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YouTube -- RussiaToday: Why is Roundup still on store shelves?
'Mitchel Cohen, author of “The Fight Against Monsanto’s Roundup,” joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the more than $1 trillion that Monsanto and parent company Bayer stand to lose in the flood of litigation they face over concealing the dangers posed by widely-used weedkiller Roundup. He points out that Monsanto’s wealth and power comes from control over genetically modified seeds, often to the detriment of farmers.'
pathocracy  pollution  backlash 
5 weeks ago by adamcrowe
Twitter -- Dr Grenfell Windrush [Community leader, Socialist, black activist, deeply woke. Tottenham, London]
'To the multitude of politicians who think that we love Farage.... #1. We don't "love" him, we just can't stand you. #2. He is the only person we believe will deliver what we voted for. #3. We went to you and you not only failed but you lied to us. #4. We are lending him our vote..'
UK  europe  politics  backlash 
9 weeks ago by adamcrowe
YouTube -- The James Delingpole Channel: Delingpod 15: Brendan O'Neill
'PODCAST LIVE from London, Sunday 7 April: James interviews Brendan O'Neill, editor of Spiked, world's soundest Marxist, and one of the few good men left!' -- "They think they're good people whilst we are scum of the earth."
UK  europe  backlash  middleclass  class  snark  rkselectiontheory 
10 weeks ago by adamcrowe
Breitbart -- WATCH Delingpole: Brexiteers Much Nicer than Remainers, Experts Confirm
'....Anyone who attended yesterday’s Brexit Betrayal rally in Parliament Square, London, would have noticed this truth: that Brexiteers are, on the whole, exceptionally likeable people. They’re more interesting, more eccentric, more tolerant, funnier and with, perhaps, more hinterland. Yes, of course there are lovely people who voted Remain too. But quite a few of them were at yesterday’s demo telling me how they’d switched their allegiance since because they were disgusted by the intransigence of the EU/the unpleasantness of their fellow Remainers/the sabotage of the democratic process by Remain parliament. -- Anyway, I hope you’ll find time to watch the videos I made which I think capture quite well the flavour of the day. They include chats with the fragrant TalkRadio host Julia Hartley-Brewer, the scarily fluent Nigel Farage (speaking off the cuff moments before he was due to give his speech: “You’ve done this before,” I suggested. “Just a bit,” he replied), comedian Dominic Frisby (author/performer of the magnificent Brexit song 17 Million F*ck Offs, plus lots of other delightful people who aren’t quite so famous. -- It was a wonderful day. The sun shone. Everyone was in a good mood, despite the failure of Parliament to observe the most basic principles of democracy. -- God wants Brexit to happen, that much was clear. So one day it will.'
UK  europe  backlash 
12 weeks ago by adamcrowe
How to Know If You've Sent a Horrible Tweet
It’s called “The Ratio” and it’s relevant to the link above.
socialmedia  twitter  backlash 
march 2019 by glass
Delingpod 10 -- Tommy Robinson
'James interviews “toxic” Tommy Robinson: unpersoned for wrongthink, banned from Twitter, and deleted from Facebook for his counter-sting documentary "Panodrama."'
UK  conquest  backlash 
march 2019 by adamcrowe
Breitbart -- Delingpole: Watch - the Best Ever Song About Brexit...
'As its title – 17 Million F*ck Offs – hints, it contains a certain amount of bad language.' -- Disinclined to acquiesce
UK  europe  totalitarianism  backlash  politics  satire 
march 2019 by adamcrowe
Breitbart -- Delingpole: Has Tommy Robinson Exposed the BBC's Far Left Bias?
'...The problem is, according to Robinson in his Panodrama sting, that the BBC wasn’t interested in the truth. -- I doubt, for example, that there was ever going to be a section in the planned Panorama documentary where Sweeney set out to question the legitimacy of the extraordinarily draconian sentence passed on Robinson last year for contempt of court. -- Robinson, arguably, was a citizen journalist who had taken pains not to break the law but who was yet treated as a dangerous criminal by a vindictive State desperate to make an example of a supposed “far right” menace as a sop to the aggressive Islamist victimhood lobby. -- If this is what happened — and I suspect it was — then it is by far the most scandalous thing worth investigating about Tommy Robinson: the fact that a blameless man was imprisoned and had his life put at risk not because he had committed any genuine crime but because the State wanted to use him as a political scapegoat. -- A political prisoner in one of the world’s most respected democracies? Now that, definitely, is a subject for a Panorama investigation. -- But of course, as we know — or at least have strong grounds to suspect — this was never remotely the BBC’s plan. This was intended to be a hatchet job, pure and simple, conducted by the left-liberal Establishment in cahoots with a far-left propaganda organisation to get Tommy. -- It’s not just the BBC that wants to get Tommy. So do all the newspapers, even the supposedly conservative ones. So do the politicians, right the way to the top — Theresa May. So, it would appear, do the police. -- But what kind of message do you think it sends out to ordinary British people when the Establishment colludes so shamelessly to hide the truth? -- All those white working-class Tommy Robinson fans — the people whose communities have been most hurt by immigration, by multiculturalism, by radical Islam — who are forced by law to pay £150 for their BBC licence fee in return for a service which is supposed to be fair, balanced, authoritative, trustworthy, impartial: how do you think their faith in the system is going to be enhanced by these apparent revelations about Panorama and its star reporter John Sweeney?' -- If there is hope, it lies in the proles. ~ George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four
UK  statism  BBC  minitrue  thoughtpolice  1984  backlash 
march 2019 by adamcrowe

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