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History of Google safe browsing
A useful, quiet behind the scenes Google security effort
google  security  badtech  niels  nielsprovos  fritzschneider  fritz 
yesterday by nelson
Trump, Treasonous Traitor
Occasionally it's nice to read something written clearly
trump  politics  treason  russia  badtech  electionsecurity  elections 
3 days ago by nelson
Russia Indictment 2.0
Detailed analysis of Mueller's indictment of 12 Russian intelligence agents
russia  politics  trump  election  fraud  crime  badtech 
4 days ago by nelson
Russian hack details
Specifics on the indictment of 12 GRU hackers who aided the Trump campaign
clinton  trump  politics  russia  badtech 
5 days ago by nelson
LoL client hacked
Garena claims the Bitcoin mining script was placed by a hacker. That's worse, guys.
riotgames  lol  garena  security  badtech  games 
8 days ago by nelson
Shutting down Bitcanal
ISP accused of being a source of BGP attacks, kicked off the internet
badtech  via:hackernews  bgp  internet  portugal  bitcanal 
9 days ago by nelson
LoL client mines bitcoin
League of Legends in SE Asia is surreptitiously mining bitcoin
badtech  malware  lol  leagueoflegends  riotgames  garena 
9 days ago by nelson
Shodan for S3 buckets
Tool for searching unsecured Amazon cloud storage
amazon  aws  s3  greyhat  badtech  via:metafilter  shodan 
11 days ago by nelson
Comcast throttling mobile
Comcast reducing bandwidth and video resolution for all mobile customers
comcast  netneutrality  scam  badtech  mobile 
17 days ago by nelson
Blockchain artist
System for verifying art ownership verifies a random guy as the artist of the Mona Lisa
funny  prank  blockchain  art  authentication  badtech 
20 days ago by nelson
$1.2B stolen from banks with hacking, malware
hacking  badtech  banks  theft  fraud  via:hackernews 
23 days ago by nelson
Uber safety driver watching TV
Car that killed someone in Arizona had no driver at all, really
uber  badtech  cars  manslaughter  selfdrivingcars  ai 
27 days ago by nelson
Twitter screws Smyte customers
Buys company, immediately shuts off service
smyte  twitter  company  badtech 
27 days ago by nelson
Problems with package signing
Well written essay on why package signing doesn't solve all software security problems. (I still think it's a good idea though.)
security  python  badtech  pypi  pgp  gpg  signatures  weboftrust 
4 weeks ago by nelson
Bitcoin / Tether fraud
Detailed academic paper finds evidence of manipulation
tether  bitcoin  markets  badtech  bitfinex  fraud 
5 weeks ago by nelson
John Kelly was hacked
Trump's chief of staff had his phone and email breached while he was head of Homeland Security
homelandsecurity  dhs  trump  security  politics  badtech  butheremails 
5 weeks ago by nelson
FBI siezes Russian botnet
Report that Fancy Bear's botnet of compromised consumer routers has been taken over by the US
cyberwarfare  cyberwar  badtech  russia  politics  fbi  botnet 
8 weeks ago by nelson
Uber fatality report
Details from NTSB about systems failure in the self driving car
ntsb  uber  selfdrivingcars  ai  safety  badtech 
8 weeks ago by nelson
DNC security efforts
How do you harden against foreign attackers colluding with the party in power?
politics  dnc  security  badtech 
9 weeks ago by nelson

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