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8 emerging trends in container orchestration
The research that follows dives into how Datadog’s customers use orchestrators, especially ECS and Kubernetes, to manage millions of containers on any given day.
container  docker  ecs  aws 
14 hours ago by vscarpenter
A NoServer Approach to A-Record Redirects using AWS S3 and Route53 – Bits In Pieces – Medium
A common problem I often encounter when working on web deployments is dealing with A-record redirects. Stuff like ensuring redirects to to ensure user’s have a consistent…
dns  aws  r53 
15 hours ago by synergyfactor
New on the Blog: Collect Data Statistics Up to 5x Faster by Analyzing Only Predicate Columns with Ama…
BigData  AWS  from twitter_favs
16 hours ago by zen4ever
Triton Compute | Joyent
new docker based compute and deployment tooling from joyent
joyent  platform  docker  containers  cloud  distribution  deployment  aws 
17 hours ago by mgan

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