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Packet Radio software
I am maintaining a packet radio program based on the original NET program by KA9Q, with a lot of extensions. It is commonly known as NET-PE1CHL and is mainly used on network nodes and BBS/Cluster systems. However, it can be used by end-users as well.

Features of the software include:

AX.25, NET/ROM, TCP/IP, Pacsat protocols supported
directly drives SCC cards, KISS supported for backward compatability
SLIP, "packet driver" and NetBIOS support for local networks
X.25 network support
remote control, suitable for unattended node operation
emulation of G8BPQ hostmode on MSDOS platform
(to run F6FBB BBS or DX Cluster on the same system)
MSDOS, Atari ST and Linux versions available
Very stable, can run for months without a reboot
amateur  ham  radio  packet  software  ax.25 
october 2018 by mwishek
A thing or two about packet radio zine
Looks like a neat book/pdf about how to use my cheap baofeng radio for AX.25 packet radio fun.
pdf  radio  ham  baofeng  ax.25  books  zine 
september 2018 by thcipriani
Can We Trust in HDLC?
in spite of the theoretical error detecting capability of its CRC, the actual degree of data integrity provided by HDLC is quite low.

The paper gives a quantitative assessment of HDLC's deficiencies and of their reasons, paying particular attention to actual applications of the HDLC family of standards.

Finally, we look at some strategies that have been suggested to allow the use of HDLC in the most demanding applications.
networking  network  atm  frame  relay  ax.25  GFP  generic  framing  protocol 
september 2018 by kc5tja
Towards a Next Generation Amateur Radio Network
The reasons why we should reconstruct AX.25 or similar amateur packet radio network throughout the USA. Also discusses the technologies we can choose from to make it happen, some financial justifications, and recommendations for collecting or establishing common standards in the process.
NgARN  AX.25  ATM  network  DAMA  CDMA  token  ring  passing  bus  star  topology 
october 2016 by kc5tja
Elcom Research
Sells small form factor TNCs and cables.
amateur-radio  packet  linux  ax.25 
may 2009 by omwah
Southern California Amateur Radio Digital Bandplan
From the now dissolved Southern California Digital Communications Council
packet  digital  amateur-radio  ax.25 
january 2006 by omwah
Linux AX.25 Configuration
Linux is the only operating system in the world that offers built-in support for AX.25 and amateur radio networking. With it, you can build packet systems using straight AX.25, NetROM, Rose, and TCP/IP.
packet  ax.25  amateur-radio  linux 
january 2006 by omwah
Running packet radio with debian gnu/linux or mac osx
General instructions for Linux using the AX.25 kernel driver with specific instructions for using a standard serial TNC as well as specific instructions for using a userspace soundmodem driver. Also instructions for using a userspace (xNos) program for AX
packet  amateur-radio  linux  osx  ax.25 
january 2006 by omwah

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