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Efficient tuning of online systems using Bayesian optimization – Facebook Research
we describe how we use an AI technique called Bayesian optimization to adaptively design rounds of A/B tests based on the results of prior tests. Compared to a grid search or manual tuning, Bayesian optimization allows us to jointly tune more parameters with fewer experiments and find better values. We have used these techniques for dozens of parameter tuning experiments across a range of backend systems, and have found that it is especially effective at tuning machine learning systems.
bayes  optimization  ab-testing  bandit 
september 2018 by sbelak
Off The Jacks GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIF cars, cruising, pontiac, firebird, smokey and the bandit, musclecar, transam, waterstreetshow Giphy ______
cars  cruising  pontiac  firebird  smokey  and  the  bandit  musclecar  transam  waterstreetshow  wynajem  samochody  auta 
september 2018 by architektura
Multi-Armed Bandits, Conjugate Models and Bayesian Reinforcement Learning | Eigenfoo
Let’s talk about Bayesianism. It’s developed a reputation (not entirely justified, but not entirely unjustified either) for being too mathematically sophisticated or too computationally intensive to work at scale.
statistics  multi-armed  bandit  algorithms  AI 
september 2018 by guiambros

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