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“what we would call ‘far-right’ it’s really basically just centre, centre-right”…
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5 weeks ago by re_present
Ja, da har Dagsrevyen slått fast at Bannon verken var farlig eller skummel. Og dermed kan krysse av for op…
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5 weeks ago by aslakr
Ja, da har Dagsrevyen slått fast at Bannon verken var farlig eller skummel. Og dermed kan krysse av for op…
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6 weeks ago by Arnte
Turf war breaks between Bolsonaro's sons and Brazil's vice president | World news | The Guardian
Spat points to ideological rift between two factions while some see it as distraction
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7 weeks ago by harcesz
L’improbabile avventura di Steve Bannon in Europa - Alessio Marchionna - Internazionale
Steve Bannon è in piedi sulla cattedra al centro della biblioteca Angelica di Roma, sotto i soffitti a volta e circondato degli scaffali in legno che conservano alcuni dei volumi più rari e preziosi del mondo. via Pocket
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9 weeks ago by cristianconti
Munk Debate: The Rise of Populism - YouTube
Frums argument: hateful and divisive. Bannon: Economics is what matters.
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march 2019 by HispanicPundit
Who Directed ‘Senior’ Trump Campaign Official To Contact Stone About WikiLeaks? – Talking Points Memo
A person familiar with the situation confirmed to TPM that the “high-ranking” official is Bannon. But that person noted that Bannon could not be the “senior Trump Campaign official” who initially contacted Stone about feeding the campaign information on WikiLeaks’ plans.
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january 2019 by yorksranter
Steve Bannon | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union - YouTube
Not as crazy or as bad as you might think from his time in the Trump administration.

Rise of China and export of jobs to Asia; $7T spent on wars in mid-East; financial crisis (no one was ever held accountable)
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november 2018 by rpmuller

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