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Voting machines I recommend
I’ve written several articles critical of specific voting machines, and you might wonder, are there any voting machines I like?

For in-person voting (whether on election day or in early vote centers), I recommend Precinct-Count Optical Scan (PCOS) voting machines, with a ballot-marking device (BMD) available for those voters unable to mark a ballot by hand2. For vote centers that must handle a wide variety of ballot styles (covering many different election districts), it may be appropriate to use ballot-on-demand printers to produce ballots for voters to fill in with a pen.

Five different U.S. companies make acceptable PCOS and BMD equipment:
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With Control of the Senate at Stake, Native Voters Travel a Bumpy Road to the Polling Place
With Control of the Senate at Stake, Native Voters Travel a Bumpy Road to the Polling Place
November 4, 2014, Updated November 5, 2014
by Stephanie Woodard
Turning out for an election is not a simple matter on a reservation. Vehicles are often shared by several impoverished families, and gas money is hard to come by.
Donna Semans runs Four Directions’ get-out-the-vote, or GOTV, operation on the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, in South Dakota. Since mid-October, her team has transported voters from around the 2.1-million acre reservation to a polling place in Pine Ridge Village. There they can register and cast a no-excuse absentee ballot ahead of Election Day.

To obtain early voting on their reservations, tribal members on Pine Ridge brought two federal lawsuits, against Fall River County in 2012 and in 2014 against Jackson County, which overlaps the reservation’s northwestern corner and administers elections there. Both suits were organized by Four Directions, which works to create structural improvements in Indian vote access — such as establishment of early voting offices on reservations — in addition to doing GOTV.
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Broward County undervote
Details of the controversy of the Florida senate vote
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