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[vid] Fall Out Boy Plays With Puppies (While Answering Fan Questions)
Oh wow this is everything I've ever wanted. Pete, Patrick, and puppies.
fob  canon  bandslash 
june 2017 by proteinscollide
What Became of Subtlety - azurejay (andchimeras) - Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
Patrick's gloved palm cups Pete's cut thigh; his other hand rubs the sting in, and he says, "Whatever I want?"

"Yes," Pete says, squeezing his eyes shut and putting his hand over them. He means it, he does, but it's a fucking scary thing to say.

Patrick is silent for a long moment, and then he says, cocky and sarcastic, "Can I put my hand in your ass?"

Oh, god. Pete's fingers dig into his left temple and he bites his lip, only thinking about how he can't take back what he said. He can't let Patrick think he doesn't know what he's doing--Patrick already thinks he doesn't know what he's doing. He can't let Patrick be right. Patrick will never let him live it down; or he won't let himself live it down. He hears Patrick inhale to take it back, to move on in the scene. And because he did mean it, even if if he didn't mean this exactly, Pete says, "Yes."
unresolved  bandslash  a.azurejay  patrick/pete  bdsm  fisting  kink 
january 2016 by Cassandrexx
But Not Too Far (2010-?)
Jaejoong, a hooker with a dark past, lives with his dear brother Junsu, when he’s not together with his regular customer: the rich Changmin. One day he gets rescued by Yunho, Changmin's nemesis! What will happen?
slash  au  bandslash  tvxq  jaejoong 
march 2015 by winhro
Fortunate Ones
How do you plan for the unimaginable? How do you deal with becoming more than human? How do you cope with being forced to hunt down one of your best friends, whether you want to or not? They didn’t choose to be what they are, but now all they can do is move forward.
tvxq  slash  bandslash  au  jaejoong 
march 2015 by winhro
Not in That Way
NaNoWriMo #5: "our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn't tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire 'date' scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now that we're two months into this charade we're not sure what's real and what's fake anymore" AU
tvxq  slash  bandslash  jaejoong 
march 2015 by winhro
Dull Aches
Kim Jaejoong is satisfied simply being the muggleborn professor at Hogwarts. What he didn't count on though were a secret lineage and, ultimately, being dragged in a ridiculously long and arduous adventure because of it. How he finds the time to help with the War against Lord Voldemort and still manage to fanboy about muggle culture is beyond anyone.
slash  bandslash  au  crossover  harrypotter  tvxq  jaejoong 
march 2015 by winhro
Regret Become Love
Jaejoong met Yunho for the first time when his close friend Yoochun dropped by their home with his fiancé announcing they were getting married. Junsu warned Yunho that Jaejoong way out to steal Yoochun from him, thinking Jae was trying to steal his brother lover. Yunho watch Jae as they are helping to plan the wedding in 2 weeks. In front of everyone he's nice to Jaejoong, but when he’s alone he thinks Jae is only acting nice and confront Jae to stay away.. What happen when he hurts Jae so badly that he can't let him go? Is it true love? Will Jaejoong accept? Will Jae forgive him? All these questions have to be answers along the way…
slash  au  bandslash  tvxq  jaejoong 
march 2015 by winhro
Perfect Love Design
Jaejoong is the most popular guy in school. He even has a fan club! Except Shim Changmin doesn't care. Jaejoong wants him to care.
slash  au  bandslash  jaejoong  tvxq 
march 2015 by winhro
Until Death do us part – a farce; for true love, Death is only the beginning.
slash  au  bandslash  tvxq  jaejoong 
march 2015 by winhro
In Limbo
After a raid gone terribly bad, Yunho is jumbled with a new mysterious partner in his never-ending quest for justice and righteousness. But he doesn't know who changes the most, himself or the people around him.
slash  bandslash  au  jaejoong  tvxq 
march 2015 by winhro
Lotus Roots
It's the twenty-first century and the royal family is an extension of a democratically elected government but that does not mean the Crown Prince can marry whomever he chooses. In a world with a rapidly changing social landscape, Jung Yunho's marriage is used as an instrument to force social reform and Kim Jaejoong finds out that for someone like him a rise in status comes with great danger and intrigue.
slash  au  bandslash  tvxq  jaejoong 
march 2015 by winhro
Claire de Lune
Jaejoong keeps himself cut off from his pack of werewolves, afraid of what they'll think when they find out he's their Alpha's destined mate. But when bodies start to pile up and a stray wolf is given to them by their sworn enemies, Jaejoong realizes he might not be able to keep his secret for much longer. Even if it means the end of everything he knows.
slash  bandslash  au  werewolves  jaejoong 
march 2015 by winhro
Match Play
Learning Japanese is hard. Especially from hentai. Especially under an abstinence clause.
slash  bandslash  tvxq  jaejoong 
march 2015 by winhro
Blood on the Snow
He wakes up lying in the snow with no recollections of the past. His mind is clouded with fragments of some memories, he can not grasp, and then he sees a wolf...
tvxq  slash  au  werewolves  bandslash  jaejoong 
march 2015 by winhro
The Songs They Will Sing
Game of Thrones AU. A prince without a kingdom, a lord without a name, and how how the two of them carve themselves into history.
au  slash  bandslash  tvxq  jaejoong 
march 2015 by winhro
Platonic Shades of Gay
Friends don't let friends burn down hotels.
slash  jaejoong  tvxq  bandslash 
march 2015 by winhro
Love Me Harder
When a drunken confession leads to experiments and then to something even more.
jaejoong  slash  bandslash  tvxq 
march 2015 by winhro
Making love to Jaejoong is an artform.
tvxq  slash  bandslash  jaejoong  oneshot 
march 2015 by winhro
Fate has means of getting her way. For over eight years, Kim Jaejoong has been outrunning a prophecy. Long enough to start thinking that he might have escaped. Only to meet his fate on a crowded Tokyo street when he saves he life of pop idol Shim Changmin.

AU suspense/romance where Changmin is one half of Asia's biggest pop duo and Jae is... something else.
slash  bandslash  au  tvxq  jaejoong 
march 2015 by winhro

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