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Faceless ★★★★★
When monsters become the pawns in a competition between humans and demons, Dean Winchester adopts a Faceless outcast named Sam who just might bring the broken Winchester family back together again. This is OUTSTANDING! I can't even come close to being able to tag everything in this epic or name the multitude of SPN characters that appear in this dystopian AU. It is unbelievably good and even if you don't normally read GEN stories, you must read this. WARNING: Contains extremely graphic violence and the death of a small child.
fandom:  SPN  genre:  gen  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  character:  john  winchester  character:  mary  winchester  character:  bobby  singer  character:  gordon  walker  character:  lillith  character:  ruby  character:  azazel  genre:  angst  genre:  family  warning:  dark!fic  warning:  graphic  violence  genre:  hurt/comfort  affliction:  hurt!sam  affliction:  hurt!dean  genre:  AU  theme:  dystopian  world  creature:  demon  hurt:  torture  hurt:  forced  to  kill  hurt:  beaten  hurt:  abducted  hurt:  betrayal  hurt:  PTSD  hurt:  emotional  trauma  attribute:  powers!sam  attribute:  protective!dean  attribute:  asshole!dean  attribute:  asshole!sam  genre:  slavery  theme:  secrets/lies  theme:  kidnapped  theme:  manipulation  genre:  not  related  author:  reddawnrumble  wc:  300000+  rating:  M  rating:  ★★★★★  warning:  death  of  a  child  character:  jo  harvelle  character:  ellen  harvelle  genre:  suspense  theme:  family  estrangement 
june 2014 by reggie11
Oh Death
Sam and Dean are pitted against each other by both heaven and hell.
rating:  PG13  length:  2.05  vidder:  secretlytodream  vidder:  loki  type:  video  character:  castiel  character:  lillith  character:  ruby  character:  azazel  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  genre:  angst  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
march 2014 by reggie11
Kashmir ★★★★★
Years ago the Winchester family was torn apart. Now a hunt has gone wrong sending a son to find a cure only to find long buried truths, while another continues to face his losses and fights to keep his life his own. This story is AU. Although the Winchesters et al still hunt etc, Sam was separated from the family at 16. Dean is an asshole in the beginning but stick with it. Incredibly good. Character death is not Sam or Dean.
rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  M  author:  1pagan3  genre:  family  genre:  hurt/comfort  genre:  drama  theme:  secrets/lies  genre:  secrets  theme:  misunderstandings  theme:  death  of  a  partner  hurt:  exhaustion  hurt:  grief  Attribute:  psychic!sam  warning:  character  death  asshole!dean  character:  azazel  creature:  demon  theme:  possession  protective!dean  hurt:  abandoned  hurt:  flashbacks  hurt:  nightmares  hurt:  neglect  hurt:  burned  career:  doctor!sam  scarred!sam  crazy!john  asshole!john  theme:  boys  raised  apart  affliction:  hurt!sam  genre:  canon  divergence  character:  jessica  moore  character:  OCs  character:  joshua  character:  pastor  jim  murphy  character:  caleb  character:  bobby  singer  character:  john  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  gen  genre:  au  fandom:  SPN 
february 2014 by reggie11
Death in Appalachia ★★★★★
Dean's injuries and Sam's developing psychic abilities cause the Winchester brothers to seek refuge in Eastern Tennessee. Death in Appalachia is set during the summer of 2006. All the events in the first season up to the episode "Home" occurred. In this universe, John Winchester died during the pilot episode. Sam and Dean think the Lady in White killed him. Also Sam is one year younger, just turned 22. In this AU Sam has extraordinarily powerful psychic abilities which he can't yet control and the hunting community is vastly different. A wealth of incredible original characters borrowed from a series of books. You don't need to know the books to understand or enjoy the story. It is filled with mysticism, paganism and Native American spirituality. Sam still went to Stanford, Jess still died and the boys still left to find their father. Sam is bisexual in this AU but Dean is still his overprotective self. Epic length and incredibly good. Character Deaths not Sam and Dean.
