial sector, Representative Barney Frank told the Democratic convention Thursday night in a speech that served as curtain call for the liberal firebrand who leaves Congress in January.

As the former chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Frank co-authored the 2010 financial reform bill, a bugbear for presidential challenger Romney and his Republican Party.

Frank attacked Romney for opposing the landmark legislation.

"Every mistake the Republicans made to bring us into trouble, to resist our getting out of trouble, and to keep us from getting into trouble again, Mitt Romney supports," Frank said.

Drawing on their shared experience in Massachusetts, where Romney was governor, Frank painted a contrast between what "myth Romney" promised and what Mitt Romney delivered.

"Under Mitt Romney, we got no help," Frank claimed.
mittromney  politics  election  2012  republicans  BarneyFrank  business  regulation  democrats 
september 2012 by jtyost2
BBC News - Democrat Barney Frank to retire from US House
One of the most prominent Democrats in the US House of Representatives, Barney Frank, will not seek re-election in 2012.

Mr Frank, 71, said his decision to retire was partly based on redistricting plans in Massachusetts.

A prominent liberal, he was the co-author of the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation passed in 2010.

He was elected to represent Massachusetts in 1980 and became one of the first openly gay US politicians.

In the Monday news conference, Mr Frank said that Massachusetts' redistricting in 2012 was part of the reason for his retirement.

The state is to lose one representative in the House of Representatives. Mr Frank said that his new district would include many people he has never represented before.

"I know my own capacity and energy levels and it would have been a mistake... I could not have put the requisite effort in," he said.
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november 2011 by jtyost2

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