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Telugu crash
Technical analysis of an Apple text rendering bug
unicode  bug  apple  ios  macos  badtech 
2 days ago by nelson
Russia vs US power plants
Cyberattacks already carried out, ready to sabotage
russia  cyberwar  trump  politics  power  infrastructure  badtech 
2 days ago by nelson
Cyberattacks vs petro plant
Saudi Arabian business destroyed by what looks like a government cyberattack
warfare  petro  saudi  saudiarabia  iran  badtech 
4 days ago by nelson
Slingshot APT
Sophisticated malware found hidden for six years
malware  badtech  via:hackernews  nsa  government  mikrotik 
6 days ago by nelson
NSA APT detection
How NSA identifies cyberattack enemies in real time
nsa  security  badtech  via:hackernews  apt 
11 days ago by nelson
Fox news authorized keys
Bad security practice at a news website
fox  news  politics  funny  ssh  badtech 
12 days ago by nelson
The best way to "fix" Twitter might be to burn it down. #BadTech
I just use it for a news feed and to get sports news now.
16 days ago by NoUpgrades
Russian probing voter lists
This story continues to be muddled; how much did Russian espionage target US election systems?
elections  votingrights  russia  trump  politics  badtech 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Google malware ads
YouTube showing ads that contain cryptomining malware
malware  badtech  google  youtube  ads 
7 weeks ago by nelson
DNC security
Bob Lord hired to be chief security officer for the Democrats
dnc  politics  security  badtech  boblord  democrats 
7 weeks ago by nelson
Russian cyberwar
NotPetya attack against Ukraine attributed to Russia
russia  ukraine  cyberwar  notpetya  badtech 
9 weeks ago by nelson
Meltdown patch impact
System monitoring graphs from a large AWS deployment
aws  amazon  meltdown  performance  badtech 
9 weeks ago by nelson
mydlinkBRionyg / abc12345cba
Idiots at Western Digital shipped a hardcoded login
westerndigital  security  badtech  password  login 
9 weeks ago by nelson
Meltdown and Spectre
Details on the Intel CPU security problem. Really it's a generic problem in almost all computers
security  badtech  intel  x86  kaiser  linux 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Intel flaw speculation
More details on what looks to be a serious CPU security bug
cpu  security  intel  badtech  x86 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Flip Feng Shui
Hostile programs can force bits to flip in the memory of other programs running in a different virtual machine on the same hardware
hacking  badtech  rowhammer  memory  dram  parity 
10 weeks ago by nelson
Mystery security bug
Evidence there's a serious bug in virtual memory management in CPUs that software can only fix with expensive workarounds
security  vm  linux  nt  badtech 
10 weeks ago by nelson

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