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A Home at the Beginning of the World - stereobone
""It's an Aucuba japonica, angel. Gold dust plant. It's meant to have spotted leaves."

Aziraphale wants to say something smart, like how he doesn't run a bloody nursery, does he? What are they standing in, right here and now? A bookshop. How was he to know? As it were, he's in a really lovely mood, sunny day and all, and Crowley is here, and the kettle is still hot. Aziraphale adjusts his waistcoat. Finally takes the plant from Crowley's hand.

"Why have you brought it here, then?"

"You've got to take it. My other plants are bullying it—"


"Yes," Crowley says. "Better you take it now before it jumps into the garbage disposal itself."

Aziraphale smiles before he can help himself. "That's very nice of you, Crowley.""
goodomens  goodomens:aziraphale/crowley  stereobone  canon-based  firsttime  aww  curtainfic  NC-17  length:5-10k  saved:WILL  favorite 
2 hours ago by citibyrd
Ordinary People - Daegaer
[The one where they're both human and Aziraphale hires Crowley to fix up his bookshop]

""Hey! Fuck it, you're a suspicious bastard. You go to the West Central Liberal Synagogue like my Auntie Irene, you idiot. Don't tell me she hasn't told you every last detail about me. She goes on enough about you."

"Oh, sorry," Ezra said, his righteous anger quickly replaced by embarrassment. "You're Irene's nephew? Um. I thought -- well, she gave me the impression her nephew Anthony was about twelve years old. She's very proud of your school record, apparently."

"That's Auntie Irene," Tony said dryly. "Me, I was disappointed to find you don't go round singing like an angel all day. You should hear her 'That nice Mr Fell, such a lovely singer. And such a lovely reading voice, why they don't call on him every week, I'm sure I don't know.' You'd better watch it, I think she's set her cap at you.""
goodomens  goodomens:aziraphale/crowley  daegaer  AU  AU:humans  firsttime  aww  PG-13  length:5-10k  saved:mobi 
12 days ago by citibyrd
In the (Second) Beginning - cherryfeather
"You didn't think," Aziraphale begins, because he thought Crowley had more sense—

"I absolutely thought," Crowley spits, reaching up and clawing his sunglasses from his face, and they clatter to the table as he presses at his eyes with one hand. "It was fire, angel, I didn't know if it was an ordinary fire or holy or hellish or—" He chokes himself back again, the words and another sound that Aziraphale has never heard Crowley make, and Aziraphale is glad he closed the shades, glad that Crowley doesn't have to worry about anyone other than Aziraphale seeing this—

As he'd worried, so much, for Aziraphale already.

"Oh, my dear," Aziraphale says, and places a hand on Crowley's shoulder.

Crowley turns to him blindly and collapses to his knees at Aziraphale's feet."
goodomens  goodomens:aziraphale/crowley  cherryfeather  canon-based  firsttime  aww  PG-13  length:1-5k  saved:mobi 
14 days ago by citibyrd
i'd like for you and i to go romancing - dollsome
"“So we’re not a couple, then,” he says, clearing his throat.

“No, no,” says Crowley nonchalantly.

“Should we start telling people that? When they mistake us for one?”

“And explain that we’re an angel and a demon who’ve been cast out of our respective realms to form an eternal alliance of two? Doesn’t seem worth the bother, really.”

“Well,” says Aziraphale, feeling unaccountably pleased, “all right, then.”

“Humans will think what they think,” Crowley concludes.

“They always do,” Aziraphale says fondly."
goodomens  goodomens:aziraphale/crowley  dollsome  canon-based  firsttime  aww  five-times  PG-13  length:5-10k  saved:mobi  favorite 
14 days ago by citibyrd
such selfish prayers - Lvslie
"Aziraphale didn’t ponder too extensively on the physics that would inevitably be involved in the process of carrying Crowley upstairs to his bedroom before factually attempting to do it.

This proved to be a mistake.

Crowley was, for one, much heavier than he appeared to be. Or perhaps it was just that Aziraphale had very limited experience with testing his assessment of people’s weight and simply assumed that something this … this spindly and slim should not weigh all that much.

But Crowley was tall. And he did weigh quite a bit."
goodomens  goodomens:aziraphale/crowley  lvslie  canon-based  aww  PG  length:1-5k  saved:mobi 
14 days ago by citibyrd
here i am, leaving you clues - Lvslie
[The one where Aziraphale is going to go back to heaven. lovely!]

"‘—yeah, whatever, if you’re going up there in three days, then it’s still three damn days down here that you can spend being miserable with me.’

‘My dear,’ Aziraphale begins, reproachfully.

‘No, I mean it,’ Crowley says, straightening up. ‘For old times’ sake, or … or whatever. Cause I’m not gonna see you off to the proverbial train station, if that’s what you’ve been hoping. All I can offer is … well, this.’ He gestures vaguely—at himself, or at the bookshop, Aziraphale isn’t sure. He isn’t sure if that makes a difference.

‘A tour down the memory lane, if you will. Summary of our merry time in this little hellhole. Earth-hole. Or I can—er, you know, go away and keep doing the obligatory sulking. Up to you.’

Crowley makes a face, and unnervingly familiar one, and drums his fingers again.

For a moment, Aziraphale finds himself at a loss. Then he sighs in defeat, ‘You’re impossible.’"
goodomens  goodomens:aziraphale/crowley  lvslie  canon-based  firsttime  pining  aww  thinky  PG-13  length:5-10k  saved:mobi  favorite 
15 days ago by citibyrd
No Such Thing - irisbleufic
""This is no time for your cheek, Crowley," Aziraphale hissed. "I'm irrefutably certain that Agnes Nutter had intended for us to, er, well. Become an item, as they say. Don't they?"

