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My view of from my hotel room doesn’t suck. .
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6 days ago by chrispoole
So it is. Many a happy memory. Let’s get down to business reds ⚽️⚽️
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7 days ago by queo
A series of aerial photographs from the capital of Catalonia, which captures the city’s abstract and architectural wonders from a bird's eye view. As the former fishermen’s quarter which is characterized by its narrow and lively streets. As well as one of Barcelona’s lesser-known masterpiece, Ricardo Bofill’s utopian vision for social living that found form in the cubist heights and halls of Walden 7.
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8 days ago by ssorc
Analysis Service
El sitio web del colectivo Energy Control. Reducción de riesgos en el consumo de drogas.
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9 days ago by ilijusin
RT : La unitat, imprescindible; aquí us deixo els impactes que tindria a ciutats com , i .
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11 days ago by deckard67
RT : Els incompetents donant lliçons a un cos de que va tallar de socarrel els atacs terroristes a i…
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16 days ago by deckard67
Gaudir Més | Park Güell Barcelona
How to enter the park for free with the Gaudir Mes enrollment (sign up at the Ayuntamiento)
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16 days ago by atelathehun

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