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How to Build a CentOS 7 AMI (Amazon Machine Image) From Scratch | Bēhance Tech
14. Create .awsconfig file with AWS credentials (NOTE: DO NOT BAKE THIS INTO THE IMAGE!!!) vi
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20 hours ago by bmacauley
How Workday Bridges the Gap between Amazon and OpenStack
"“What I will strongly recommend is to build something,” Magana advised. “I keep calling it ‘middleware,’ but something that abstracts the back-end platform, your pipeline system, from the way to deliver your application artifact to production. I strongly recommend that.”

It is nothing like Aporeto’s CEO described it: succumbing to the relentless will of a monopolistic beast with its sights set on world domination. If anything, Workday’s strategy is a do-it-yourself program for making global public cloud deployment viable for an organization that is not, and may not ever be, rooted there to begin with."
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brandonweiss/discharge at producthunt
A simple, easy way to deploy static websites to Amazon S3
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yesterday by mwender
'AWS Lambda cheatsheet' -- a quick ref card for Lambda users
aws  lambda  ops  serverless  reference  quick-references 
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