theme:  manipulation  theme:  possession  warning:  character  death  character:  azazel  hurt:  mind  control  hurt:  prisoner  rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  NC17  book:  ballad  novels  genre:  book  fic  wc:  unspecified  wc:  long  fic  author:  atana_blackfox  hurt:  life  threatening  injury  attribute:  protective!sam  attribute:  bisexual!sam  attribute:  BAMF!dean  attribute:  leader!dean  psychic!sam  attribute:  protective!dean  genre:  casefic  genre:  canon  divergence  warning:  gang  rape  warning:  gore  warning:  rape/non-con  warning:  graphic  torture  theme:  hunter  becomes  hunted  theme:  misunderstandings  theme:  faith  creature:  ghost  creature:  vengeful  spirit  creature:  demon  character:  john  winchester  character:  OCs  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  hurt:  broken  bones  hurt:  torn  flesh  hurt:  torture  hurt:  beaten  hurt:  rape  affliction:  hurt!dean  affliction:  hurt!sam  genre:  angst  genre:  het  genre:  slash  pairing:  dean/OFC  pairing:  sam/OMC  genre:  au  fandom:  SPN 
january 2014 by reggie11
Overdose ★★★★★
After the events of Born Under a Bad Sign, it's clear to Sam that Dean can't do what needs to be done. So he decides to take care of things himself.

This is an outstanding dark fic. The imagery is amazing!
rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  PG13  wc:  2000-5000  author:  tifaching  warning:  dark!fic  theme:  dreamscape  theme:  possession  Attribute:  psychic!sam  hurt:  halucinations  hurt:  drug  overdose  character:  dean  winchester  affliction:  hurt!sam  warning:  suicide  attempt  warning:  drug  use  character:  alistair  character:  lillith  character:  azazel  character:  ruby  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
january 2014 by reggie11
Cat's in the Cradle
When John and Dean go to Maine to stop a Shtriga, they find more than they bargained for when they find the missing member of their family... with his critically ill daughter.
character:  azazel  warning:  character  death  warning:  attempted  murder  wc:  40000-50000  rating:  PG13  author:  1pagan3  hurt:  seizure  hurt:  grief  affliction:  hurt!sam  genre:  stalker!fic  genre:  hurt/comfort  genre:  family  genre:  drama  creature:  shtriga  attribute:  protective!john  attribute:  protective!dean  attribute:  daddy!sam  character:  bobby  singer  character:  caleb  character:  pastor  jim  murphy  genre:  kidfic  character:  OCs  OFC  character:  john  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  gen  genre:  canon  divergence  genre:  au  fandom:  SPN 
december 2013 by reggie11
Simple Pleasures | [X-Men - Erik/Charles] dvs – The Courtship
Title: The Courtship
Author: dvs
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: A story about a courtship that began five hundred years ago.
Marvel  X-Men  XMFC  ErikLehnsherr  CharlesXavier  Erik/Charles  Azazel  EmmaStone  HenryMcCoy  JamesHowlett  Raven  ArrangedMarriage  MarriageOfConvenience 
december 2013 by remula
Tangled - lymricks - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Once upon a time, a king made a deal with a demon and a prince with magic wings was stolen by an angel with no wings. Years later, Dean wants a castle, Crowley needs a new coat, Lucifer's a horrible big brother, and Ruby had a dream, but all of this happens because Castiel needs to see the stars. (Tangled AU, with less hair and more wings)
also here:
Chuck  Shurley  Zachariah  Anna  Milton  Gabriel  Azazel  Alistair  Impala  Jo  Harvelle  Ellen  Harvelle  Crowley  artist  cafe_de_labeill/lalalettie/lettiebobettie  crossover  spn/tangled  fanfic  ao3  lj  author  lymricks  slash  Lucifer  Castiel/Dean  AU  wings 
december 2012 by cptnsuz
This Harbour (That We Call Home) by nekomuse; Art by Verilyvexed
It's hard not to get swept away by Charles' enthusiasm. The idea of finding others like him--of belonging--is seductive, but it is the thought of spending his life at this man's side that decides it. Crane or man, Erik cannot help but fall into Charles' orbit.

