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Faint of Heart - pikasafire - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Ridiculous pathology!AU

In autopsy, it is not a matter of life and death, it's a matter of DEATH AND LOVE! Frank Iero, the new registrar in the mortuary at Mercy hospital, was not expecting autopsy to be sexy, but he also wasn't expecting his hot new boss, Gerard Way. Featuring Cobra Funerals, sap, death by papercuts and LIFE THREATENING SITUATIONS (that don't necessarily involve corpses).

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bandom  bandombigbang  fic  podfic  author:pikasafire  <15kwords  pairing:frank/gerard  reader:draconic_girl 
december 2016 by carefultread
and me here on the ground - ohnoktcsk - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Frank's worked hard to build a life for himself in the city of Jersey, where dragons swoop and dive over the river, and every day is divided by the ringing of the city bells. He knows the streets of the city like he knows the the tattoos on the backs of his hands, and he's content with what he has: a job as a bike courier, friends who love to give him shit, and a crush on a professor of art history at the local university.

But he's also got a secret—one he's been running from for a long time. But all it takes is one delivery to a mysterious, quite-probably-magical bookshop to show Frank that there are some things you can’t outrun. Especially since he’s finally found a place that he doesn’t want to leave.

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bandom  mcr  fic  podfic  author:ohnoktcsk  reader:ande  >15kwords  bbb2k16  bandombigbang  pairing:frank/gerard 
november 2016 by carefultread
Cute Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun) - LittleMousling - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Brent may have tricked Ryan and Spencer into auditioning a girl guitarist, but there's no question that Brendon is the best they've seen. Soon enough she's their new best buddy, too, hanging out at Spencer's house almost as much as Ryan does. The band is finally coming together, and Spencer's starting to think they might really make it as musicians--if she can stop getting distracted by her hopeless crush on Brendon.

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fic  podfic  bandombigbang  author:littlemousling  reader:knight_tracer  genderswap  girl!brendon  girl!spencer  >15kwords  pairing:brendon/spencer  p!atd  bandom 
august 2016 by carefultread
A Constant Work in Progress - onceuponamoon - My Chemical Romance, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Frank spends his time at Cedar Creek Elementary sucking at answering the phones, playing nurse, spinning in his chair, and avoiding glares from Principal Bryar.

His life gets turned upside down when his cousin Dani gets thrown in jail and he suddenly has custody of her three kids. Frank copes with the abrupt change with help from his mother, his friends, and this Gerard guy that he (sometimes literally) can't seem to quit running into.
bandom  mcr  bandombigbang  BBB2k13  author:onceuponamoon  pairing:frank/gerard  kidfic  >15kwords  fic 
march 2016 by carefultread
Shadows Fall Behind - anoceanmonster - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Just before the turn of the twentieth century, the Iero household experiences it’s second devastating loss. When Edward Iero, world renowned architect, replaces the recently deceased and much loved head of staff, Donald, with his eldest son, Gerard, no one knows if anything will work out.

Frank is a book loving recluse who rarely sees the outside of his study, but when Gerard enters his house and his life, he gets a love story all of his own.

carefultread's notes: a hug wrapped in a marshmallow wrapped in a Victorian AU.
bandombigbang  BBB2k13  bandom  mcr  pairing:frank/gerard  author:anoceanmonster  >15kwords  fic 
february 2016 by carefultread
Working for Joy on Overtime - ciel_vert, theopteryx - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Frank is a top player in the music industry, once the champion of the underdog, now responsible for manufactured pop on the radio. He's in Los Angeles for the biggest label showcase of the year when his star band turns supernova and completely implodes (possibly taking his job along with them). Frank's got no time and no options, but he does have a little bit of luck left in the form of a chance encounter with Hollywood Boulevard's own Gerard Way. But what happens when he mixes pleasure with business? A Pretty Woman AU.
author:theopteryx  bandom  mcr  bandombigbang  >15kwords  author:ciel_vert  pairing:frank/gerard  fic 
january 2016 by carefultread
Crash - Gorgeous Nerd (gorgeousnerd) - Bandom, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
In a future version of Seattle, Frank Iero's a lot of things: bike messenger, cage fighter, sometimes thief, Ray Toro's roommate. Mikey Way's also a lot of things: record label owner, co-heir to his grandmother's fortune, younger brother. Neither are normal. But they don't know just how far each other's abnormalities go until Frank's past and a secret of Mikey's unexpectedly shove together. (Dark Angel AU.)

