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Detectives, Adventurers and Girls Who Don't Wait Around: The Paradox of Amelia J. Williams, by LizBee
Gen. "Between her debut in 1938 and her death in 1993, Amelia Williams probably wrote over five hundred novels, short stories and articles."
Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.G  Amy.Pond  Rory.Williams  Eleventh.Doctor  River.Song  Sarah.Jane.Smith  Romana.II  Duggan  Barbara.Wright  Ace.McShane  2000-2999.words 
november 2012 by settiai
Lies Told To Children
The Doctor explains why he travels with humans, or possibly just spins a tale.
fic  doctor.who  barbara.wright  ian.chesterton 
november 2011 by Beatrice_Otter
A Time for Peace (Doctor Who, gen, Ten, Barbara, Ace, Brig)
“Hello, Doctor. Imagine seeing you here.” “Glad to see you’ve finally caught the knack of recognizing me after a face-change.” The ex-UNIT general shrugs. “Yes, well, the way you stood there mooning over that old car was a bit of a giveaway. And you’re one of the few people who still calls me ‘Brigadier.’ Oh, and then there’s the little matter of your face plastered all over the news a few weeks ago. Really, Doctor—wanted as a terrorist? Not your usual style at all.” “It’s been a busy year,” the Doctor admits, still patting the car fondly. (After "Last of the Time Lords", the Doctor goes and visits a few ex-Companions. Barbara is fantastic, Ace and Hex are adorable, Tegan's daughter is very much like her, but the one who makes it is the Brigadier and his old-soldier companionship. Just lovely.)
fic  doctor.who  gen  barbara.wright  ace.mcshane  tegan.jovanka  brigadier.alistair.gordon.lethbridge-stewart  new.who  classic.who  whoniverse:s3 
september 2011 by voodoochild
Prime Contact
The TARDIS's first landing on the starship Enterprise, just in time for a portentous first contact. (Spoilers for both franchises c. 1964).
Paul.Gadzikowski  fanfiction  crossover  startrek  dr.who  ian.chesterton  barbara.wright  susan.foreman  captain.pike  spock  scotty_montgomery.scott  number.one_majelbarrett  yeoman.colt  klingons  firstcontact 
february 2010 by Sophonisba
A Time for Peace, by Frostfyre
Gen. " There is a time for everything, and a season to all things under heaven. In the light of a funeral pyre, the Doctor decides the time is come for him to make peace with some ghosts of the past."
Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Tenth.Doctor  Barbara.Wright  Brigadier.Lethbridge-Stewart  Ace.McShane  Hex.Schofield  Tegan.Jovanka  10000-14999.words 
july 2009 by settiai
Teaspoon :: Things Unsaid by TigerKat
“Of all the bloody cheek!” Ian had managed to right himself without outside aid, and now was buttoning his open shirt indignantly. His sweater, tie and belt had vanished, along with his shoes. “Some of those… Barbara, did you hear what they were saying?”

As he turned towards her, she immediately pretended she hadn’t been looking. “Very clearly. No, I’m not hurt, thank you.” Though they had taken her cardigan and shoes as well, and played havoc with her hair. At least they’d let her keep her shirt shut.
rec:fic  doctorwho  het  ian.chesterton  barbara.wright  ian/barbara  PG  tigerkat  words:1-5000 
march 2009 by ishie
All Your Beliefs - Doctor Who (Ian/Barbara, Susan, David)
Perhaps they had offended him without knowing it; perhaps he had decided he’d prefer loneliness to facing questions about how he could bear to leave his grandchild behind; perhaps, as Barbara came to believe, in the moment he simply wasn’t thinking about them at all. He might not have known they weren’t already on board until he realised, later, that the Ship was empty and terribly quiet.
doyle_sb4  rec:fic  pg  ian.chesterton  barbara.wright  susan.foreman  ian/barbara  het  words:1-5000 
march 2009 by ishie
The Benefits of Being Monochromatic, by Primsong
Gen. "One and Ian set out to explore, and of course the girls must follow - but where do they go from there? And does it matter how you're dressed?"
Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  First.Doctor  Susan.Foreman  Ian.Chesterton  Barbara.Wright  15000-19999.words 
february 2009 by settiai
Teaspoon :: Things Unsaid by TigerKat
An alien planet, an alien wedding, a wiley doctor and the partial resolution of some tension. Ian and Barbara are locked in a room together. I like the sly characterisation in this one
Doctor.Who  one  Ian.Chesterton  Barbara.Wright  ian/barbara  author:tigerkat  c:Barbara.Wright 
november 2008 by rjcardinal
Home Again, by tangerine
Gen. "Just back from five years Brazil, Jo and Cliff are invited to a party at the home of the of the head science department, one Professor Chesterton."
Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Ian.Chesterton  Barbara.Wright  Jo.Grant  Cliff.Jones  2000-2999.words 
august 2008 by settiai
Fall into the Sky, by ClocketPatch
Het. "Darkness falls around her, dawn rises, rain caresses the turf, and she thinks of the man who had seen all the wonders of the cosmos and then whispered in her ear that she, a drab middle-aged history teacher, was the most brilliant star in the sky."
Doctor.Who  Genre.Het  Rated.PG  Barbara.Wright  Ian.Chesterton  Barbara.Wright/Ian.Chesterton  1000-1999.words 
july 2008 by settiai
Teaspoon :: Things Unsaid by TigerKat
“Er.” She dropped her eyes. “I don’t think it’s a cell, Ian.”
TigerKat  fanfiction  dr.who  barbara.wright  ian.chesterton  ian/barbara 
july 2008 by Sophonisba

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