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Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters - insunshine, sinuous_curve - Panic At The Disco, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
30k words //
Brendon Urie shows up in Hollywood, gets lucky and lands a small part in a big ass motherfucker of a movie six months in and becomes the one in a million dark horse that takes the industry by storm.
fandom:bandslash  pairing:spencer.smith/brendon.urie  theme:fame  genre:rps 
january 2015 by hermionemalfoy
Wherever It Goes - ruintooeasy
[20,545 words] // Rookie pitcher Spencer Smith has a lot on his mind. His baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, have made it to the post season, and reporters keep asking about his 'good friend,' singer Brendon Urie. All Spencer wants to think about is getting his team through nine innings... but the past keeps creeping in.
fandom:bandslash  theme:sports  theme:homophobia  theme:coming.out  genre:rps  theme:au-intentional  theme:fame  theme:musicstar  pairing:spencer.smith/brendon.urie 
january 2014 by hermionemalfoy
pikasafire: Coping Strategies
REC: Gerard does his best to help Spencer cope. A really sweet little story. Awkward and tentative and very hopeful. (2013-09-29)
QUOTE: Gerard grabs his phone, taps out a quick reply. 'Sure its ok. How r u doing?' He debates for a moment before adding a smiley and pressing send. He turns back to his drawing, adding a layer of spikes, doesn't look up when Mikey puts a fresh cup of coffee in front of him. "I would have said it was okay for Spencer to call me, even without the coffee." He feels compelled to point out. "I'm not that much of a dick."
"I know." Mikey says. "What the hell are you drawing? Is that supposed to be Spyke from Evolution? Because that's not what his hair looks like."
As they bicker quietly over coffee. Gerard can't help but wonder what it would've been like if he hadn't gotten clean. Gerard's notoriously bad with his phone and he feels a little guilty when he checks it after Mikey leaves and there's a message from Spencer, sent three hours ago 'thanks' it says, 'not doing so great'.

'It gets better' Gerard types. He cringes as it sends 'that's not supposed to sound as lame as it does' He feels awkward like this, like he's doing it wrong. It's strangely easier to be an icon of hope for thousands rather than just one. 'I don't know how useful I'll be but I'll try'.
Gerard's half expecting something else, but his phone remains silent. (2,010 words)
author:pikasafire  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  concept:addiction  concept:sobriety  things:memories  relationship:friendship  time:post-band  geography:US:Los.Angeles  band:My.Chemical.Romance  pov:Gerard  challenge:2013.No.Tags  +length:short.1k-5k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-09  recced:2013-09 
october 2013 by turlough
xojemmaxo: Art for doctor_jasley's 'Never Wanted to Save the World'
REC: I haven't read the story but this is very cool.I love their expressions and body language. Also, the limited palette and strong contrasts gives it the feel of a vintage coloured comic book page. (2013-07-07)
INFO: Coloured art of Gabe, Brendon, and Frank. AU.
artist:xojemmaxo  fandom:Bandom  art:source:fanfic  occupation:spy/secret.agent  band:Cobra.Starship  band:My.Chemical.Romance  challenge:2013.BBB  !meta:rec:art  posted:2013-06  recced:2013-07 
july 2013 by turlough
akamine_chan: Art for bad_peppermint's 'Starcrossed'
REC: Nice work. I particularly like the animated gif, quite a novel idea. (2013-06-23)
INFO: Coloured and animated graphics of Brendon and Spencer. AU.
artist:akamine_chan  fandom:Bandom  art:source:fanfic  art:technique:graphic  art:technique:collage  art:technique:animation  challenge:2013.BBB  !meta:rec:art  posted:2013-06  recced:2013-06 
june 2013 by turlough
jjtaylor: Other Lives and Dimensions (Ghost Frank 'verse 3)
REC: This is the last part of an absolutely wonderful trilogy. It's scary and heartbreaking but also sweet and even funny at times. The plot is fascinating and I loved the quiet, bittersweet mood and the lovely, understated writing. I also loved how it started out such a deceptively simple story and the very satisfying way everything tied together in the end. The way Frank and Gerard's strange love story was both central to the plot but not always the focus of the narrative was also a very nice touch. All, in all a completely engrossing and very satisfying read. (2013-02-24)
QUOTE: Gerard wakes with a start. He's fallen asleep, sitting on top of the dryer in the basement, his neck sore from where it had been pressed against the wall at a weird angle. His brain feels strangely dulled, like everything that happens here happens while Gerard's half asleep. Time doesn't move correctly. He's been sitting on the washer for hours or days- and Brian has been eying him, concerned, the entire time.
