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America Is the Only Country That Went from Barbarism to Decadence Without Civilization In Between – Quote Investigator
Also in October 1934 the popular humorist and poet Ogden Nash incorporated the saying in a poem called “Civilization Is Constant Vexation”. Here are the first few lines: 12

Once there was one of those witty Frenchmen whose name I cannot for the moment recall,
Who wittily remarked that America is the only country in history that has passed directly from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilization at all,
A remark which is wittily repeated with enthusiasm frantic
In the lands on the other side of the Atlantic,
And is, I suppose, more or less true,
Depending on the point of view.
quotation  attribution  misattribution  America  US  civilization  barbarism  decadence  Ogden  Nash  dsma 
may 2019 by Michael.Massing
Rosa Luxemberg 100 years on… – Mosquito Ridge – Medium
Capitalism destroys itself, colonises its external environment and destroys the planet. To survive it must constantly impose market logic on the non-capitalist, human-centred parts of the economy

This inner tendency leads towards barbaric outcomes unless we stop it — and we are surrounded by those outcomes: genocide, war, torture, surveillance, control, misogyny, racism…

Those who will overthrow capitalism are the people who cannot live with the barbarism. They do not need a deus ex machina, a manipulative Leninist party, to realise what’s wrong: they can work it out for themselves. The task of the organisation is to focus their energy and free it from the strictures and controls capitalism teaches them to impose upon themselves.
LuxemburgRosa  capitalism  exploitation  socialFactory  autonomism  socialism  barbarism  revolution  politics  dctagged  dc:creator=MasonPaul 
january 2019 by petej
welcome to the future – Fredrik deBoer
"For several decades, neoliberal politicians worked tirelessly to remove any checks to our systems of financial speculation, causing the inflation of massive bubbles, driven by elite greed. They simultaneously shredded the social safety nets that would allow the lower classes to better endure the consequences of the inevitable collapse of those bubbles. The bubbles did collapse. The lower classes were devastated with unemployment, instability, and economic hopelessness. Those same elites responded by insisting that the only path forward was deeper austerity, even more vicious cuts to our already-tattered redistributive systems. Anger, naturally, grew. Nativist, nationalist demagogues responded by seizing on this anger, telling ignored and marginalized people that their problems were the fault of even-more-marginalized minorities, migrants, and refugees. Their political adversaries, rather than appealing to those angry people by offering them an economic platform that works for them and by arguing that their best interests are also the best interests of those minorities, migrants, and refugees, have doubled down on austerity politics and have dismissed those voters as deluded racists who are not fit to be appealed to. In general, liberals have entrenched deeper and deeper into geographical and social bubbles that permit them to ignore vast swaths of increasingly-embittered voters. They thus ensure that those many among the angry people who are not in fact incorrigible racists but who could be convinced to join forces for a political movement of shared prosperity never do so. The worst people appeal to the desperate, while their political opponents dismiss that desperation, and the outcome is predictable.

This is the future of the West: a contest between elitist greed and populist proto-fascism. On one side, the limitless self-interest of a financial and social elite that has created not only an economic system that siphons more and more money into their own pockets but also a bizarre, jury-rigged ideology of cultural liberalism divorced from any foundations in economic egalitarianism which argues that anyone who opposes the neoliberal order is not worthy even of trying to convince. On the other side, an increasingly-unhinged movement of racist grievance-mongering and fear-stoking populist demagoguery, which utilizes the age-old tactic of pitting different groups of poor people against each other to powerful effect, helped immensely by the corruption and callousness of the pro-austerity class. These sides share nothing except for an absolute commitment to preventing the kind of robustly redistributive platform of economic and social justice that could unite the needs of all suffering people into a formidable political bloc that is devoted to opposing austerity, inequality, racism, sexism, nativism, nationalism, and the rest of humanity’s political ills.