An alternate meeting loosely based on the Japanese folktale, The Crane Wife.
fanfic  x-men  Charles/Erik  au  Raven(Mystique)  Azazel  transformation  character.death  injury  ao3  author:nekomuse  words:50.000-75.000  ptsd  fanart  cuddling  animals 
november 2012 by hatinjacket
the last man on the moon - irrelevant - X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men (Comicverse) [Archive of Our Own]
Nixon. Lennon. Hamburger Hill. Woodstock. Cambodia. Tommy. Stonewall. Manson. Zeppelin. My Lai. Apollo 11. It's 1969. Seven years can be a very long time.
xmen  xmfc  wolverine  destiny  petra  storm  karma  moira  azazel  beast  emma_frost  mystique  xavier/magneto  magneto  xavier  fic 
october 2012 by salinea
Protect, Serve, Troll by keire_ke
The first time Charles and Erik meet, it's in a building that was recently on fire. Neither is very bothered by it.
fanfic  x-men  Charles/Erik  au  crack  Raven(Mystique)  Hank_McCoy  ao3  words:<5.000  fluff  marriage  author:keire_ke  Azazel 
september 2012 by hatinjacket
Ashes, Ashes - winterhill - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Post-apocalyptic AU — When the bombs fall, and mutually assured destruction occurs, it turns out that Shaw was right and radiation does enhance mutant powers. Snapshots of the XMFC main ensemble in the time after the bombs: Erik decides to stay, Moira thinks she might be the only human left, Raven is having trouble sleeping, and Charles is losing his mind.

Warnings: nuclear holocaust: death (death in general, not a specific character), cancer, burns, medical procedure, mutant powers gone awry
appocalyptic  a/u  havok  cyclops  banshee  angel  storm  jean_grey  emma_frost  moira  riptide  azazel  mystique  xavier/magneto  xavier  magneto  xmfc  fic 
september 2012 by salinea
'tis a far far better thing doing stuff for other people by whichisgolden
The X-Men: First Class Clueless AU that you didn't know you always wanted. Charles is a spoiled Beverly Hills telepath, Erik is his pretentious ex-step-brother, Emma is his best friend because they both know what it feels like for people to be jealous of them, etc.
fic  x-men  xmfc  fusion  clueless  slash  charles/erik  charlesxavier  eriklensherr  raven  alex/darwin  alexsummers  darwin  emmafrost  janos  azazel  hankmccoy  hank/raven  sebastianshaw  sharonxavier  author:whichisgolden  humour  moiramactaggert 
july 2012 by ashtree22
Snow in July - apolesen - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
With no recollection of why he has ordered the Brotherhood to go deep into Russia during the winter months, Magneto is considered insane by his followers, but the unexplained presence of Charles Xavier leads Erik to think that there is something more than mad to his amnesia and to the haunting but impossible memory of a kiss in the snow...