Bob is leaning a hand on the wall, like he's feeling for something, and ignoring Gerard entirely, which is fine with Gerard, considering the last thing he told Bob was that he didn't want to talk to him. Bob seems to be keeping to that agreement.
"Do you believe in other dimensions?" Bob says.
"You don't have any proof," Schechter says before Gerard answers.
"Ok, then, well you tell me what's going on," Bob says.
Brian says nothing, and Gerard is too confused to have anything to add.
"So, this is another reality?" Gerard says. "With a you and a me and a - wait, is there a Frank?"
"No," Brian says.
"There used to be," Bob says, and Brian shoots him a look. "I'm not going to hide that from him, it's important."
"That there used to be a Frank?" Gerard asks.
"Yeah," Brian says. "He died here. The same time as the other Frank did, in the other apartment."
"Dimension," Bob corrects.
"Whatever," Schechter says.
"But, so, Frank -" Gerard says and then stops. "Are you saying that Frank might be... this Frank?"
"I don't know," Bob says. "I don't understand what's going on with Frank. Look," Bob says, "We're not supposed to be here. I mean, more than the fact that people aren't supposed to cross into other dimensions. We," he says, pointing at all of them, "should not be here," he says, pointing around. "It's bad."
"No shit it's bad," Gerard says. "What about Mikey?"
Brian and Bob share a grave look.
"There's no Mikey," Brian says.
"What do you mean there's no -"
"You don't want me to answer that question, Gerard, ok?"
Brian's right; Gerard really doesn't want to know.
"Something's wrong with this house," Bob says. "Something's really, really wrong."
"What?" Brian says. "What aren't you saying?"
Bob sits on the stack of boxes across from the stairs, and they creak a little. Gerard wonders what's in them. (23,170 words)
author:jjtaylor  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:horror  fic:genre:angst  activity:DIY  activity:drinking  activity:exorcism  beings:demons  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:doppelganger  concept:supernatural  concept:char.death(past)  things:dreams  occupation:supernatural.investigator  relationship:established  relationship:friendship  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Mikey/Pete(secondary)  pairing:Bob/Ray(secondary)  pairing:Frank/James.D(secondary)  pairing:Brian/Gerard(past)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2013-01  recced:2013-02  pairing:Brendon/Frank(secondary)  concept:char.death  universe:Ghost.Frank.verse  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
february 2013 by turlough
jjtaylor: Living With Ghosts (Ghost Frank 'verse 2)
REC: This is the second part of an absolutely wonderful trilogy. It's scary and heartbreaking but also sweet and even funny at times. The plot is fascinating and I loved the quiet, bittersweet mood and the lovely, understated writing. I also loved how it started out such a deceptively simple story and the very satisfying way everything tied together in the end. The way Frank and Gerard's strange love story was both central to the plot but not always the focus of the narrative was also a very nice touch. All, in all a completely engrossing and very satisfying read. (2013-02-24)
QUOTE: Gerard kept insisting that passing out was nothing other than some mystic-level tiredness and refuting Bob's claims that there was now something fishy with both Frank and Gerard. Gerard had dealt with Bob's protests by making a grocery list for all of his guests as though he were some sort of skilled host, which Frank was certain was not the case. Gerard, however, insisted on polling people about their favorite bread and snack choices, taking meticulous notes. Mikey and Pete were tucked away in a corner of the living room where it looked like Mikey was trying to explain the whole story and Pete was trying to stick his fingers as far into Mikey's back pockets as possible under the guise of listening raptly.
Frank just sits in kitchen chair, thinking about how he's actually breathing now and he'd apparently spent months just thinking he was breathing. He wondered if he had actually been breathing just at some lower, unreadable rate, or if he had just had breathing turned off, like his body was in stasis or something. He asks Bob about it without meaning to, while Gerard is listing all of the various different lettuce options.
"Is this really my body?" Frank says and Gerard's fingers freeze while just as he's imitating the exact leafy quality of romaine.
Bob stares at him, his eyes narrowed. "Does it feel like it belongs to someone else?"
