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EZDL Custom Machine Learning Model
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6 weeks ago by fareed
The rise of Chinese voice assistants and the race to commoditize smart speakers • CB Insights
<p>Neither Amazon Echo nor Google Home have penetrated China.

Apart from the tight regulations US tech companies face there, Chinese natural language processing is complex (with 130 spoken dialects and 30 written languages), making speech recognition a huge challenge.

Among US big tech, only Apple’s Siri supports Mandarin on the iPhone. The company’s Homepod smart speaker only supports English, and is not available in China.

This leaves a huge market underserved by US companies, and local players are capitalizing on it.

<img src="" width="100%" />

Smart voice is one of the Chinese government’s four main focus areas in its first wave of AI applications throughout the country. (Read about its focus on healthcare, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles here.)

China’s big tech has stepped up here in a big way. Alibaba sold its Tmall Genie smart speakers for $15 in China on Single’s Day, the country’s annual shopping extravaganza on November 11. Baidu recently slashed the price of one its smart speakers in China from $39 to $14.

These low prices are making it nearly impossible for smaller companies to compete.</p>

Apple might have a chance there: open market. At the top end, at least.
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8 weeks ago by charlesarthur
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8 weeks ago by zchi
Baidu ready to beat Google if U.S. firm returns to China: CEO
Amid the outcry over leaked reports of Google's plans to re-enter China with a censor-approved search engine, the CEO of Baidu - China's most popular search engine - does not appear phased by the potential new competition. In a WeChat post, CEO Robin Li said in part (translated from Chinese): "If Google decides to return to China, we have enough confidence to take them on once more, and win once more."

Reuters: "Li was reacting to an article posted by state media outlet People’s Daily which said Google was welcome in China but must abide by local laws. The report has since been removed from People Daily’s Twitter and Facebook accounts...Google declined to comment on the report and Li’s comments. News of Google’s plan to return with a censored search app, criticized by human rights advocates as a blow to global free speech, comes at a time when China has stepped up scrutiny of business dealings involving U.S. tech firms[.]"

- In a related update, The Intercept reports today how exactly Google is developing its China-proof search engine, detailing how the company is using "a de facto honeypot" to build its knowledge of what is allowed on the Chinese internet: "Google analyzed search terms entered into a Beijing-based website to help develop blacklists for a censored search engine it has been planning to launch in China, according to confidential documents seen by The Intercept. Engineers working on the censorship sampled search queries from, a Chinese-language web directory service owned by Google...It appears that Google has used as a de facto honeypot for market research, storing information about Chinese users’ searches before sending them along to Baidu. Google’s use of offers an insight into the mechanics behind its planned Chinese censored search platform, code-named Dragonfly, which the company has been preparing since spring 2017."
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10 weeks ago by dmcdev

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