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erfreut Immobilien-Händler: wenn Straßenkunst zur Imagewerbung wird
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22 days ago by karincita
RT : New appeared at Marble Arch site of last night: "From this moment despair ends and tac…
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8 weeks ago by dalcrose
RT : Wow. Thank you for supporting . As rebels leave heads held high, this piece appears…
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8 weeks ago by BeckyFaith
RepRage – How Banksy Authenticates His Work
authenticates his art with a unique type of public private key system that allows him to stay anonymous.
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10 weeks ago by shakeel
How Banksy Authenticates His Work

Can an information system be art? Because, like I said, it’s flipping sweet, and all executed in Banksy’s trademark tongue in cheek style. This whole authentication process would easily be my favourite artwork by Banksy.
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10 weeks ago by jefframnani
How Banksy Authenticates His Work
Com autentica Banksy les serigrafies que ven per Internet? Sorprenentment no utilitza blockchain, sinó que ha creat la seva pròpia autoritat central certificadora i un enginyós mecanisme criptogràfic d'allò més analògic.
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12 weeks ago by carlesbellver
The fascinating legal conundrum facing Banksy
Although the court confirmed that Pest Control trademark registrations were valid, the judge noted that the documents filed in the proceedings showed just limited use of Banksy brand. Basically, the Banksy logo is only used on certificates of authenticity released on Pest Control letterhead, and on some canvas frames. This is a clear weak point in Banksy and Pest Control’s legal strategy going forward. If Banksy wants to keep enforcing any of his trademarks in courts around the world, and avoid the risk of them being canceled for lack of use, he will need to show judges stronger evidence of his brands being used in the market. This probably means he needs to start regularly producing and selling his own branded merchandise through a specialized commercial vehicle, which so far has not really happened–and may be considered by Banksy himself as antithetical to the very anti-capitalistic message he wants to convey through his art.
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march 2019 by terry
Un message aux sceptiques par
L'eau monte doucement mais inexorablement, chaque centimètre augmente les ri…
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january 2019 by briantrice
Was Banksy Involved in a Banana Prank in Cincinnati?
It is unclear whether the museum visitors who happened to be present in the gallery during this intervention would have had the time to absorb such a profound and esoteric lesson, given that the average time viewers tend to look at visual art has been estimated to be 15 to 30 seconds. Still, the image of the tantalizing banana might appeal to Banksy fans simply as a sign of the provocative artist have been there.
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january 2019 by craniac
RT : saw a exhibition today. Thought you would appreciate this one
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january 2019 by gaelicWizard

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