"No, it feels like mine, but I felt like I had a body when I was... before, so it's kind of hard to tell, whether it was mine all along and it was just turned off?" Frank trails off without meaning it to be a question.
"Hmmm," Bob says, and Frank sighs.
"Was I really a ghost?" Frank says, and Gerard takes a step forward, rests his hand on Frank's shoulder. "Like, if we opened my coffin, would I still be in there?"
"That's a very good question," Bob says. "And from everything I've read today and everything I knew to be true before I met you, you did actually die, but what happened after that isn't really clear. Because, here's the thing with this house. Everything seems to be pointing to the fact that, if you died here, you'd be rocketed straight into the afterlife, no other choice, no other stops. So, how in the world you ended up stuck here if you did die only makes me think maybe you didn't actually die, not all the way?"
Gerard's eyes are wide. Frank doesn't want to say what he's thinking because he doesn't want Bob's answer, but he has to ask anyway. "So I could still die again, I mean, like, soon. What if whatever we did… is gonna run out?"
"It's possible," Bob says, and abruptly turns his head back to his book. (33,400 words)
(also at & )
author:jjtaylor  fandom:Bandom  fic:category:gen  fic:category:slash  fic:genre:AU  fic:genre:horror  fic:genre:angst  activity:exorcism  beings:demons  concept:ordinary.lives  concept:char.death(past)  concept:supernatural  concept:magic  occupation:supernatural.investigator  relationship:brothers  relationship:established  relationship:friendship  smut:blowjob  smut:handjob  smut:frottage  smut:knifeplay  smut:breathplay  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  pairing:Frank/Gerard(primary)  pairing:Mikey/Pete(secondary)  pairing:Bob/Ray(secondary)  pairing:Brendon/Frank(secondary)  pairing:Brian/Gerard(past)  pov:Frank  pov:Gerard  +length:long.20k-50k  !meta:rec:fic  posted:2009-10  recced:2013-02  activity:DIY  universe:Ghost.Frank.verse  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
february 2013 by turlough
pennyplainknits: Rose Dress
REC: Really cool idea and the dress is beautiful. The embroidered lyrics is such a nice addition. (2013-02-10)
INFO: Panic dress.
artist:pennyplainknits  fandom:Bandom  art:technique:mixed.textile  challenge:2013.I.Made.A.Thing  !meta:rec:art  posted:2013-02  recced:2013-02 
february 2013 by turlough
josie: Art for turps' 'Nowhereville'
REC: This is totally fabulous. I love the setting and all the details, and the characters are just wonderful. (2012-09-02)
INFO: Coloured art of MCR, FOB, Panic. AU.
(also at )
artist:josie  fandom:Bandom  art:source:fanfic  setting:café/diner/restaurant  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  challenge:2012.BBB  !meta:rec:art  posted:2012-08  recced:2012-09 
september 2012 by turlough
jjtaylor: Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency (Masterlist)
REC: The one that starts with Gerard as gentleman detective and Frank as his vampire valet-assistant and goes on from there. The two main stories are at once murder mysteries, romances, and explorations of a richly nuanced magical world. (2012-05-10)
INFO: Two major stories, a shorter coda, and three outtakes (of which I haven't read the last one), 138,290 words.
author:jjtaylor  fandom:Bandom  universe:Midnighter.verse  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  band:Cobra.Starship  band:The.Hush.Sound  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  band:The.Used  +length:epic.100k-  !meta:masterlist  beings:vampires  occupation:police/detective  occupation:valet  !meta:rec:fic  fic:genre:AU  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
may 2012 by turlough
tabula_x_rasa: World War I 'verse (masterlist)
REC: This is how you write historical AUs! Lots of little details that are just "there", never intruding into the story but anchoring it firmly in a specific time and place. WWI was such a horrible, meaningless war but the writer has infused this story with so much friendship and love that manages to balance the sad and angry-making parts. The sequel about Mikey's marriage is absolutely charming, with just enough seriousness to keep it from being too cutesy. (2012-04-05)
INFO: Two stories and one short coda. 64,890 words. (I haven't read the last story since it only features Panic.)
