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Ubiquiti acts shitty
Excellent networking hardware starts sending surveillance data from your network without your permission or any way to turn it off
ubiquiti  network  privacy  badtech  tootme 
8 days ago by nelson
Facebook camera spying
Evidence the iOS app turns the camera on while you're reading your feed
camera  facebook  tirefire  privacy  scandal  badtech 
10 days ago by nelson
Phantom text messages
Serious system glitch betrays that carriers are storing your SMS messages for _months_, then resending them spuriously
text  message  privacy  sms  cellphone  badtech  tootme 
15 days ago by nelson
Light Commands
Command someone's Alexa with a laser from hundreds of feet away
laser  voice  alexa  siri  privacy  badtech  tootme 
17 days ago by nelson
Not a joke: software to work around Apple's shitty keyboards
apple  badtech  keyboard  tootme 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Apple + Tencent
iOS sends info on what sites you visit to the Chinese company. For security.
apple  tencent  browing  safety  google  badtech  tootme 
5 weeks ago by nelson
MacOS Catalina
A large litany of broken things
macos  software  badtech  apple  tootme 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Keybase and shitcoins
Security / identity system has compromised itself in a marketing deal with Stellar
keybase  stellar  identity  malware  badtech  via:hackernews 
7 weeks ago by nelson
Agent Smith Android malware
Collection of exploits used to hijack ads in legitimate apps
android  malware  badtech  ads  tootme 
july 2019 by nelson
USB-C cable types
There's 6 types of USB-C cable. AT least the best kind of cable can do everything.
cable  usbc  badtech  computers  tootme  usb 
july 2019 by nelson
US cyberattack vs Iran
Report that the US took out Iran's missile launch capability, at least temporarily
cyberwar  badtech  war  iran  america  politics 
june 2019 by nelson
US escalating cyberwar
American retaliation for Russian actions online
russia  america  politics  war  cyberwar  hacking  badtech 
june 2019 by nelson
ICE and license plate scans
Private databases of where cars go in the US are completely open to ICE, they've been using it to reconstruct people's travels and lives.
privacy  ice  licenseplate  vigilant  badtech  politics 
june 2019 by nelson
Securing congressional campaigns
The reality of security deployment in politics
politics  security  tech  badtech  tootme 
may 2019 by nelson
Google account protection
Google shares statistics on what works to keep out phishers and targeted attacks
google  security  badtech  passwords  2fa  tootme 
may 2019 by nelson
Chinese hackers using NSA tools
Chinese government agents have been using US cyberwar tools; predates the Shadow Brokers leak
china  us  politics  badtech  malware  nsa 
may 2019 by nelson
Kodi malware
Popular "free TV for $100" hacker box comes loaded with crap
malware  badtech  piracy  tv  streaming  tootme 
april 2019 by nelson
Twitch hacked
Unintended consequences; Path of Exile ran a promotion encouraging people to link their Twitch accounts, now their PoE accounts are compromised
twitch  poe  pathofexile  games  hack  badtech  tootme 
april 2019 by nelson
$850M Bitfinex fraud
Company behind Tether lost $850M, tried to hide out.
tether  bitfinex  bitcoin  fraud  badtech  tootme 
april 2019 by nelson

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