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NC-17 Pairing: S/X Summary/warning: Major smut ahoy. We're talking daddy-kink, some extreme dirty talk, and some not-nice situations. Not for the faint of heart. Set sometime in season four, you pick whenever you like. AU or something. There be no plot
BuffyVerse  LadyCat  Spike/Xander  dirtytalk  Daddy!Kink  baddirtywrong 
december 2006 by turnonmyheels
The summary: An RPG written with ladycat777 as Xander and othercat as Spike. Instead of escaping the Initiative back in early season four, Spike remains captured and experimented on until Adam's destruction. Spike then escapes, mentally damaged, chipped,
BuffyVerse  LadyCat  Spike/Xander  baddirtywrong 
december 2006 by turnonmyheels
Lattice and Pearls
Dark. Daaark and so very, very, good. S/X Possessiveness can turn to obsession so easily
Spike/Xander  BuffyVerse  LadyCat  dark!fic  baddirtywrong 
december 2006 by turnonmyheels
Sunday Girl
She took a character who was only on one episode and created a backstory that swept me away Spike/Sunday
BuffyVerse  Het  hot  Spike  DeadSoul  baddirtywrong  Femslash 
december 2006 by turnonmyheels
Travelling Blind
James Marsters/Adam Baldwin fic called Travelling Blind which is a MUST read.
RPS(F)  Slash  baddirtywrong  SangPassionne 
december 2006 by turnonmyheels
"the wave of envy and adoration rolled through her, through the room, in shiftings and quiet sighs" AU, chan, voyeurism, frottage, (and sex near a dead body? -- sort of…) I could go on for hours about this fic, how it moved me, made the hair on my arm
baddirtywrong  chan  voyeurism  Snape/Harry  HarryPotter  Rantipole_ 
december 2006 by turnonmyheels
Angels & Insects
Spike/Angel; eventually Spike/Angel/Connor Summary: Angel would do anything to protect his son, but his efforts have some unintended consquences, for both Connor and Spike. Warnings: adult incest, m/m sex, violence, swearing, daddy!kink, general dirtyba
BuffyVerse  Spike/Angel  Spike/Connor  Spike/Angel/Connor  Threesome  baddirtywrong  Daddy!Kink  Germaine_Pet 
december 2006 by turnonmyheels
Wicked Games
Blaise isn't nice at all. He collects things. Mainly his classmtes and then he uses them how he sees fit before discarding them. He spews some of the nastiest dirty talk I've ever read
Blaise/Harry  coercion!kink  dirtytalk  baddirtywrong  HarryPotter 
november 2006 by turnonmyheels

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