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witling - Toxic
Arthur gets into trouble, and can't remember how he got there. Eames lends a hand.
arthur/eames  angst  first-time  mystery  hurt/comfort  hurt!Arthur  awesome!Eames  smart!Eames  Inception  ar 
may 2013 by Perfumaniac
Orange Walls Chapter 1: To the Man Who Would Be HalfFish, an inception fanfic | FanFiction
a lovely and charming story of arthur being a commitment-phobe and eames accidentally moving in <3333333
inception  recs  recs:fanfic  arthur/eames  romance  angst  awesome!Eames  cute!Arthur 
may 2013 by Perfumaniac
Untitled Arranged Marriage fic
I'd like to read an arranged marriage story where they are both reluctant to be married, but they have to have sex to complete the legal aspects of the arrangement (there must be witnesses or something). Both are nervous, virginal, and rather prudish at first. But they have great chemistry, and end up fucking all night long, overwhelmed by it all.

Then the next day they are both totally embarrassed and sore, and think the other will see them as depraved. They spend a little time hiding from each other, and only talk a little, but that night they are all over each other again. Basically, they have this ongoing, at-night-only intense sex thing, but during the day they are awkward kids with their first boyfriends.
Inception  au  WIP  arthur/eames  arranged-marriage  angst  underage  dub-con  size-differential  bareback  schmoop  cute!Arthur  awesome!Eames 
december 2012 by Perfumaniac
Like Clockwork - bozothemoose
Country club au. The characters can be either rich members or employees at the club, you can mix it however you want.

Ideally, I would like to see Cobb pinning after Mal and Arthur reluctantly acting as the intermediary, perhaps because she comes off as a little cold (scary) to most people, but is lovely to Arthur for some reason. Of course, there should be sexually charged and highly inappropriate banter between Arthur and Eames, you may pick if they already have an established relationship or not. Extra points if you can work in some kind of forbidden love between Saito/Fisher.
Inception  au  arthur/eames  cobb/mal  romance  fluff  first-time  ariadne/yusuf  schmoop  awesome!Eames  cute!Arthur  R 
december 2012 by Perfumaniac
five_ht - Inception (2010) - Catalyst [Archive of Our Own]
"Open a few buttons on your shirt," Eames tells him, glancing over as Arthur wriggles, out of control already. "The cold'll feel good on your skin."

Arthur doesn't know where his conception of shame has gone, but he obeys without thinking, sighing when the air hits his damp chest. He's sweating and he doesn't even know when it started, but the realization has him wanting to claw out of his clothes, spread his legs and beg.

He rolls his head so he can watch Eames drive, watch his profile against the streetlights and wonder at his own luck. "You're gonna fuck me?" Arthur asks, miles beyond caring how breathy and hoarse his voice sounds.

Eames glances over at him, smiling softly -- amused, maybe. He reaches over and puts his hand on Arthur's thigh, and Arthur is painfully, blindingly hard, but Eames' hand feels good anywhere. "As many times as you need it, love."

Arthur puts his hand over Eames', squeezing it tighter, trying to imagine those thick fingers inside him, his legs inching apart of their own accord. // clearly this is what should happen in all fics ever sdlkjasd
Inception  Arthur/Eames  D/s  first-time  virgin!Arthur  pwp  smut  nc-17  HOT  awesome!Eames  cute!Arthur  romance  schmoop  Alpha!Eames  Omega!Arthur  via:bookshop 
june 2012 by Perfumaniac
The Dreamers of the Day by deathgetsusall, Rrrowr
Before Cobb, they’d both been the best at the game.

Before they were legends, they had been young.
Inception  Arthur/Eames  R  violence  torture  angst  pre-movie  backstory  spy!Eames  James-Bond-AU  au  EXCELLENT  romance  bamf!Eames  bamf!Arthur  awesome!Eames  M  Bond 
may 2012 by Perfumaniac
The Cosmic Sandwich by sho_no_tabi
Based on this prompt, in which "A compound accidentally gets Arthur really, really, really high, and he's hilarious"
Inception  arthur/eames  post-movie  pg  first-time  angst  romance  humor  drugged!Arthur  awesome!Eames  cute!Arthur  fluff  schmoop 
march 2012 by Perfumaniac
viii_xiii - Foreign Worlds
Eames seems to have stolen something from a gentleman with much more powerful associates than he’d anticipated, and out of all of his friends, he knows that Arthur (who, no matter what everyone thinks, is absolutely not retired) has the most comfortable sofa.
Inception  ar  post-movie  futurefic  R  romance  fluff  schmoop  angst  first-time  awesome!Eames  cute!Arthur  Saito  Cobb  artist!Arthur 
february 2012 by Perfumaniac
tourdefierce - This Lonely House
Life is not full of grand gestures. Life is not full of dramatic exists and entrances or perfect camera angles or explosions. Life for someone like Arthur, is like constantly feeling like a secondary character in his own storyline. That's not anyone's fault but his own because Arthur is Arthur, a protagonist here (and probably an antagonist as well because he can be). This is a story about Arthur, who happens to love people and who happens not to love them. But the point is, this is a story about Arthur who doesn't know it's a story about him. This is story about finding out what it means to be a hero to the right people, what it means to know yourself and, by accident, to let other people learn to know how to love you.

