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Bang & Olufsen, since ‘Bang & Olufsen Telecom’ was founded in 1986, has always produced a range of very striking and memorable telephones. From the big and bold expressions of Beocom 2000 to the timeless functionality of BeoCom 6000; and from the commanding BeoCom 3 to the compelling perspective of the BeoCom 2, all of the company’s designs have been both innovative in design yet functional and easy to use.
The BeoCom 1500 and BeoCom 1400 were again two such memorable designs in that their clean-lined simplicity belied the technological prowess that both models possessed.
With keypads integrated within their slim,curved handsets in much the same way as their more sophisticated partners BeoCom 1600 and 2400, the phones’ compactness belied what was hidden beneath.
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oooh. pretty Bang & Olufsen radio from 1934.
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