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fic  bbb2k11  bandombigbang  author:gorgeousnerd  bandom  mcr  pairing:frank/mikey  >15kwords  podfic  reader:dapatty 
december 2015 by carefultread
Camp Cherry Woods - littleblackghost - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
The Summer before he goes off to college, Gerard's mom gets him a job as a camp counsellor at Camp Cherry Woods. Gerard's really not interested in camping, the sun, or wildlife at all, but if it'll get his mom off his back, he'll do it. He's surprised to find he actually enjoys camp, even if it means he has to deal with a strange little boy with a strange obsession with Gerard's younger brother, avoiding going swimming (or any other kind of sporting activity), and a bunkmate who Gerard really can't keep his eyes off of.
bandom  bandombigbang  fic  author:littleblackghost  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:mikeyway/petewentz  >15kwords  mcr  falloutboy  p!atd 
july 2015 by carefultread
Through the Trees - modern_dion - Bandom, My Chemical Romance, The Used [Archive of Our Own]
After being bit by an unknown werewolf and left to figure out this new change on his own, Frank’s life is further turned upside down when his mom announces they’re moving to a new town halfway through Frank’s senior year. What Frank doesn’t expect is that there are already two packs of territorial werewolves. He tries to figure out where he fits, if anywhere at all, or if he’s going to have to continue on as a lone wolf.

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fic  podfic  author:modern_dion  pairing:frank/gerard  bandom  bandombigbang  mcr  reader:dapatty  >20kwords 
may 2015 by carefultread
Fic: Been Here Before (NC-17) - tuesdaysgone - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge took off faster than My Chemical Romance could have imagined. Gerard's downward spiral was even faster. He hit rock bottom, got sober, and moved across the country to Portland practically as soon as he'd detoxed, leaving his band and his relationship with Frank behind. Four years later, he's still clean. His graphic novel is a surprise smash hit. And he's avoided New Jersey until now. However, everything he left unresolved is still there. Gerard knows he needs forgiveness. When he sees Frank again, he realizes he needs much more than that.

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author:tuesdaysgone  pairing:frank/gerard  mcr  bandom  >15kwords  fic  podfic  bandombigbang 
march 2015 by carefultread
Five Times Gerard Pays For It and One Time He Doesn't - RubyTuesday5681 - Bandom, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
This story is a cliché rentboy fic wherein Gerard (the customer) falls for Frank (the service-provider) and can’t figure out how to go from paying-for-sex to ‘dating’ or if that’s even possible. Added to the mix are Gerard’s perpetually low self-esteem, Frank’s neuroses, and both boys’ epic communication-fails. Will these two ever manage to get out of their own way long enough to see that they’re meant for each other? With a little bit of help from a meddling younger brother, they just might.

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bandom  bandombigbang  fic  podfic  author:rubytuesday5681  >15kwords  mcr  pairing:frank/gerard  reader:takola 
january 2015 by carefultread
Public Enemy - tabulaxrasa - Bandom, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
In 1932, Gerard Way has been making a name for himself robbing banks up and down New Jersey. Frank Iero, analyst for J. Edgar Hoover's Division of Investigation, is determined to catch him.

