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Enzymatic construction of highly strained carbocycles | Science
Bicyclobutnae is a pain and expensive to make, so hasn't been seriously researched for rocket propellant research, but using e.coli to make it via enzyme catalyst now makes it a biofuel (biorocketfuel?). 8C boiling point versus cryogenic methane makes for an interesting trade study.
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5 days ago by asteroza
Swimming bacteria work together to go with the flow
So if harnessed together, a fleet of bacteria can turn the liquid they are in into a superfluid...
bacteria  low  fluid  viscosity  superfluid  physics  biology  research  technology 
8 days ago by asteroza
The bacteria that could lead to a probiotic-based immunization for stress, anxiety and depression
Science has only just started to tease out a fascinating relationship between bacteria, inflammation and mood over the last few years. Not only are some conditions, such as depression, being hypothesized to be caused by brain inflammation, but it's possible brain inflammation could be modulated by bacteria in our microbiome.

Intriguing new research from the University of Colorado Boulder suggests that one particular bacteria could have beneficial anti-inflammatory effects on the brain. Early studies in rodent models have found that through injections of the bacteria the animals can be essentially "immunized" against displaying anxious responses to stressful situations.
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5 weeks ago by spencertree

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