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Sleep When We're Dead
"Bond has been kidnapped and tortured before, but this is the first time he's been with Q, and they've both taken the fall when a mission went wrong. Caught with no hope of rescue in sight, Bond realizes how terrifying it can be when villains go for the weakest link... and that weakest link isn't you." (9969 words) I've tagged this with "torture," because it is, but it's neither gory nor bloody, just fyi. Also, the author marked this as Bond/Q, but in my opinion it's preslash at the very most.
q(bond)  james_bond  mycroft_holmes  gen  bamf!q  holmes!q  kidnapped!q  hurt!q  tortured!q  hypothermic!q  kidnapped!bond  protective!bond  pov:bond  hurt/comfort  kidnapping  torture  hypothermia  escape/rescue  crossover  fandom:bond  fandom:sherlock  author:only_1_truth 
january 2017 by elwarre
✢ A Programmer in Q-Branch
"His name was Oliver, he was a programmer in Q branch, he had no access to classified files. Sherlock Holmes is contacted by his elder brother. The Quartermaster of MI6 has been abducted, and Mycroft is insistent that Sherlock finds him. Sherlock, John, and a rather overzealous 00 agent, attempt to find him before Q shatters." (32,108 words) John/Sherlock established, Q/Bond preslash
  q(bond)  james_bond  sherlock_holmes  john_watson  mycroft_holmes  jim_moriarty  q/bond  john/sherlock  smart!q  bamf!q  hacker!q  holmes!q  hurt!q  kidnapped!q  tortured!q  raped!q  ptsd!q  protective!bond  smart!sherlock  protective!johnwatson  protective!mycroft  action  hurt/comfort  spies/assassins  kidnapping  torture  noncon/dubcon  ptsd  escape/rescue  clinic/hospital  recovery  permanent!injury  preslash  crossover  fandom:bond  fandom:sherlock  author:jen  have:pdf 
january 2017 by elwarre
✢ Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
"What followed was the most bizarre courtship Q had ever—well, heard of, certainly. He didn’t have much to compare it to, but Moneypenny confirmed that normal people didn’t flirt like this. Not that he was normal. Not that any of them were. Or: Q has a past, a cat, and a dangerous new boyfriend. Two of these things keep him up nights, the other pees in a box." (66,236 words) Part 1 of No Sweeter Death
  q(bond)  james_bond  eve_moneypenny  gareth_mallory  m(bond)  q/bond  smart!q  hacker!q  bamf!q  kidnapped!q  hurt!q  poisoned!q  drugged!q  bottom!q  protective!bond  top!bond  action  spies/assassins  criminals/mafia  revenge  kidnapping  drugs:nonconsensual  poison  escape/rescue  confession/secrets  hothothot  kink:rimming  kink:dirtytalk  kink:tattoos  first_time  series/verse  fandom:bond  author:feelslikefire  have:pdf 
january 2017 by elwarre
More Than Human - Chapter 1 - Kryptaria, stephrc79 - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
At the beginning of the twentieth century, the world shuddered on the brink of armageddon. As nation after nation fell into war, supernaturals came out of hiding, risking their immortal lives to fight beside the humans and win acceptance in the world.

Now, a hundred years later, vampires are at the cutting edge of technology. Werewolves are prized as soldiers, police, and security. And humans have slowly grown accustomed to working beside both.

At MI6, all three species work together under an uneasy truce, fighting for Queen and country. But after Silva attacks MI6, a vampire unlike any of his kind takes over Q Branch and proves to be an irresistible mystery to two of the deadliest werewolves the world has ever seen.
A03  chaptered15+  70000Words+  00Q(CraigVerse)  JamesBond(CraigVese)  JAQ(CraigVerse)  AlecTrevelyan  Q(JamesBondCraigVerse)  AlecDidntDieorGoEvil  007/006  Bonded  Wolf!006  Wolf!007  Vampire  Vampire!Q(JamesBondCraigVerse)  AlecisSensative/Emotional  AlecisProtectiveofJamesand/orQ  JamesisProtectiveofQ  BAMF!Q  Author:Kryptaria  Author:Stephrc79 
august 2016 by kliqzangel
Denominations - WriteThroughTheNight - James Bond (Craig movies), Skyfall (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
"Q confirms that he's an Empath three months before his first day of primary school, and the deciding of Denominations that comes with it."


