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Helping Our Students Find Their Voice | Classical Ballet and All That Jazz
When I was about 45 years old I found a way to pull up just a bit more in my standing hip that gave a unique look to my retire. When I was about 55 I discovered a little nuance in the epaulment when executing tendu croise derrière that added an extra richness to the position. And now my retire and my tendu croise derrière don’t look like quite any one else’s. Using the music as a guide, I recently discovered a way to phrase a mazurka that gives it a little “something extra”
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How to Practice Doubles Without getting Bad Habits - Adult Ballet Students - Ballet Talk for Dancers
Once you have a solid, centered relevé and a solid single pirouette, perhaps the missing elements are the use of the head and back muscles. Understanding the motivating movements are important. The rotation of a turn is created by the upper torso, not the arms. If you start with the back muscles, the arms will come. Try standing still, arms in second, and turn around the corner (walking). If you are turning en dehor to the right the left arm should come around to meet the right arm without any force from the arm. Just the use of the left side of the back muscles moving to the right should bring the left arm to meet the right one. Then try a quarter or half turn, initiating the movement from the back muscles.
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London Children's Ballet
London Children's Ballet is a performance company and registered charity that inspires the pursuit of excellence and changes lives through dance.
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RT : A very special and memorable flight on today from Shanghai to Paris! For the first time pe…
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'Mmmm, it was electrifying!’ Natalia Osipova on finding her perfect partner | Stage | The Guardian
She’s content now at the Royal Ballet, a company with a healthier culture than most she has experienced. “The first time I came I was surprised there was no intrigue or conflict, and people were nice to each other,
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