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baidu-research/DeepBench: Benchmarking Deep Learning operations on different hardware
Benchmarking Deep Learning operations on different hardware - baidu-research/DeepBench
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4 days ago by severin.smith
deep learning data scientist Jobs | LinkedIn
PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, EE, Applied Mathematics, or related fields.
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20 days ago by quesada
Volvo Partners With Baidu On Self-Driving Cars |
In a press release, Volvo said the aim is to mass-produce the vehicles in China, which it said is the largest car market in the world. “With Baidu we take a big step forward in commercialising our autonomous compatible cars, built on Volvo’s industry-leading safety technology,” said Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo Cars in the press release. “There is a strong development in autonomous drive in China, where Baidu is a leading player, and the market there offers huge opportunities for us as the supplier of choice for autonomous fleets.” Volvo said the partnership will allow both companies to develop and sell the vehicles, underscoring Volvo’s aspirations to be the supplier of choice for mobility companies around the globe. Volvo and Baidu plan on pooling resources to prepare for mass manufacturing of fully electric and autonomous cars. Volvo said it chose Baidu as a partner because of its safety credentials, according to the press release.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
速盘SpeedPan - 不一样的度盘神器,网盘资源搜索下载不限速工具
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6 weeks ago by oumu

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