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GitHub - logern5/UEFI_Basic: A BASIC programming language interpreter for UEFI
A BASIC programming language interpreter for UEFI. Contribute to logern5/UEFI_Basic development by creating an account on GitHub.
baremetal  uefi  basic  interpreter  opensource  floss 
3 days ago by gilberto5757
Kimsufi: affordable dedicated server!
Dedicated server from 7,00$ /month. Intel processor - 100 Mbps bandwidth - 500Gb to 2 Tb disks - 2 to 16Gb of RAM
server  hosting  vps  baremetal  ovh 
7 weeks ago by danesh.manoharan
Premium Bare Metal Servers and Container Hosting - Packet
Packet is a NYC-based infrastructure startup, focused on reinventing how SaaS/PaaS companies go global with premium bare metal and container hosting.
cloud  baremetal 
10 weeks ago by ewilde
Amazon EC2 Update – Additional Instance Types, Nitro System, and CPU Options | AWS News Blog
Compute-Intensive – The compute-intensive C5d instances provide a 25% to 50% performance improvement over the C4 instances. They are available in 5 regions and offer up to 72 vCPUs, 144 GiB of memory, and 1.8 TB of local NVMe storage.

General Purpose – The general purpose M5d instances are also available in 5 regions. They offer up to 96 vCPUs, 384 GiB of memory, and 3.6 TB of local NVMe storage.

Bare Metal – The i3.metal instances became generally available in 5 regions a couple of weeks ago.
aws  ec2  baremetal  pricing  cloud  ovum 
june 2018 by yorksranter
Kubespray – Kubernetes Community Project – Kubespray Deploys Clusters to Public Clouds
KubeSpray is an incubated Kubernetes
community project for deploying K8s clusters on
premises or in the cloud.
lang:en  Kubernetes  K8s  Ansible  BareMetal  Deployment 
june 2018 by DASKAjA
achilleasa/bare-metal-gophers: Demo code and slides for my GolangUK '17 talk: "Bare Metal Gophers: Can you write a kernel in Go?"
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
golang  baremetal  kernel 
may 2018 by geetarista
Capsule8 - Zero-day attack detection for modern Linux environments
basically EDR/zero-day app for linux production environments, that doesn't suck
EDR  client  software  linux  server  production  environment  monitoring  logging  security  container  baremetal  VM 
april 2018 by asteroza
IBM Brings Kubernetes Service To Bare Metal
‘By extending its managed service to dedicated servers, IBM can deliver Kubernetes in a form that fits any organization's cloud strategy, he said, such as building a cloud-native machine learning app, processing large workloads or migrating apps that ingest large amounts of data. "This gives developers greater control over where their workloads reside and enables them to isolate workloads to specific servers," McGee said.’
IBM  kubernetes  privatecloud  baremetal 
march 2018 by cote
Why a bare-metal cloud provider might be just what you need | Network World
RT @apatrizio: New feature from me on bare metal cloud hosting. Hope you all enjoy and share.
baremetal  cloud 
march 2018 by vielmetti

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