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How Dirt Could Save Us From Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs | WIRED
Antibiotic drug development low while antibiotic resistance grows bc pharma wants profit. here’s a new way..
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3 days ago by csrollyson
Fiber Is Good for You. Now Scientists May Know Why. - The New York Times
When bacteria break down dietary fiber down into short-chain fatty acids, some of them pass into the bloodstream and travel to other organs, where they act as signals to quiet down the immune system.
bacteria  diet  fiber  health 
11 days ago by soobrosa
Bacteria and Cancer: Another Connection | In the Pipeline
> It’s been known for some time that stomach cancer is associated with H. pylori infection and there’s a less-well-known connection between Chlamydia infection and cervical tumors. I think that by now we can definitely add “bacterial infection” to the list of causes of cancer, just as viruses were added years ago. It’s surely not a coincidence that the known examples, when you think about it, are all associated with proximity to a large variety of different bacterial species (the digestive and reproductive tracts).
cancer  bacteria 
13 days ago by porejide
Deep beneath the Earth’s surface life is weird and wonderful | Aeon Essays
they were known to be cosmopolitan, and therefore well-suited to living in extreme environments
biology  subsurface  nematotes  bacteria 
4 weeks ago by libbymiller
The Beautiful Intelligence of Bacteria and Other Microbes | Quanta Magazine
Bacterial biofilms and slime molds are more than crude patches of goo. Detailed time-lapse microscopy reveals how they sense and explore their surroundings, communicate with their neighbors and adaptively reshape themselves.
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4 weeks ago by gmisra

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