author:tabula_x_rasa  fandom:Bandom  universe:World.War.I.verse  band:My.Chemical.Romance  band:Fall.Out.Boy  band:Mindless.Self.Indulgence  band:Cobra.Starship  band:The.Academy.Is  band:Gym.Class.Heroes  +length:long.50k-100k  !meta:masterlist  concept:war  period:WWI  period:1910s  !meta:rec:fic  fic:genre:AU  !!FAVOURITE.FIC 
april 2012 by turlough
Crazybutsound: Reinvent
REC: I really like this. The colours are so bright and fresh and I love the closeup of the yarn and that it isn't until the last panel that we can see what it is. (2012-04-01)
INFO: Photography collage comic strip.
artist:crazybutsound  fandom:Bandom  !meta:rec:art  posted:2012-03  recced:2012-04  art:technique:collage  art:content:comic  art:technique:photography 
april 2012 by turlough
squashbee: Unconditional Things
REC: This is so cute. The polar bear is completely irresistible with its big puppy!eyes. (2012-03-25)
INFO: B/w art of Spencer and Brendon.
artist:squashbee  fandom:Bandom  beings:animals.others  things:snow  challenge:2012.BRBB  !meta:rec:art  posted:2012-03  recced:2012-03  art:technique:pencils 
march 2012 by turlough
doctor_jasley: High School AU
REC: These are cool. I particularly like the way the colours are erupting into the dreary classroom in the second one. (2012-03-18)
INFO: Coloured art of Brendon. AU.
artist:doctor_jasley  fandom:Bandom  beings:teenagers  challenge:2012.BRBB  !meta:rec:art  posted:2012-03  recced:2012-03  art:technique:pens 
march 2012 by turlough

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geography:us:los.angeles  geography:us:new.jersey  greece  gsf::patd  key::bets  key::birthday  key::cabin  key::girl!jon  key::girl!spencer  key::jon.walker  key::levitation  key::masturbation  key::nc-17  key::photographs  key::weddings  key::zombies  lemonade.stand  lying  mcr::frank/gerard  meme.results  meta:bands  meta:primer  occupation:artist/designer  occupation:babysitter  occupation:mechanic  occupation:musician  occupation:police/detective  occupation:spy/secret.agent  occupation:supernatural.investigator  occupation:teacher  occupation:valet  pairing:bob/ray(secondary)  pairing:brendon/frank(secondary)  pairing:brendon/gerard(primary)  pairing:brendon/mikey  pairing:brian/gerard(past)  pairing:frank/gerard(primary)  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:frank/james.d(secondary)  pairing:gerard/spencer(primary)  pairing:jon/spencer  pairing:mikey/pete(secondary)  pairing:pete/mikey  pairing:pete/patrick  pairing:ryan/brendon  pairing:spencer/jon  pairing:spencer.smith/brendon.urie  patd::brendon/ryan  patd::jon/brendon  patd::jon/ryan  patd::jon/spencer  patd::spencer/brendon  patd::spencer/ryan  period:1910s  period:middle.ages  period:wwi  posted:2009-10  posted:2011-11  posted:2011-12  posted:2012-01  posted:2012-02  posted:2012-03  posted:2012-07  posted:2012-08  posted:2012-09  posted:2013-01  posted:2013-02  posted:2013-06  posted:2013-09  posted:2015-05  pov:frank  pov:gerard  pov:spencer  primer  prompt.fic  rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  recced:2011-11  recced:2011-12  recced:2012-01  recced:2012-02  recced:2012-03  recced:2012-04  recced:2012-07  recced:2012-09  recced:2013-02  recced:2013-06  recced:2013-07  recced:2013-09  recced:2015-05  relationship:brothers  relationship:established  relationship:friendship  relationship:ust  setting:café/diner/restaurant  setting:ducks  setting:football  setting:forest/jungle  setting:highschool  setting:police/detective  setting:spaceship/spacestation  sick  sixty.nine  slash:band  smut:blowjob  smut:breathplay  smut:frottage  smut:fucking  smut:handjob  smut:knifeplay  smut:masturbation  smut:rimming  theme:au-intentional  theme:coming.out  theme:fame  theme:homophobia  theme:internet  theme:musicstar  theme:sports  things:dreams  things:memories  things:short.shorts  things:snow  threesome  time:post-band  tour  universe:ghost.frank.verse  universe:midnighter.verse  universe:world.war.i.verse  video::vma  ★★★★★ 

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