x-men  apolesen  slash  reversebang  snow  memories  memorymanipulation  charlesxavier  eriklehnsherr  winter  brotherhoodofmutants  wanda  pietro  hypothermia  injury  injured-xavier  injured-erik  raven  azazel  emmafrost  janos  angst  russia  amnesia  firsttime  amnesiac-erik 
july 2012 by ratcreature

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<3  *de-angst  *injury!fic  *reconciliation  100000-149999.words  1920s  1930s  1960s  1pagan3  2.05  2000-5000  25000-29999.words  300000+  40000-50000  [supernatural]  [x-men]  a/u  a  abandoned  abducted  action/adventure  actionadventure  adult  affliction:  agent-erik  alastair  alcohol  alex/darwin  alex/hank  alex.summers  alex_summers  alexsummers  alice-cullen  alishatorn  alistair  alkalilake  alternate-history  alternate.universe  ameliavoght  amnesia  amnesiac-erik  andraste  andy/ruby  andy.gallagher  andy  angel.salvadore  angel  angel_salvadore  angelology  angels-and-demons  angelsalvadore  angst  animal  animals  anna/ruby  anna  ao3  apart  apolesen  appocalyptic  armando.'darwin'.muñoz  arrangedmarriage  artist  ash  asshole!dean  asshole!john  asshole!sam  astraltravel  atana_blackfox  attempt  attempted  attribute:  au  au:boys  au:sam  au[modern]  aurelie.sabayon  author  author:  author:etharei  author:familiardevil  author:keire_ke  author:manic_intent  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mpreg  multi-chapter  murder  murphy  mutant-politics  mutant-registration  mutant-resistance  mutants-are-public  mystique  nathansummers  nc-17  nc17  neglect  nightmares  non-con  not  novels  nsfw  oblivious!charles  oblivious!dean  oblivious!erik  oblivious!sam  ocs  of  ofc  originalcharacter  ororo(storm)  overdose  pairing:  partner  pastor  pdf  penguins  penknife  pentesting  pepper.potts  petra  pg-13  pg13  pietro  pining!charles  pining!erik  piotrrasputin  plottwist  pocky_slash  position:  possession  post-firstclass  post-movie  pov-3rd  pov-erik  pov-raven  pov-xavier  power-suppression  powerful-xavier  powers!sam  pre-series  precognition  preslash  prison-fic  prisoner  prohibition  prompts  prophecy  prostitution  protective!dean  protective!john  protective!sam  psychic!sam  ptsd  r  raised  rape/non-con  rape  raphael  rating:  rating:nc-17  raven/azazel/irene  raven/azazel  raven(mystique)  raven.darkholme  raven  ravendarkholme(mystique)  reconcilliation  recovery  reddawnrumble  related  religion  remy.lebeau  rescue  reunion  reversebang  riptide  rogue  rootkit  ruby  rufus  russia  rusting_roses  sabastianshaw  sam/castiel  sam/dean  sam/jess  sam/madison  sam/omc  sam/ruby  sam.winchester  sam  samwinchester  scarred!sam  school  scott.summers  scottsummers  sean.cassidy  seancassidy  sebastian_shaw  sebastianshaw  secret_mutant  secretlytodream  secretmilitarybase  secrets/lies  secrets  security  seizure  series  series:supernatural  sharonxavier  shopping  short-length  shtriga  shurley  singer  skinwalker  slash  slavery  smut  snow  soundslikej  spirit  spn/tangled  spn  stalker!fic  stamp  stanford-era  storm  stryker  suicide  superbadgirl  supernatural  suspense  talbot  teacher-xavier  teaching  team  teen!chesters  telepathy  teleportation  the.crossroads.demon  theme:  theology  thisthisthis  threatening  threesome  tifaching  time-travel  timetravel  to  tony.stark  tonystark  torn  torture  transformation  trauma  twilight  type:  underage!sam  unspecified  uriel  use  ust  vengeful  vidder:  video  violence  virtualreality  visit  wadewilson  waldorph  walker  wanda  warning:  wc:  wc:030001-060000  wee!chester  wee!chesters  werewolf!au  werewolf!erik  william.stryker  wincest  winchester  wings  winter  wip  wipe  wolverine  words:<5.000  words:10.000-20.000  words:20.000-50.000  words:25000-50000  words:50.000-75.000  world  x-fic  x-men  x-men:firstclass  xavier/magneto  xavier  xmen.first.class  xmen  xmenfirstclass  xmfc  yahtzee  yaoigirl22  yondemasuyo  zachariah  °alishatorn  ★★★★★   

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