The choice humanity had was between socialism and barbarism. Decades of neoliberalism have ensured that we’ve chosen the latter. The choice ahead is less substantive and more aesthetic: which would you prefer crushing down on your neck, the combat boot of a fascist or the business shoe of a plutocrat?"
freddiedeboer  politics  neoliberalism  history  2016  policy  us  humanity  socialism  barbarism  bubbles  economics  greed  elitism  socialsafetynet  inequality  class  classism  marginalization  austertity  brexit  fascism  corruption  finance  capitalism  self-interest  eglitarianism  socialjustice  racism  sexism  nativism  nationalism  plutocracy  desperation 
june 2016 by robertogreco
The Anomaly of Barbarism | Lapham’s Quarterly
To accept that liberal societies may not be “on the right side of history”
barbarism  atemporality  from twitter_favs
march 2016 by mathpunk
Burned Alive: ISIS Video Purports to Show Murder of Jordanian Pilot | February 3 2015, NBC News
some say it's barbarity. I think so, too. but what's barbarity? US said US-led coalition bombings on IS killed 6,000 "militants" and caused unknown number of civilian casualties. more bombing/raid will bring more suffering to the poor oppressed in IS and lead some of them to be IS "militants". remember, the sanctions against iraq which caused half a million children deaths, US torture in guantanamo/abughraib/bagram, and barrel bombs by iraqi/syrian govts. the US great tokyo air raid of 10 march 1945 burned a hundred thousand people to death. the US A-bombings were accompanied by ultrahigh temperature atomic blast. to display its power, US shot videos and showed them to the world. US regards them as justice. when the issues of US military bases in japan surface, north korea often takes military action advantageous to US/japanese vested interests of the bases. with whom IS decision-makers of a series of the incidents share their interests? there're persons who want endless war for money.
middle-east  soldiers  death  hostages  japan  Jordan  usa  barbarism  war 
february 2015 by willowtrees
No more mercy for terrorists, says president | Syed Ali Shah, Dec 24, 2014,
nations that have nuclear weapons seem to have something in common. they have delusions that they can achieve peace by violence, and that they're champions of justice, however bloodstained their hands are. they're shameless enough to justify "collateral damage", because they justified the past that they forced humans to be it to develop nuclear arms. because they take pride in having them, their deterrents to violence are weakest in the world. and they make heavy use of a word "terrorist ", because they have no deterrent to use of violent words. by having A-weapons, they crossed the line and abandoned their moral standard on violence. but we notice that they abandoned also other things, when they denounce others' violence while admiring their own ones. they don't realize that they're hopelessly addicted to violence, and that nations which have no A-weapon are disgusted with their sounding off about their "love for peace" and with their spreading their addiction around the world.
pakistan  asia  war-addiction-nation  terrorist  barbarism 
december 2014 by willowtrees
The term ‘honour killing’ is ‘racist’, and should be banished, say Canadian Muslims
Muslim morons in Canada are attempting to suggest that honour killings should not be dealt with separately from domestic violence despite the barbaric practice being very different and almost exclusively an Islamic religious and cultural phenomenon.
suaem  islam  honour-killings  murder  barbarism 
october 2013 by philipjohn
Stand with... Death - Charles C.W. Cooke, NRO
For some reason, Texas libs seems to think Texas Republicans, however ineptly they may have managed this Senate debate, don't command a majority among Texans when this issue is framed this way, or that Texas Republicans for the most part aren't pretty darn good at framing issues come election time.
americanpolitics  barbarism  PubliusTX  Tweet  texaspolitics  iconoclast 
june 2013 by PubliusTX
“Indefinite Detention is the Worst Form of Torture”: A Guantánamo Prisoner Speaks | Andy Worthington April 8, 2013,
from the page: "I am dying of grief and pain on a daily basis because of this indefinite detention.. Indefinite detention is the worst form of torture. I am an innocent man.. But if anyone believes that I have done anything wrong, I beg them to charge me with a crime, try me, and sentence me. If not, release me. Even a death sentence is better than this. ..all dignity has been taken away from us.. I do not wish to die. But I have no other way to express my hopelessness.. An official here at the camp told us that because of the hunger strike, we have now lost all privileges. They have told us that the drinkable bottled water is a privilege.. When we request drinking water, the guards tell us that we already have water, and point to the taps.. We have always been told that the tap water at the Guantánamo Bay prison is not drinkable.. In addition to denying us drinking water, the guards have punished us and have tried to end the hunger strike by forcing us to live in frigid temperatures..
barbarism  bagram  hunger-strike  guantanamo  usa  detention  torture  from delicious
april 2013 by willowtrees

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