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Camping Gear Rental, Simplified. Conquer Camping & Backpacking. – Xscape Pod
From tents and sleeping bags to cooking gear and headlamps, we offer a camping gear rental solution that delivers pre-packed pods crammed with all the essentials.
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By Land
lightweight backpacking website
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Fear And Sadness: Pacific Crest Trail Thru-hikers (2017) | Halfway Anywhere
When my partner of 3.5 months decided to call it quits and go home.
Hiking for a week alone over 35 mi / 56 km a day. Cried a lot. Lots of emotions and exhaustion and loneliness all at once.
Lost my friends for five days and had no cell service to call my boyfriend.
Partner left me without saying a word, no note, she went home.
Emotionally, being alone in some long dry stretches of the desert.
Losing my trail family in Lake Isabella when my hiking buddy (who was a longtime friend from before the trail) got a foot infection.
Socially, one challenge was deciding with fellow hikers how many miles to try to cover each day. Some hikers were generally more relaxed about mileage (either because they didn't care about making it to Canada, or because their end date was very flexible), but I was close friends with them, so deciding with them whether to push more mileage together, split up, or cover fewer miles, was difficult. This involved some challenging conversations.
Realizing that after 900 miles we (boyfriend and I) still hadn't gathered the ‘promised' trail family and felt alone.
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Battle of the Enduro Bro Kit - Fanny Pack Shootout! - Bikerumor
Fanny packs. If enduro wasn’t already the lamest marketing trend since 27.5″ wheels, the ass backwards 80’s fanny pack has suddenly reared its ugly head in some misguided sort of pseudo euro fashion statement. Damn it. via Pocket
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