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What Exactly Is A Simple Background Check
All hiring managers and employers should strive to conduct even the most basic background checks on all of their potential employees.
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6 days ago by Adventure_Web
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7 days ago by ference
Snowden’s Box
It was a frigid winter, and the Manhattan loft was cold — very cold. Something was wrong with the gas line and there was no heat. In a corner, surrounding the bed, sheets had been hung from cords to form a de facto tent with a small electric heater running inside. But the oddities didn’t end there: when I talked to the woman who lived in the loft about her work, she made me take the battery out of my cell phone and stash the device in her refrigerator. People who have dated in New York City for any length of time believe that they’ve seen everything — this was something new.
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7 days ago by Frontrunner

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