"Nobody says that anymore," Crowley reassured him, tugging his glasses back down onto the bridge of his nose. "Ergo, it can't possibly be true. There. Aren't you relieved?"

Aziraphale's reflection in the rearview mirror chewed its lip. "I'm not entirely sure," it said.

Crowley looked away and hit the gas harder, the blood in his veins performing that irritatingly human trick where it felt an awful lot like it was in the process of turning to ice. "No?"

"No," Aziraphale echoed. "After all this fuss, what have we possibly got to lose?""
goodomens  goodomens:aziraphale/crowley  irisbleufic  canon-based  firsttime  aww  NC-17  length:5-10k  saved:mobi 
17 days ago by citibyrd
The Earl - ignatiustrout
[sequel to "Here's The Pencil, Make It Work"]

"Harry enters the kitchen and Draco immediately turns to begin rant number 936 about the wizarding world’s complete ignorance of the advances being made re: the Internet — except the words die in his throat when he realizes there is a bit of gray fuzz poking out of the collar of Harry’s zipped jacket.

It only takes Draco a few seconds to realize the bit of fuzz has yellow eyes and is very much alive.

Draco narrows his eyes. “That is not a scarf,” he says.

“No,” Harry says sheepishly. “He’s not a scarf.” There is snow in his hair, and his hands are stained with brightly colored paints as they often are when he returns home from the primary school where he’s doing his student teaching. He unzips his jacket and cradles the ball of fuzz in his hands.

It is a kitten. A small round kitten. Not an “it” but a “he,” apparently.

Draco loves him instantly."
hp  hp:harry/draco  ignatiustrout  canon-based  established  futurefic  aww  curtainfic  jealousy  G  length:1-5k  favorite  humor  saved:mobi 
9 weeks ago by citibyrd
Here's The Pencil, Make It Work - ignatiustrout
[The one where Harry doesn't know what he wants to do in life and he keeps running into Malfoy in muggle places - super good!]

""Yeah, I think we'd better be going, mate," says Ron, when more beer materializes at the bar in front of them, clapping Harry on the back. "See you then, Malfoy – or not – whatever."

"That boy called him Drake, did you hear?" Harry yells as Ron begins shepherding him back towards their friends. Some beer sloshes over Harry's front.

"Right, yeah, I heard, mate, you wanna lower your voice a bit?" says Ron. "Have you got that?" He nods to the drinks in Harry's hands, and, irritated now, Harry nods curtly. He's not that drunk, Merlin, and even if he is, he can take care of himself. He's eighteen, isn't he, nineteen in a couple months, and well, what exactly does this day commemorate? Something that proves he's a capable wizard, that's for sure. Well, sort of. People seem to think so.

"I'm not that drunk," Harry tells Ron very seriously when they return to the table with everybody's drinks. He eyes the liquid on his shirt apprehensively."
hp  hp:harry/draco  ignatiustrout  canon-based  firsttime  futurefic  pining  humor  ngh  aww  R  length:30-50k  saved:mobi  favorite 
11 weeks ago by citibyrd
Oddities Observed, Vietnam 1968 - momebie
[Dave POV - lovely]

"Klaus lit a cigarette and offered it to Dave.

Dave shook his head. “I don’t smoke.”

Klaus shrugged and put the cigarette between his teeth. “Really? You some kind of straight edge, Dave? I’ve got a brother like that. Claims his body is a temple.”

Dave didn’t know what a straight edge was, but he assumed Klaus meant sober. He raised an eyebrow. “And your body?”

“My body is the god damned Oracle at Delphi.” Klaus removed the cigarette from his lips and waved it through the air in the rough shape of a person. The light arced through the night. “And anyone can have a piece of it for a price.”

“Oh?” Dave asked, casual. “How much?”

“More than they’re paying you, big guy.” Klaus reached up with his free hand and patted Dave on the thigh. “Certainly more than they’re paying me.”"
tua  tua:klaus/dave  momebie  canon-based  firsttime  thinky  angst  aww  R  length:15-20k  saved:mobi  favorite 
march 2019 by citibyrd
a vision softly creeping - doctorkilljoy
[Sequel to "if you've got the time"]

"Allison wrote on her notepad, ’Where did you find him?’

“They didn’t find me,” said Dave. He put his arm around Klaus’ shoulders and said, “I could hear him calling me, so I followed the sound of his voice.”

Klaus thought he was going to cry he was so happy. He took Dave’s hand and kissed his fingers, saying, “You need a bath.”

“Are you hungry?” Ben asked. “I know I was starving the first time I was solid.”

“Now that you mention it, I am,” Dave admitted.

“We’ll cook,” Diego said, gesturing to himself and Vanya."
tua  tua:klaus/dave  doctorkilljoy  canon-based  established  aww  NC-17  length:1-5k  saved:mobi 
march 2019 by citibyrd
Sneezing owl
It's an owl. That sneezes. <3 Aawl!
owl  aww 
january 2019 by sune
Away Childish Things - lettered
[The one where Harry de-ages while investigating a potions case and Draco takes care of him. so so good!]

"The man sounded so worried that Harry almost wanted to reassure him.

“Potter.” The man shoved the phial he’d been holding in his pocket. “You do know what magic is?”

Harry frowned. “Pulling rabbits and things out of hats, cutting women in half. I never knew you could actually appear in thin air.”

“Cutting women . . . in half?”

“Like on telly.”

“Ah,” the man said. “Yes. Television.” The man paused, seeming to hesitate."
hp  hp:harry/draco  lettered  caretohitsend  firsttime  futurefic  kidfic  h/c  angst  pining  bodyswap  truth-serum  love-spell  aww  thinky  PG-13  length:100-200k  saved:mobi  favorite  * 
december 2018 by citibyrd

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