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Challenge: Create an Iron Will with Consistent Daily Meditation : zen habits
Challenge: Create an Iron Will with Consistent Daily Meditation
zenhabits  bacon 
17 days ago by edan
A New Approach for When You Realize You’re Overcommitted & Overloaded : zen habits
A New Approach for When You Realize You’re Overcommitted & Overloaded
zenhabits  bacon 
23 days ago by edan
NotBacon | Microsoft Docs
So Microsoft/Azure felt left out after all the HotdogOrNot hype so...

But this is mostly a demo for Azure cloud hosted machine vision, not like HotdogOrNot's full offline neural net image recognition.
microsoft  azure  deep  machine  learning  computer  vision  bacon  C#  javascript  cloud  service 
26 days ago by asteroza

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