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Online ad fraud
Large network producing fake ad video views
advertising  ads  badtech  fraud  brands 
yesterday by nelson
Equifax hacked. Again.
Consumer site serving malware.
equifax  hack  badtech  liability 
6 days ago by nelson
Kaspersky security concerns
Intelligence agencies fighting the battleground of private company security software
kapsersky  badtech  antivirus  russia  israel  nsa 
7 days ago by nelson
Kaspersky NSA hack
Popular anti-virus was used to exfiltrate secrets from an NSA employee
kaspersky  kremlin  badtech  russia  nsa  spies 
12 days ago by nelson
Voting security
2016 squabbling led to non-secure voting systems
voting  security  badtech  voters  elections  politics 
6 weeks ago by nelson
FCC malware hosting
Naive feature lets anyone upload files for the FCC to serve, creating all sorts of security problems
fcc  internet  web  badtech  security  via:hackernews 
6 weeks ago by nelson
Password guessing password agents
Tool for breaking into password vaults. They can test about 100,000 passwords a second on a single GPU
passwords  badtech  security 
9 weeks ago by nelson
A bad crypto messaging app was involved in the coup in Turkey last year
turkey  encryption  privacy  whatsapp  signal  security  badtech 
10 weeks ago by nelson
California vote hacked
Riverside County, but little investigation
elections  security  votingrights  politics  badtech 
11 weeks ago by nelson
Securing the Vote 2016
Detailed account of various Russian hacking efforts and the US response
politics  trump  obama  badtech  voting  russia 
12 weeks ago by nelson
Atom editor malware
Startup called Kite is taking over popular plugins and adding dangerous code to them
kite  editors  atom  ads  badtech 
12 weeks ago by nelson
Ethereum hack details
Decent breakdown of why code alone should not control property
ethereum  badtech  theft  bitcoin 
12 weeks ago by nelson
KQED ransomware victim
Local PBS station's computers have been compromised for a month
kqed  journalism  ransomware  badtech  malware 
12 weeks ago by nelson
Bitcoin threat explainer
Accessible explanation of what's going on in the community
bitcoin  badtech  network  scaling 
july 2017 by nelson
Countdown to SegWit (Bitcoin)
Details on the possible changes to allow more scaling; still no consensus?
bitcoin  badtech  network  scaling 
july 2017 by nelson
Bitcoin disruption July 31
Major changes may make payments unreliable
bitcoin  badtech  network  scaling 
july 2017 by nelson
Verizon S3 breach
Customer database left online for anyone to download
aws  s3  verizon  badtech  security 
july 2017 by nelson
.io TLD hijacked
Someone poking around accidentally siezes control over an entire TLD's nameserving
dns  badtech  io  tld  nic 
july 2017 by nelson
systemd "0day"
Invalid username results in root escalation; author doesn't see the problem
systemd  badtech  security  linux 
july 2017 by nelson

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