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RT : Access to basic assistance is often rooted in an assumption of being able to physically navigate the ca…
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8 days ago by sarcas
I swallowed the Brexit lies. Now I regret telling curry house workers to vote leave
The Secretary-General of the Bangladesh Caterers Association on how the Leave campaign deceived him and his members.
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11 days ago by nwlinks
RT : We do have a future! Kids are joined by adults in Geneva in . call upon all member cou…
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12 days ago by davidvc
Suspected gas poisoning leaves one maintenance worker dead, two injured in Perak
IPOH, May 26 — A Bangladeshi man died while two others were injured, believed be due to inhaling toxic gas near a petrol station at Kilometre 6, Ipoh-Lumut Highway at about 7.30pm yesterday.

Meru Raya Fire and Rescue Department chief Sharudi Muhamad Halil said the two survivors, one a local and the other also Bangladeshi, have been hospitalised at the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital here.

He said the trio were doing maintenance work on underground gas pipes when the incident happened.

“When the Fire and Rescue personnel arrived at the location 10 minutes later, all the victims had been extricated by members of the public.

“As a security measure, the Fire and Rescue department closed the manhole they gone through. One of the victims was not breathing and without a pulse. He was pronounced dead by a medical officer,” he told reporters when met at the scene.
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4 weeks ago by dchas
Bangladesh government blocks news website in fresh blow to media
"Bangladesh authorities have blocked access to a popular news portal in what critics on Tuesday condemned as the latest blow to freedom of expression in the South Asian nation., one of the country's top five online news outlets, was cut off without notice on Sunday, managing editor Abu Sufian told AFP. He did not give a reason...But a Bangladesh media industry source said a government security agency issued the order after a report published on the website raised questions about the financing behind a newspaper advert against Muslim militancy...The blocking of Poriborton came just days after three prominent activists and writers were arrested under the country's tough internet laws." - AFP
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4 weeks ago by dmcdev
Lamia from enjoys walking to school with her best friend Sumona, who lives nearby. As part of the devel…
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7 weeks ago by tolkien
The wider circulation of Cyclone now covering West Bengal and as the centre of the cyclone moves…
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7 weeks ago by dalcrose
Relocation site of Old Dhaka chemical stores changed
A total of 54 makeshift warehouses will be set up in the city’s Shyampur area, instead of Keraniganj, to relocate hazardous chemical stores from Old Dhaka.
The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council approved the proposal at a meeting presided over by prime minister Sheikh Hasina at the planning commission in Dhaka on Tuesday.
The ECNEC also approved another proposal to revise a project aiming at establishing a permanent chemical industrial park at Sirajdikhan in Munshiganj.
ECNEC approved the projects as another project of establishing a permanent chemical park, on 50 acre of land at Keraniganj, failed to make progress and was abandoned finally.
The Keraniganj project, taken in the wake of deadly fire at a chemical warehouse at Nimtoli that killed 124 people in 2010, would not be implemented, said planning minister MA Mannan at a briefing after the meeting.
Earlier, the industries ministry said they faced problem in acquisition of land in the densely populated Keraniganj area.
The relocation of chemical shops from the old city resurfaced after 71 people were killed in another fire incident at Chawkbazar in February.
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8 weeks ago by dchas
Can fashion brands like H&M ever be ethical? — Quartz
Global Supply Chains have broken this model. They have separated spatially those who produce the goods and those who consume the goods. To deliver lower priced goods, separation of consumers from producers is necessary. Buyers threaten to relocate or actually relocate should wage costs rise. As such, the model is the opposite of the virtuous circle as it seeks out workers who do not have a reasonable prospect of being able to consume the type of goods which they produce.
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8 weeks ago by inspiral
She made an assault allegation against a teacher. Then she was burned alive.
When Nusrat Jahan Rafi returned to school on April 6, they were waiting.
Eleven days earlier, the 18-year-old Bangladeshi woman had shaken up all of the social, political, and religious conventions in her hometown of Feni, a conservative, tiny village about 100 miles southeast of the country’s capital, Dhaka. According to Nusrat, the headmaster of her Islamic school had inappropriately touched her repeatedly in his office. Instead of sealing away the incident as a personal secret, Nusrat went to the police and made an official complaint.
The allegation had since gone public, sparking protests and threats — not at the older man accused of taking advantage of a young woman under his care, but at Nusrat.
So as final exams started, Nusrat was accompanied to the school by her brother for two days straight, a one-man protection detail, the Daily Star reported. But on the third day, April 6, he was blocked at the entrance.
“I tried to take my sister to school and tried to enter the premises, but I was stopped and wasn’t allowed to enter,” said Nusrat’s brother, Mahmudul Hasan Noman, told the BBC. “If I hadn’t been stopped, something like this wouldn’t have happened to my sister.”
What happened next would not only jolt Nusrat’s own community but also spur outrage across Bangladesh and beyond. A fellow student tricked Nusrat into going up on the roof, where four or five students dressed in burqas waited, the Guardian reported. The group demanded she retract her accusation.
When she refused, Nusrat was held down while kerosene was poured over her and a match was lit. Burns covered 80 percent of her body, the BBC reported. Nusrat died from her injuries four days after the attack, on April 10.
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Just returned from to tackle issues of . What we found was surprising and inspiring. Here…
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RT : Nusrat Jahan Rafi was set on fire at her school in .
She had filed a sexual harassment complaint against…
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9 weeks ago by kohlmannj
Nusrat Jahan Rafi: Burned to death for reporting sexual harassment - BBC News
Nusrat was set on fire after accusing her headmaster of sexual harassment, but spoke out before dying.
9 weeks ago by akozlovsky
The Most Important Thing - UNHCR Spotlight
Brilliant: photo gallery of several Rohingya #refugees with the things they carried while walking to Bangladesh ^cr
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10 weeks ago by csrollyson

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