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B/X-5: Old School 5e Primer - Google Docs
B/X-5 is my own version of Old School 5th Edition in the vein of the B/X version of the world’s greatest role-playing game (hereafter referred to as “The Game” [name redacted, because lawyers]).

This isn’t a “retro-clone” of B/X, but more an hommage of the early Basic and Expert iterations of The Game using the SRD 5.1. B/X-5 attempts to capture the “old school” play style by emulating certain aspects of the earlier editions such as resource management, limited healing, limited spell casting, simplified character class options and player skill over character skill.

This document already assumes you are familiar with The Game, so it will not be explaining the common concepts already found in various editions, such as Armor Class, Hit Points, Advantage, etc. This document will just highlight some of the changes made from the SRD 5.1 in order to capture the “feel” of old school play using modified 5th Edition mechanics.
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october 2018 by fozbaca
B/X D&D - One Volume or Two? - Dragonsfoot
A thread about combining the two volumes together, how to interleave them, etc.
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may 2016 by eggdropsoap

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