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Was just told I look like a young . I could not be more thrilled right now!! 🤓
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5 weeks ago by smr1973
HappyGiraffe comments on Survivors of abuse used #WhyIDidntReport to highlight the difficulties, fear, anger and shame that so often surround sexual harassment and assault
Since posting, I am up to 4 (Edit: 7) private messages from men (judging by post history) telling me that I am an embarassment, to kill myself, etc.

In response, I feel nothing. Not even a stir. There's something that happens sometimes after you've been dragged across a floor and left with floor splinters in your knees, and then you survive it. Internet harassment (paired with your long and searchable histories of your location, place of employment, casual drug use, ongoing hatred of women and minorities, peppered with the occasional self-pitying post looking for friendship or empathy) kind of... pales in comparison. I deal with the fallout of my decisions every day, and I am still here. Hopefully you will be able to say the same.
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7 weeks ago by cmananian
Rukaiyah Adams Traveled From Northeast Portland to Wall Street. Now She's Come Home to Fix Her City. - Willamette Week
And her ideas include using investments to create social justice and rectify racial inequities even while seeking top-tier returns.

"A lot people who want to make social change get involved in politics," says Portland venture capitalist Nitin Rai. "She wants to do it with money."
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10 weeks ago by emily
Untitled (
recon swimmers: The Naval Gun at Iwo Jima 1945 US Navy Tactical Report; Battleship Gun P... via
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august 2018 by kexrex
golddigger: moschus - Page 3
Ah, I see. Because women are worthless disposable commodities. Because it's totally acceptable for a man to use a woman for her youth and beauty and the status that brings him, and then, when he's drained her of it, dispose of her and walk away (after all, it's the law of supply and demand, right?). Because marriage is nothing more than a simplistic trade, an exchange of services. Because any woman who dares to express a point of view is, god forbid, a feminist (and thus shrill and crazy and ugly and totally without humor). Because women are evil and exploitative by nature. Because men, especially rich men, are innocent helpless victims who are just looking for true and lasting love. Because even though you know very little about me, or about what actually went on in my marriage, you think it's acceptable to inform me about who I am (just another high-maintenance wife) and my own situation and verbally abuse me. Because a wife is basically just a glorified prostitute. Because a woman is only worth what her ex-husband decides she's worth (which is remarkably convenient for him) and the woman should shut up, smile and be grateful. Because all a woman brings to any relationship is her ability to spread her legs, pop out babies, and be an ornament. After all -- bitches be crazy, right? My name, you asshole, is Justine.
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july 2018 by cmananian

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