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Scrapbooking- xenodike
Jared's the shit, he's also a shit who did not break-up with Jensen, they're re-evaluating their relationship. Jensen is a scrapbooking, Martha Stewart addicted, fifties housewife whose patience has run dry and is so broken-up with Jared. Jeff just wants a steady supply of cookies. Mark fucking Sheppard is probably the King of Hell. Chris and Chad are vagina crazy man-whores, but both of them would totally start loving dick for Jensen.
J2  adult  humor  misunderstanding  pretty!Jensen  break-up  back-together  lawyer!Jared  proposal  Chad  Chris 
july 2016 by wastetheyears
Kissing the Ex- demondetox
Jared and Jensen have a complicated relationship that is about to get more complicated when Jared has to return to the city he once lived in with his estranged husband to finalize their divorce. Forced apart by catching Jensen cheating on him but held together by a child they share, Jared is trying to move forward with his life.
Aldis  back-together  cheating-to-be-with  divorce  cheating!Jared  break-up  J2  kids  non-con  au  misunderstanding 
june 2016 by wastetheyears
With You (I Feel Again)- non_tiembo_mala
Sam gets his soul back and Dean gets back the brother he's been missing for far, far too long.
Sam/Dean  Adult  S6  6.12  back-together  Bobby  crying  resouled 
april 2016 by wastetheyears
Well and Truly- sylsdarkplace
With Castiel having taken on his nightmares, Sam has his mind back whole and clear for the first time in years. Now, he wants his brother back.
Sam/Dean  Adult  sylsdarkplace  history-between  back-together  First  Time  pre-series  pretty!Dean  bottom!Sam  bottom!Dean  hurt!Dean  wound-tending  John  abuse 
december 2015 by wastetheyears
Epilogue- whitereflection
He wasn't expecting Chuck to appear out of nowhere telling him that both he and Sam are idiots and then for Sam to suddenly be there in front of him, looking shocked and a little scared.
Sam/Dean  PG-13  back-together  Chuck  grief  hugs  back-from-dead  5.22  S5 
november 2015 by wastetheyears
Part 2- lazy_ daze
He leans his forehead against the edge of the couch and curls his hands into fists against the soft rug and cries and cries until his chest hurts.
J2  R  lazy_daze  verge-of-breakup  misunderstanding  leaving!Jared  makeupsex  back-together  fight 
november 2015 by wastetheyears
Untitled- topaz119
Thinking Dean is still with Lisa and Ben, Sam goes hunting for a shapeshifter. When he finds something that looks like Dean in the sewers, he draws the most logical conclusion.
Gen  PG-13  6.01  back-together  misunderstanding  shapeshifter  fight 
october 2015 by wastetheyears
On Loan- hardlygolden
When Ben starts middle school he can't stop talking about how awesome his new English teacher, Mr. Wesson, is. One day Dean picks him up from school and sees for himself.
Gen  PG-13  hardlygolden  back-together  6.01  Ben  Lisa 
october 2015 by wastetheyears
Innocence Betrayed- freakn-out
When Jensen makes the biggest mistake of his life, can Jared forgive him?:
J2  PG-13  cheating  cheating!Jensen  break-up  back-together  engagement  wedding  Chad  Michael  Murray  Chris  Kane  Steve  Carlson 
september 2015 by wastetheyears
Running Up That Hill- __tiana___
Rage and relief pricked at the back of Dean’s eyes, and he had to forcibly restrain himself from jumping out of the car and taking off towards Sam, guns blazing. Sons of bitches did not kidnap Sam Winchester and get away with it.
Sam/Dean  R  __tiana__  back-together  kidnapping  saving  protective!Sam  hurt!Dean  hurt!Sam  wound-tending 
september 2015 by wastetheyears
The Best Laid Plans of Jensen Ackles ... - dugindeep
They say the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray ... and it couldn't be truer of what Jensen and Danneel have planned for their life until Jared is suddenly a part of Jensen's.
J2  Adult  dugindeep  AU  Danneel  Harris  movie-based  kids  break-up  back-together  First  Time 
september 2015 by wastetheyears
Steamed Lattes and Caramel Hearts- e_rated
Jensen and Jared working in a Starbucks, Jensen is the ex boyfriend of Jared, watching him date Jen's best friend
J2  PG-13  AU  coffee-shop  First  Time  break-up  back-together  Sandy  McCoy  reluctant!Jared 
july 2015 by wastetheyears homo_pink
Jared's just a child when he first meets Jensen, and nobody actually falls in love at age 6.
J2  Adult  homo_pink  AU  history-between  back-together  First  Time  growing-up-together  deaf  mute!Jensen 
june 2015 by wastetheyears
you're the only anchor i found (pump up the volume!j2 'verse)- alasse
Final part of the Pump Up The Volume!j2 ‘verse, though reading the previous stories isn’t necessary. AU. Jared and Jensen broke up after high school, went to different colleges, and Jared’s moved on, mostly. But what happens when he hears Jensen again, four years later?
J2  PG-13  alasse  AU  back-together  Chad  Michael  Murray  history-between 
june 2015 by wastetheyears
All the Ways- twoboys2love
Sam and Dean Winchester grew up in an entirely different world. When the boys were very young their mother was killed by Creepers - or as we might know them, Zombies. Sam and Dean were raised on the road as killers and hunters. Then one day, when Sam admits he has an interest in meeting other people Dean must face the possibility of a future without his brother.
Sam/Dean  Adult  AU  BigBang-15  hurt!Sam  worried!Dean  wound-tending  zombies  John  character-death  First  Time  fight  Jo  weechesters  teenchesters  pre-series  jealousy  jealous!Sam  jealous!Dean  back-together  orphans  insecurity  verge-of-breakup  leaving!Dean 
june 2015 by wastetheyears
Drifting Hearts- h1k_my_words
Jensen gave up his dreams of going to art college in favour of looking after his family.  For two years he's convinced himself that this is all he wants, all he needs, or at least he had.  But then Jared comes home.
J2  Adult  AU  surfer!Jared  movie-based  back-together  history-between  kids 
june 2015 by wastetheyears
Another Start- joans23
This was supposed to be their happily ever after, but life turned out a little differently than they planned. Despite how painful it is, Jared decides to try and reclaim his life and Jensen ... well, Jensen just wants Jared back.
J2  R  AU  break-up  back-together  verge-of-breakup  leaving!Jared  Chad  Michael  Murray  angst  actor!Jared  lawyer!Jensen 
june 2015 by wastetheyears
Lazarus Rising- TwoBoys2Love
On his way to order wedding announcements for his and his partner's upcoming nuptials, Jared come face-to-face with his past--in the form of devilish good looks and deep green eyes. There's no mistaking it. He is Jared's Jensen; the same Jensen who had died 10 years ago, and had taken a piece of Jared's heart with him.
J2  Jared/JDM  Adult  AU  back-from-dead  back-together  choosing  engagement  character-death  faked-death 
june 2015 by wastetheyears

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