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Ashes, Embers, Flame - unpossible
Merlin sees him across a crowded living room and promptly spills his beer down the back of the couch and over some hapless stranger’s neck.
arthur/merlin  modern!au  magical!Merlin  nc-17  angst  romance  hurt/comfort  hurt!Arthur  awesome!Merlin  first-time  Gwen/Lancelot  Morgana  Merlin 
january 2013 by Perfumaniac
anonymous - Dragon's Flame
Based on this excerpt from Diana Wynne Jones' The Merlin Conspiracy:

The new Merlin* was a skinny young man with a little pointed chin and a big Adam's apple, who looked a bit stunned about his sudden jump to fame. Or maybe he was in a trance. [The Prince] kept looking at him in an astonished, wondering way ... As soon as the bonfire was blazing properly, the senior wizard stepped forward and announced that we were here to present the new Merlin to Court and country. Everyone cheered and the young Merlin looked more dazed than ever. Then one of the judges said that the question of the late Merlin's death was now to be settled ... The King said to the Merlin, "Are you prepared to prophesy for us? ... Tell us who, or what, caused the death of the last Merlin."
Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  first-time  romance  schmoop  fluff  modern!au  magical!Merlin  awesome!Merlin  pg-13  HILARIOUS  cute!Arthur  reincarnation 
may 2012 by Perfumaniac
syllic - Seven Magpies
Arthur opened his eyes a minute later to the sight of seven magpies streaking across the top of the clearing, their shapes dark against the white clouds and the muted grey of the sky. He tried to remember what it was that seven magpies meant—he'd had a nurse who had sung the rhyme to him as a child—but couldn't.

(Arthur wakes up somewhere he doesn't recognise, but where he clearly belongs.)
Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  R  angst  hurt!Arthur  awesome!Merlin  canon!au  AWESOME  Morgana  Gwen/Lancelot  romance  alternate-universe 
april 2012 by Perfumaniac
kleinefee92 : Ruling Him With a Smile, Rather Than an Iron Fist
A retelling of season 4 of Merlin where Merlin has always been a girl. Incredibly hilarious and well written!
Merlin  au  girl!Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  nc-17  series  angst  established-relationship  romance  fluff  violence  Morgana  humor  awesome!Merlin  cute!Arthur  AWESOME 
march 2012 by Perfumaniac
merlin_muses: Let Us Dare
Uther dies instead of Ygraine when Arthur is born. Balinor helps Ygraine secure her position as regent, magic isn’t banned, and Merlin and Arthur grow up side by side. Camelot is different but not cloudless, destiny is still a troublesome thing, and Arthur is still charmingly oblivious when it comes to things that matter most in life.
Merlin  arthur/merlin  nc-17  fic  slash  canon!au  angst  first-time  romance  hurt/comfort  awesome!Merlin  cute!Arthur  Balinor/Hunith  Gwen/Lancelot 
november 2011 by Perfumaniac

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