Arthur is figuring his shit out.
Inception  Arthur/Eames  Arthur/Mal  nc-17  au  pre-movie  post-movie  angst  first-time  arthur-centric  backstory  hurt/comfort  awesome!Eames  Ariadne  Cobb  bigbang-2012 
february 2012 by Perfumaniac
recrudescence - Counting to Another Day
It’s not that he trusts Eames completely or anything that ridiculous. It’s just that they’ve worked together before, know each other more than peripherally, and it’s sometimes good to have a familiar face around while Cobb goes even more off the rails and off the grid.
Inception  ar  pre-movie  post-movie  nc-17  arthur/eames  awesome!Eames  cute!Arthur  Cobb  angst  established-relationship  hurt/comfort 
december 2011 by Perfumaniac
Not Necessarily the Best Policy - five_ht
Arthur has a lot of feelings, mostly about Eames' penis. Yusuf's accidental truth drug helpfully illuminates them.
arthur/eames  fandom:inception  fic  humor  slash  awesome!Arthur  awesome!Eames  nc-17  established-relationship  Yusuf  Ariadne  Cobb  HILARIOUS  post-movie  bottom!arthur 
november 2011 by Perfumaniac
kuwamiko: Sometimes the Shortest Path
"What?" Eames snapped, scowling back. "I've already sucked his cock. We're good to go. It's the perfect plan!"
arthur/eames  Inception  fic  slash  nc-17  first-time  eames/omc  smut  pwp  jealous!Arthur  awesome!Eames  post-movie  romance  schmoop  humor  fluff 
september 2011 by Perfumaniac
foxxcub: Perfect Symmetry
It wasn’t art, only a coping mechanism, something that steadied his mind with its simplicity.
fic  romance  inception  arthur/eames  fluff  schmoop  first-time  pre-movie  post-movie  cute!Arthur  awesome!Eames  pg-13  slash  artist!Arthur 
september 2011 by Perfumaniac
Lap It Up by recrudescence
In the midst of a very dull summer, Arthur wheedles his way into a bar and into Eames's pants. Cobb despairs.
fandom:inception  author:recrudescence  genre:au  genre:pwp  kink:age.difference  teen!Arthur  awesome!eames  nc-17  pwp  smut  awesome!Cobb  first-time  arthur/eames 
june 2011 by Perfumaniac
the_empiricist: sea legs
A few seconds later, she realizes that she implied a claim on him. But he hasn't said anything, and her mouth is too busy to take back some thoughtless little tease.
au  inception  r  het  eames/mal  angst  first-time  hurt/comfort  hurt!Mal  awesome!eames  romance 
june 2011 by Perfumaniac
We'll Always Have the Motel 6 by laceymcbain
“No, Arthur, we can stay here at the Motel 6 forever. I'll get a job washing dishes and parking cars, and you can start as a busboy and work your way up to night manager. We'll stay here in Room 13, living on take-away Chinese and love, and never, ever have to leave.”
fic  slash  inception  arthur/eames  fluff  first-time  pre-movie  romance  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!Arthur  awesome!eames  cobb/mal  nc-17 
may 2011 by Perfumaniac
Pen Pistola - The Source of All Things: Master Post
In a different universe, where magic is commonplace and airships traverse the sky, Arthur comes across a mysterious man who could change everything. Is Eames truly what he claims to be? And if so, what are the consequences? Steampunk/Urban Fantasy AU
fic  au  inception  arthur/eames  nc-17  steampunk  awesome!Arthur  awesome!eames  cobb/mal  Eames/Fischer  hurt/comfort  hurt!eames  first-time  slash  romance 
may 2011 by Perfumaniac

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