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sickfic  mcr  bandom  fic  podfic  author:tabulaxrasa  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:mikey/alicia  bandombigbang  >15kwords  reader:rhea314 
december 2014 by carefultread
Putting the B Back In Subtle - algernon_mouse, pinn - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
In which Bob Bryar gets a real job, grows up a little, puts the drums aside, becomes a touring sound engineer, drinks too much, repeatedly goes against his better judgment, hooks up with Jepha, gets sucked in by the earnestness of My Chem's message, is dumped by Jepha, joins MCR, develops an inconvenient crush on Brian Schechter, nearly dies, and says something he's been meaning to say for awhile.

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mcr  fic  bandom  podfic  author:algernon_mouse  author:pinn  >15kwords  pairing:bob/brian  bandombigbang 
november 2014 by carefultread
momentum keeps us going, gravity makes us strong - akamine_chan - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
The problem was that Gerard was a frankenstein. The Way family had five generations of frankensteins to their name and Gerard was the best and brightest of them. Frankensteins had that spark of genius which made them scientists and artists, and musicians and inventors. Frankensteins were also severely lacking in common sense, and Gerard was no exception to that particular characteristic.

Mikey was the black sheep of their family, intelligent, organized and sensible. He was the main reason why WayBros Biologic Enterprises was the success it was. Mikey was spending more and more time with the business end of WBBE, fighting off the constant maneuverings of their rival Clandestine Industries and that left Gerard mostly unsupervised.

Which was not good. Not good at all, because Gerard could (and did) get into a lot of trouble on his own.

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mcr  fic  podfic  author:akamine_chan  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:mikey/alicia  fob  bandom  bandombigbang  >15kwords  reader:argentumlupine 
november 2014 by carefultread
Catching Pieces of a Fallen Sky - snarkydame - Bandom, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Ray and Frank are the only survivors of the Jersey Queen, an independent freighter hit by (space!) pirates. In the chaos, the doomed ship took a blind jump through the hyperways, leaving them stranded in a dark and lonely quadrant of space.

Mikey and Gerard are the last remaining crew of a legendary "ghost" ship, the Ravenkroft, which has been lost for the fifty years since the War that Broke the Stations. They've been avoiding inhabited space due to emotional scarring from the loss of their crew, and a feeling of isolation due to the fact that they are in fact cyborgs.

They pick up Ray and Frank's escape pod, and promise to help them. In the process, old feeling of guilt are assuaged, new emotional ties are wrought, and the legendary ship comes home.

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bandom  mcr  bandombigbang  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:ray/mikey  fic  podfic  >15kwords  author:snarkydame  reader:sylvaine 
november 2014 by carefultread
A Kiss With A Fist - iamdali - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
The rain here may pass and maybe the sun might even show up, but Gerard Way will still be an unemployed twenty seven year old med school graduate with no means of saving himself from a life of sleeping in cardboard boxes and talking to his fingers.
mcr  bandom  fic  author:iamdali  boxer!frank  pairing:frank/gerard  >15kwords  sports!au  bandombigbang 
september 2014 by carefultread
We Used To Be Friends - ladyfoxxx - My Chemical Romance, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
You and me, right Mikes?"
"Yeah, fuck everybody else."

Best friends since high school, if Frank could've chosen a brother, he'd pick Mikey. Then Mikey became a rock star and Frank... didn't. After years of radio silence, Mikey steps onto a stage in Jersey and back into Frank's life.

(Or, the one where Frank is a school teacher and Mikey plays rhythm in The Used.)
mychemicalromance  mcr  bandom  bandslash  au  frank/mikey  mikey/frank  frikey  friendship  boyfriends  pining  misunderstanding  angst  love  bff  bandombigbang  from delicious
july 2012 by raffie79
bandombigbang: Angels From the Neon by the9thdoctor
‘Mikey stops taking his pills the day after Gerard takes all of his at once.
It’s a beginning of sorts.’
The they find Frank, an ex-draculoid: there's the art:
mcr  mychemicalromance  bandslash  au  gerard/frank  frerard  captive  kidnapping  prisoner  enemies  friendship  boyfriends  killjoys  bandombigbang  from delicious
january 2012 by raffie79

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