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TAI TV and other fictions by knight_tracer, written by airgiodslv
Gabe is napping in the Academy’s lounge when they come back from their mysterious midday expedition, because as much as he loves Pete’s bus, these are his boys. Thus he’s the first – and possibly only – person to witness when William tromps up the stairs at the head of the pack wearing an actual, honest-to-god, frilly pink dress.

Length: 00:10:07
Band:CobraStarship  Band:TheAcademyIs...  Pairing:William/Gabe  Podficcer:knight_tracer  Author:airgiodslv  Length:0:10-0:20 
june 2013 by bandompodfic
Plating a Quiet Dish by sansets, written by sa
The Really Really Really Ridiculously Good-Looking Tour ends on a high note, everyone piling offstage and into a big, raucous group hug. After two and a half months on the road with these guys, it doesn’t matter that everyone is sweaty and kind of gross; that much time together means bonding on levels previously unthought of, anyway. Besides which, Gabe takes personal offense to non-participants in the group hug, so even the techs and the security guys get in on it.

Length: 00:23:51
Band:CobraStarship  Pairing:Alex/Ryland  Podficcer:sansets  Author:sa  Length:0:20-0:30 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Finally Hit the Spot by desert_neon, written by verbyna
It's not Gabe's fault that William's not a girl. It's not William's fault that Gabe is straight.

Length: 00:05:58
Band:CobraStarship  Band:TheAcademyIs...  Pairing:William/Gabe  Podficcer:desert_neon  Author:verbyna  Length:<0:10 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Fangs Up by reena_jenkins, written by gala_apples
Someone finally takes notice of the fact that Gabe Saporta says he spoke to a snake.

Length: 00:13:26
Band:CobraStarship  Pairing:Gen  Podficcer:reena_jenkins  Author:gala_apples  Length:0:10-0:20 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Table Stakes by pennyplainknits, written by airgiodslv
“Tell me honestly,” Gabe says, because at this point, in for a penny, in for a pound. “Am I going to end up in jail in the morning?”

Length: 00:11:48
Band:CobraStarship  Band:TheAcademyIs...  Pairing:William/Gabe  Podficcer:pennyplainknits  Author:airgiodslv  Length:0:10-0:20 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Fangs Up by envyxmalice, written by ipanicdaily
Summer was William's favorite time of the year. He liked school just fine, but during the summer, he got to spend every day with his best friend, Gabe, at the daycare. Granted, they went to the same school, but Gabe was a grade ahead of Will so he couldn't hang out with him as much. But summertime, from six-thirty am to four pm, William could play with Gabe as much as he wanted without distraction.

Length: 00:28:06
Band:CobraStarship  Band:TheAcademyIs...  Pairing:Gen  Podficcer:envyxmalice  Author:ipanicdaily  Length:0:20-0:30 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Bury This Town by dapatty, written by croissantkatie
She's falling and falling and she's completely lost but she doesn't care. It's wonderful.

Length: 00:08:00
Band:CobraStarship  Pairing:Greta/Victoria  Podficcer:dapatty  Author:croissantkatie  Length:<0:10 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
left me a love worth keeping by reena_jenkins, written by quintenttsy
Kevin is a lot of things: a college dropout, the guitarist for a semi-popular band, semi-estranged from his parents. But one thing he is not is dating Mike Carden. [fake bands AU]

Length: 00:33:38
Band:CobraStarship  Band:Empires  Band:FallOutBoy  Band:HushSound  Band:JonasBrothers  Band:MindlessSelfIndulgence  Band:MyChemicalRomance  Band:PanicAtTheDisco  Band:TheAcademyIs...  Band:TheLike  Pairing:MikeC/Kevin  Podficcer:reena_jenkins  Author:quintenttsy  Length:0:30-0:45 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
A fish hook, an open eye by takola, written by inlovewithnight
The first time was a mess, and Pete doesn't know if people like them get second chances.

Length: 00:39:23
Band:FallOutBoy  Band:CobraStarship  Pairing:Pete/Gabe  Podficcer:takola  Author:inlovewithnight  Length:0:30-0:45 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Everything's Better with Vodka and Cogs by dapatty, written by ermengarde
Gabe doesn't get the Way brothers at all, nor why Gerard's suddenly on his radar, but he's going to figure it out.

Length: 00:19:44
Band:MyChemicalRomance  Band:CobraStarship  Pairing:Gabe/Gerard  Podficcer:dapatty  Author:ermengarde  Length:0:10-0:20 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Fool Me Twice by dapatty, written by dear_monday
Gabe reads people like cheaply-printed magazines; it's what he does best. But for all he's been able to learn about Bill, the boy might as well be completely blank. Gabe doesn't know him from anywhere except the last time they saw each other, although that doesn't mean shit these days. Gods are rootless like they've never been before, buying plane tickets and crappy airport novels and following the people who believe in them. Bill could be anyone. Anything.

Length: 00:12:33
Band:CobraStarship  Band:TheAcademyIs...  Pairing:William/Gabe  Podficcer:dapatty  Author:dear_monday  Length:0:10-0:20 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
A Trick Worth Two of That by dapatty, written by dear_monday
Gabe quickly rearranges his expression into his most winning smile, but the mortal must have seen the surprise flicker across his face. He takes a long look at her, searching for some tell-tale scrap of Otherness draped around her shoulders, woven through her hair, glinting in her eyes or shining out of her smile. He doesn't find anything, but he's been wrong before.

Length: 00:04:24
Band:CobraStarship  Band:AmandaPalmer  Pairing:William/Gabe  Pairing:Amanda/Other  Podficcer:dapatty  Author:dear_monday  Length:<0:10 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Two Industrial Loads on Hot by xojemmaxo, written by jedusaur
Frank works the overnight shift at the laundromat, partially because it's easier to push prescription painkillers on the side in the middle of the night, but mostly because there are fewer disapproving old people around to tattle on him for playing The Floor Is Lava on the washing machines.

Length: 00:19:22
Band:MyChemicalRomance  Band:FallOutBoy  Band:TheAcademyIs...  Band:CobraStarship  Pairing:Frank/Gerard  Pairing:Frank/Pete  Podficcer:xojemmaxo  Author:jedusaur  Length:0:10-0:20 
may 2013 by bandompodfic

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