Q is smarter than anyone gives him credit for, and an Empath to boot.
bond/q  au  bamf!Q 
june 2015 by gallicka
The Danger Of My Life - Fightyourdragon - Skyfall (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Renfrew Holmes is new to MI6 but determined to rise to the position of Quartermaster.

"Ren concluded that if he could figure out a way to control Bond he could ask for anything and M would give it to him on a silver platter. So with that, he started considering strategy. Finally, he found the missing piece in one helpful comment. “Fucks anything that moves.” Well, that he could work with."

A03 auction fic won by Therinde. The prompt: First time. Geneva, Switzerland. Summer. Orgasm delay/denial, prostate milking, bondage/restraint, explicit negotiation/consent. To echo the future 'Q,' I can definitely work with that!
00Q  skyfall  bond/q  r:explicit  l:short  bamf!Q  first.meetings  D/s  rimming  prostate.massage  bondage  au  canon.divergence 
may 2013 by gallicka
The Suit Shaped Hole - Scrabble - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
There is a theory called 'The Sock Shaped Hole' which describes how, despite being highly improbable, socks just…VANISH in washing machines. This is the tale of 'The Suit Shaped Hole' in which Q assumes the washing machine of life will eat his chances of happiness when the most improbable circumstances appear, but in actual fact, gets a pleasant surprise after all when he takes the white wash out.
00Q  bond/q  humor  fluff  fingerfucking  bamf!Q  l:long  r:explicit 
may 2013 by gallicka
Ordinary Numbers - Chapter 1 - BootsnBlossoms, Kryptaria - James Bond (Movies), James Bond (Craig movies), James Bond - All Media Types, Skyfall (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
More than anything, Mike Taylor wanted to be ordinary. Being a genius, he learned early in life, meant people expected too much. A career at the MI6 Help Desk seemed the perfect way to guarantee a lifetime of obscurity, until he got a very unusual tech support call.
au  canon.divergence  00Q  bond/q  romance  fluff  bamf!Q  l:long  r:teens+  skyfall 
may 2013 by gallicka

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!_good  007/006  00q(craigverse)  00q  60000words+  70000words+  a03  action  alec/q  alecdidntdieorgoevil  alecisprotectiveofjamesand/orq  alecissensative/emotional  alectrevelyan  anthea(sherlockcumberlandverse)  ao3  au  author:epistolic  author:feelslikefire  author:jen  author:kryptaria  author:nagapdragon  author:only_1_truth  author:raven_aorla  author:stephrc79  bomb  bond/q  bondage  bonded  bottom!q  canon.divergence  chaptered15+  chaptered40+  classic!jaq  clinic/hospital  confession/secrets  criminals/mafia  crossover  d/s  dark  deadbutnotdead  drugaddiction  drugged!q  drugs:nonconsensual  druguse  escape/rescue  eve_moneypenny  fandom:bond  fandom:sherlock  fandom:skyfall  fingerfucking  first.meetings  first_time  fluff  gareth_mallory  gen  hacker!q  have:pdf  holmes!q  hothothot  humor  hurt!q  hurt/comfort  hypothermia  hypothermic!q  james_bond  jamesbond(craigvese)  jamesisprotectiveofq  jamesmoriarty  jaq(craigverse)  jim_moriarty  john/sherlock  john_watson  johnlock  johnwatson  kidnapped!bond  kidnapped!q  kidnapped  kidnapping  kink:dirtytalk  kink:rimming  kink:tattoos  l:long  l:short  length:<002000  m(bond)  m(jamesbondcraigverse)  majorboothroyd  mycroft_holmes  mycroftholmes  noncon/dubcon  pairing:bond/q  permanent!injury  poison  poisoned!q  pov:bond  preslash  prostate.massage  protective!bond  protective!johnwatson  protective!mycroft  ptsd!q  ptsd  q/bond  q(bond)  q(jamesbondcraigverse)  qisaholmes!!  r:explicit  r:teens+  raped!q  recovery  revenge  rimming  romance  series/verse  sherlock_holmes  sherlockholmes  skyfall  smart!q  smart!sherlock  spies/assassins  top!bond  torture  tortured!q  tortured  traitor  understanding!bond  vampire!q(jamesbondcraigverse)  vampire  wolf!006  wolf!007  zeesfavs!!   

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