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pretty much a master-class in story-telling by on the usefulness of macros. bet you never thought moan…
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yesterday by orta
planttheidea/inline-loops.macro: Iteration helpers that inline to native loops for performance
Iteration helpers that inline to native loops for performance - planttheidea/inline-loops.macro
premature  optimization  javascript  babel  plugin 
2 days ago by xer0x
Super-fast alternative to Babel for when you can target modern JS runtimes
sucrase  javascript  transpiler  programming  tool  babel 
2 days ago by vicchow
How to set up Webpack with Babel [Tutorial]
By using Babel, the code which isn’t supported yet, will get transpiled back to vanilla JavaScript so that every environment (e.g. browser) can interpret it. In order to get Babel running, you need to install two of its main dependencies on the command line. Moreover, in case you have Webpack in place to bundle your JavaScript application, you will have to install a Webpack Loader for Babel.
javascript  babel  webpack  bundlers 
4 days ago by spaceninja
如何创建 Babel 插件,超详细 - 前端 - 掘金
这篇文档涵盖了如何创建 Babel 插件等方面的内容。. 这本手册提供了多种语言的版本,查看 自述文件 里的完整列表。 目录 介绍 基础
29 days ago by ianva
core-js/ at master · zloirock/core-js · GitHub
Standard Library. Contribute to zloirock/core-js development by creating an account on GitHub.
core-js  javascript  polyfill  babel 
4 weeks ago by nsasaki
How to properly set up ESLint with Prettier for Vue or Nuxt in VSCode
With JavaScript being a dynamic and loosely-typed programming language problems and errors can potentially stay undetected for a very long time. To analyze code and to find errors, JavaScript…
vue  eslint  webdev  babel 
4 weeks ago by gvod

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